What Content Marketers are Saying About NFTs and It’s Not What You May Think | Episode 309

It’s often stressed the importance of unplugging and going outside of the Web 3.0 bubble but as someone that does that pretty often with events that I’m hired to keynote speaker or Emcee it’s not always a positive for your mental health and you’ll understand why after this episode.

This week I spoke at Content Marketing World in Cleveland on the “Futurist Mindset: Power of digital communities and the future with NFTs” and although the talk was very well received the questions and narratives from my fellow speakers and many marketing leaders I was chatting with wasn’t excitement but it also wasn’t negative. I breakdown what this all means and why I felt it was a great reminder that we are far from ready for mass adoption while also recognizing there are gaps and places we can really fill in to provide massive value and stand out in web 3.0.

Shoutout to the Twitter space hosted by Becky Wowo & Liz Morrison called: #GirlsNightINweb3 with special guest Travie: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1DXxyvgaLdNKM?s=20



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