Why we must address the NEW Pressures of web 3.0 | Episode 336

We talk a lot about mental health, touching grass and a work-life balance, but most of that conversation is focused on dealing with it, but we don’t talk enough about what it all comes down to, and that’s PRESSURE…

In web 3.0 and NFTs, not only do we have the normal pressures associated with early adoption and bleeding edge technology but add on pressure of crypto, money, sell shaming, discord notification management and so much more. I feel its time for us to own that the pressure in this space is a lot and in many cases the first time many of us have to handle these new pressures.

What if we made our focus during this bear market all about removing and throttling of pressures on nft founders, collectors and all involved in this space so that during the next bull run we aren’t left with what happened this time and so many talented humans no longer in the space because the pressure of new money, new influence and new technology was too much!

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