How we must change & embrace the negative to educate on Web 3.0 | Episode 264


Let’s face it. It’s nothing new to have most of the attention in the media and public focus around the bad or negative with technology and change. But just like everything else in the world, Brian has taken a different approach by asking the question “How can web 3.0 solve that problem..” By reframing the conversation from one focused on the negative to one that highlights potential solutions, Brian is able to create a more productive dialogue that can lead to real change. In addition, his unique perspective often leads him to uncover innovative solutions that others might not have considered. As a result, Brian is making a positive impact on the way we think about and utilize technology.

Some of the problems discussed in this episode are:
What can we do as believers in web 3.0 to make an impact if we donโ€™t have a lot of liquidity or our own project?
Why do words matter but arguing over which word is best does us more harm than good?
Why the John Oliver skit of 2018 is still getting circulated and how can we approach that narrative differently?
What does the Gartner Hype Cycle remind us as we look towards the future of web 3.0 including blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs and the metaverse

Lastly Brian pays tribute to the co-founder of Bunny Buddies MetaMitch who lost his 5 year battle with cancer and how in just a short 8 months made such an impact on the NFT community and how we can build on what Mitch cared about most.

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