The Problem with Most NFTs is the Business Model is Broken | Episode 270


If an NFT project isn’t providing royalties to its holders yet is massively overdelivering in value to the point none of the holders want to sell the project will fail for both the NFT project creator and the NFT owners!

If an NFT project has 99% unique wallets holding NFTs it will create less revenue for the project team to operate than a project that holds at at 50-70% unique wallets threshold aka more wallets holding more than 1 leading to higher sales volume.

Now, this isn’t the case for all business models with NFTs such as NFT access, collectibles, IRL experiences and brand rewards.

Although for many NFT projects the idea of relying on secondary creator percentages to continue to fund the project has become the norm but predicting that and/or preparing for a bear market can be near impossible. On the flip side for a loyal NFT holder of a blue chip project worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that value can only be valued when you sell that beloved NFT and now lose access to the utility and value that excited you to join.

In this episode, Brian breaks down his thoughts on some of these issues and challenges all listeners to think about these problems and together we can come up with better solutions, more dynamic business plans, and hopefully thousands of use-cases to help push us towards mass growth adoption.

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Connect with NFT365 Podcast Host Brian Fanzo 👉
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