Getting naked in Web3.0; The Pros & Cons of Transparency | Episode 273


Today on the podcast, Brian talks about being transparent in Web3.0. Online transparency forces us to come to terms with things we may have never faced before. It can be overwhelming for you or your audience, but do it in baby steps. It takes much less effort to be open and be yourself than to pretend to be someone else.

Transparency is even inherent in Web3.0, as the blockchain doesnโ€™t lie! That in itself can be an intimidating feeling, and it can contribute to burnout in founders, influencers, and whales who are under close scrutiny in Web3.0. But Brian truly feels that the more transparent you can be online, the more freedom you have to be yourself. And the more you lean into it and the more vulnerable you feel, the more freedom will come from the process of self-acceptance. And you realize that our vulnerabilities actually connect us with others much more than our strengths. Whether youโ€™re struggling with transparency or not, no matter where you are on your journey, remember that there is only one YOU.

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