Travie.eth: Spreading One Love as NFT Ambassador by Being Himself | Episode 226

NFT 365 Podcast - Episode 226 - Travie.eth: Spreading One Love as NFT Ambassador by Being Himself

He’s been called the FUD Whisperer and the FUD Squisher, but one thing is for sure, this guy loves all things Web3 and has a ton of love for everyone he meets! You’ve seen him across Twitter and Discord servers as Travie.eth and now you can hear him in his own episode. An amazing conversation with an even better human, all sparked by a hotel lobby conversation.

Fellow girl dad and NFT365 community member Travie tells us about his Web2 life, and his transition to the Web3 space. From helping his community teach children with learning disabilities to becoming a community manager for NFT projects, hosting twitter spaces, and partnering with his wife to help folks buy houses with crypto, this guy has consistently delivered value with everything he does. We talk through how holding NFTs leads to amazing experiences IRL and how betting on yourself is the first step to success in this space.

Hear his advice for those trying to find their way in the Web3 and how finding what you connect with and simply being yourself is the secret sauce to success.


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My entire intention is embodying that spirit of what one love is, and it's that we can all be celebrated. - Travie.eth, Diamond Dogs, Crypto Chicks

My entire intention is embodying that spirit of what one love is, and it’s that we can all be celebrated.
– Travie.eth, Diamond Dogs, Crypto Chicks

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Episode 226 – Travie.eth: Spreading One Love as NFT Ambassador by Being Himself

#NFT365 @NFT365Podcast @iSocialFanz

NFT 365 Podcast - Episode 226 - Travie.eth: Spreading One Love as NFT Ambassador by Being Himself

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Brian Fanzo 0:43

What’s up friends, welcome back to another episode of NFT 365. And one of the things that I love about this job is I get to meet really cool people doing cool things. But I know for a lot of you that, you know, I get the requests and people are like, Man, I would love to be a fly on the wall in that conversation, or I wish I was a part of that community. Or I wish I was at that event. And for me, that’s kind of like the beauty of what I try to do here at the podcast. And so we were just kind of in the lobby, I might have been doing a little bit of degening I was booking my flight back from our my train back from New York City, we were capturing some video content. And my good buddy Travie, he walked up and we were just kind of jamming out talking about the NFT NYC. And then I posed the question to him and he’s about 30 seconds into answering it and I was like, stop, stop, stop. I was like, I need to get you on the pod. Do you mind if I record and we’re about what five minutes later after we he did that we are now recording the podcast and you might know Travie from Diamond Dogs community, Crypto Chicks community you know active in not only many communities but active on Twitter supporter of the of the podcast, you know, active in our Discord as well. And excited to kind of jam up for a little bit on some of the things here in New York, but also just kind of some bigger picture things so Travie thanks so much for jumping on the pod my friend.

Travie.eth 1:57
What’s up, brother, thanks for having me. It’s been quite a week here NFT NYC many days, turn into long nights, turned into short hours of rest and then start over the next day. But no, it’s been quite a week really getting to meet everybody making a web three sort of come to IRL. It’s been great.

Brian Fanzo 2:15
Yeah, you know, you know, when I when you walked up, right? I mean, for those that context, right, like we’ve, we’ve, we’ve interacted a lot on on Twitter and, and on social and even, you know, jumped on a couple of videos, you know, back while back, and it but then seeing in person, right? It was ran over giant hug. And then it’s like, okay, where else are we gonna go hang out, we’re gonna make this all work. And, you know, it didn’t feel like you know, for those that we talked about that really, it’s like, I always say like, you know, people that you’re not connected with in web three, the hugs are stronger than, you know, the connections are stronger. But there is something cool about just going IRL. And we do get to you know, see each other early, we got to go, you know, a couple of the early parties, but we also kind of went our own ways and done our own things. But I’m curious giving people a little bit of perspective. What was your web two life, and your entry point kind of into web three. And now you’re you have very active roles in a couple of my favorite communities here on the podcast. But yeah, let us know a little bit like how did that transition go for you? Yeah, bro.

