Getting Started with NFTs: The show for Newbies & Beginners to NFTs


Are you looking to get started collecting, investing or launching your own Non-Fungible Token,(NFT’s) and learning about Web 3.0 but unsure where to get started?

This is the podcast for you, but it’s not just for newbies or normies in the NFT space as we are all learning and growing together it doesn’t matter if you haven’t set up your first wallet or if you’ve been collecting and splashing around for a couple of months together we are all getting started with NFTs and this is the place we will learn and grow together.

Each episode is hand-picked to provide a roadmap to guide you through the introductory topic guaranteed to make you more comfortable, more confident, and more bullish about what NFTs offer!

Hosted by digital futurist Brian Fanzo (@isocialfanz), and the host of 8 podcasting most recently, the NFT365 project not only drops a podcast EVERY day but is also documenting the journey of buying a NFT every day for 365 days that launched back on November 11th, 2021.

The Getting Started with NFTs podcast is your custom playlist and sister podcast to the daily NFT 365 show so If you’re just starting with NFTs or are familiar with them but still feel like a beginner, this is podcast series is for you and consider this your welcome to the NFT 365 family!

In this podcast, you will learn the basics of NFTs, how to create a crypto wallet, and the critical steps in keeping your crypto and NFTs safe while also learning tips and tricks for buying your first NFT on the secondary market or even minting your first NFT alongside our daily Mint 365 collection.

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00:00 Launching New Podcast
00:22 Who is host Brian Fanzo
00:57 Show created for sharing with NFT friends
01:41 It’s ok to be overwhelmed by Web 3.0
02:12 Fanzo’s background in cyber security
02:46 What to look forward to with Getting Started with NFTs show
03:19 Web 1 vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0
04:01 Getting Started with NFTs strategy
04:35 SuperPOWERED by NFT 365 Podcast