NFT Utility Today vs. NFT Utility a Year Ago | Episode 240


In todayโ€™s episode, we are breaking down the buzz of NFT utility. What the popular trends are right now and what it looked like a year ago?

This is a significant factor to web3.0, as many are curious as to what are the benefits to obtaining digital collectibles outside of just appreciating the art. For some, it might be access to an exclusive community and for others it might be rights to the IP of the art collection.

Utility NFTs come in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately it is some sort of value to potential holders. What we have to recognize in this space is what is being offered today and what is projected value in the future. The insights shared in this episode is a great reminder for collectors to understand how to do your own research. Additionally, there are even more insights shared for founders and builders.

TIME STAMPS: NFT Utility Today Vs. NFT Utility a Year Ago

0:00 – Crypto Business Conference info
1:30 – MINT #238
3:38 – Innovation has not been rewarded yet in web 3.0
4:40 – Predicting the future of NFTs. What is actual utility today vs projected utility aka wish list utility.
6:50 – Being an early adopter
8:55 – Magic (part) of early adoption
10:00 – Advanced utility today will be the normal utility of the future
10:45 – Utility isnโ€™t mandatory. Select top 1-3 pillars of utility to focus on during roll out
12:10 – Utility & Community are not tied together
12:50 – The Concept of an NFT will fade away in 2-3 years
14:00 – Open communication is a beautiful thing
16:45 – Projects neglecting to reward OG holders over time. (Deskheads addressing this)
18:40 – Mint + Stake NFT could be one way to address rewarding OG holders long term
19:50 – Be careful with language being used with what holders do with their NFT
22:00 – Leveraging blockchain data from smart contract
23:40 – Greatest asset for NFT Founders / Projects = Current NFT Owners
25:00 – Utility of the future has yet to be seen
26:10 – Be willing to think bigger
27:50 – Adapt & Innovate
29:00 – Check out MINT365 at or #MINT365 on Twitter
30:00 – Crypto Business Conference info

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