Travie.eth 3:13
So my experience has been leading up to this whole web three thing, I was a teacher, I work with kids with disabilities, learning disabilities, behavioral disabilities. And so I been used to really do a lot of community outreach stuff, whether it was working for a school or running special events for a town just felt very comfortable, just kind of like, you know, kind of building up, you know, other people and kind of using sort of the community outreach and also like the promotional side of things, I have a little bit of a, you know, marketing and promotions undergrad degrees, and before I went into education, so, you know, I was felt pretty comfortable with just really like reaching out to different communities. So that was kind of what my whole kind of life was before all this and then you know, my wife is a really prominent real real estate agent in northern New Jersey, and I joined her real estate team and I got this certification called crypto certified. So you know, the markets been crazy. There’s a lot of homes going for a lot over asking and a lot of people putting in offers on stuff and I was like, you know, I understand crypto like I like NFT’s and stuff. Let me see what this crypto certification is like. So I kind of was able to to transition some of like that background knowledge I had and help some people get get their homes using crypto and also if they want to sell a home they can we can put their home on the blockchain and sell it as an NFT. So that was like initially how I was just kind of like, yeah, it’s the teaching thing and reaching out and now combined with sort of this knowledge of the blockchain and, and sort of really a love for this whole space now, combined into into this whole this this Travie thing and what’s funny is, you know, I call it the Travi thing because you asked you know, what was the web two and then transitioned into web three. It also I came out here this week, and you know, I didn’t come out necessarily representing a certain brand, but there’s so many brands I love, like you mentioned, you know, Diamond Dogs with with Evan Mendoza, right? I’m enjoying being the community manager for that space, helping put together promotions. For Crypto Chicks, I was so honored to be like, nominated and then appointed to the council there that I just wanted to make sure that like the love that I had for the community, like shown itself through. So I came this week, obviously hoping to meet you never thought we, I’d be sitting here on the podcast with you. Because, as everybody knows, you know, it’s the best podcast that you can find for NFT’s. So I just came in man, just kind of like really put everything out there, my wife was just like, just be you just have fun, you know, go meet people, you know, you’re going into this full time now. So just enjoy. I couldn’t believe man, like everywhere I went, people were even people who I look up to a lot like yourself, Travie you’re Travie? Big hug. And it was really making that connection between that, you know that web three and the real life. And man spent quite a week.

Brian Fanzo 6:05
Yeah, I love that. And I love the background and the crypto side. And you know, just the fact that you’re I mean, that’s onboarding web three, every day, right, and I talk a lot about on the pod, if I can help, you know, at least inspire, educate or open someone’s perspective to be able to go take that and run with it a different way. I love the way you’ve run with so many different things. And I will say like, you know, part of me for like, the questions I was even asking, right, like one of the things that I’ve been pondering, you know, for those that are thinking about coming to events, or maybe even those are looking at their wallet, right, one of the things is, you know, it’s kind of fun to be active in a lot of projects and have, you know, have different your hands and different things. But there is that question of like, what is too many projects? And then what is the advantage of like, going deep in a project versus having, you know, like, you know, I think when when someone looks at liquidity, right, you can get, like, we can go, we can buy this one project, we can buy two of two of these three different projects, or we can go you know, we can go deep and own five or six of one project. And, you know, I think, you know, some of these Ira events, that can be a huge advantage. But in other cases, you know, depending on where you’re at, it can all kind of change up. So I’m curious, you know, you have your hands and lots of different projects. But you’re also, you know, we’re here in literally crypto chicks headquarters here, sir, you’re, and we both love that project, you mentioned the am interview way back when it’s still one of my favorite and am and Maddie are even more wonderful in person, which is kind of wild to see all that world comes together. But what are your thoughts on that question? You know, for those that are thinking about, you know, should I go all in on just one project? Should I have like two that are my home base? Or should people still kind of keep expanding and kind of thinking outside of just that singular? You know, a couple of projects? Yeah,

Travie.eth 7:44
So I think the short answer is do your own damn research. But you know, what I love about this week was you maybe you’re a holder, maybe you’re not a holder, you go into some of these events, and you’re meeting founders, and you’re meeting the teams. And there are some things that, you know, I went to, and I was like, wow, this person or this team is legit, like, I’m going to invest more, I’m going to invest more time and more energy. And some of the things you go out and you meet members of the community, and you’re like, Okay, you know, maybe it’s a different vibe than I have still, like, it’s a great community within, you know, within Web three. So, it’s really just kinda like going out there and trying to meet people like, so yeah, we’re a Crypto Chicks headquarters, like you said, and, I mean, it’s, it’s been an honor and a pleasure to get to hang with the team. And Maddie and Emm this week. And if I wasn’t already bullish, you know, on the chicks prior to this, just getting to know them, you know, the ride or die with the community, setting up the events hanging out till, you know, four o’clock in the morning with the community. And, you know, they and they don’t stop and the conversation is always on point. And it’s all about building and branding and marketing, like, like months and years down the road. You know, the same thing, you know, you meet some of these, the people from these other teams out here. And I see some of them walking by now. And it just makes it really, like really, if, if you’re not here and not to come out here necessarily and shill your own project, but come out here and just like rub elbows with people, introduce yourself and let them believe in you. And, you know, like you said, you know, coming out here to the NFT NYC, you have your podcast, you have your team there, I got to meet them, you know, shout out Drew and Alison and Chris and everybody I got to meet and Kevin. But I came out here to sort of representing myself man and my wife and I were just like, listen, it’s time to time to bet on yourself. You know, just left my regular nine, five to come out here. Congrats. Thank you, you know, coming out here and just making sure that you know, I showed everybody the love that that they know that I already have from whether it’s like Twitter or discord and I think that we did a good job of spreading out in real life this week.

Brian Fanzo 9:53
Yeah, you know, it’s funny, little context. You know, we’re sitting here recording in the lobby of the crypto chicks hotel and you know, it’s Some teams, some of the members are lazy lines roll just rolled by some of the members of bowls and apes just roll by. And that’s just another thing. It’s just really cool. Like I talked about serendipity. And I mean, this is this epic, this podcast recording is literally serendipity at its finest, the fact that I just sat down, literally waiting for Carter to do something, and then I was degening, which left me there a little bit longer, which then you came down and got to hang out with us. But you know, you also mentioned something there, you know, you for some of the projects, you know, like, there’s a difference between like holding, you know, 10 or 15. And making a bag full versus like holding a couple that like mean a lot to you. Right. And I’m curious your experience on like, maybe they some people call it like the factions within the projects, you know, others there’s like the OGS version versus the current version. And then there’s also ones where, like, you know, there’s a whale or inner circle, right, I know, I’m a part of a couple of those groups. I’m curious from your like your view, like, how do you how do you think of that, like an overarching? And then how do you think of that, and like, what people can think about joint when they’re joining a new community? What are the things they should be thinking about when they’re joining these different communities?

Travie.eth 11:04
Yeah, I think within this world, here, it’s, it’s everyone’s a little looking at it from a little bit of a different entry point. Of course, there’s a lot of people want to come in and make money and do the flipping thing. And, you know, that’s, that’s one way to do it. And another way to do it is, you find something that you want to hold on to, for some reason, you know, and sometimes it’s for the art, and you really appreciate the art and the artists, and sometimes it’s for the utility. And this week alone, I mean, just from, you know, being a holder of some of these things I went to, it was called Elite Eight fest, it was the after party for eight Fest on on Tuesday. And because spotty Wi Fi who’s an NFT hip hop artists, I have his NFT, I was able to get access to this thing that if you didn’t have it, you basically needed to be like a Bored Ape or a Mutant Ape holder to get into. And, you know, gotten in there and you know, perennial, all star basketball player, NBA players, DJing, you know, some other celebrities there. It’s just, it’s just creating this this access point. And you know, and the same thing happened like for you, one of the other things, we talked about the fly fish Club, which is, you know, Gary Vee’s Restaurant Group, that’s a token that I hold to, and there was an exclusive party yesterday for holders, and they actually opened up I think there were some tickets available if people wanted to purchase. But you know, you go in there, and you’re meeting these people, and you’re just like, wow, I would never have been able to get into this without that utility. But then, you know, you talking about more of like the 10k, and the factions and those kinds of things. Every project has a little bit of a different look at that, like we even with Crypto Chicks, like this isn’t any sort of inside information. It’s just like the community we’ve talked about, like, should we should we kind of group up? Should we talk about, you know, some people love like, the rainbow makeup, some people have the, you know, the baseball hats. And and you do see that happening? Is there a community so I think if the community is going to take it on and provide sort of their own value to it cool, but I think like the the ownership and the whole community should always benefit from that. And you don’t necessarily want to just have like one trait, or a different trait, just kind of getting like, I don’t know, like all the perks or being gatekeepers to, to a club, that the rest of the community have that exact same NFT can’t, can’t access. So that’s the only that’s the only kind of negative thing I see with it. But other than that, I mean building community and you know, understanding whether you go into discord, you’re following Twitter, do your research, get to know the people. And if you can do any real life events and really get to meet these owners, and founders and artists like you and I’ve been able to do this week, you get a much better sense of the of the project.

Brian Fanzo 13:37
I love that take and, you know, I’m Team pink. So, you know, Crypto Chicks, Team pink all day long. That’s not a surprise to to anyone that’s out there. You know, we actually had quarter, you know, the video creator here on our team. I voluntold him to come on the podcast the other day, and he was jamming out and he covered a little bit about impostor syndrome. And he doesn’t identify himself as a creator. So my guess my first question for you, you know, you and I have gone back and forth. And you know, I remember you were doing those early Twitter spaces. And I kind of felt you a little bit sandbag me a little bit because I thought you were like, man, hey, you know, I’m doing these Twitter spaces. I love your support. I’m a little nervous with what’s going on. And I get in there and you literally are running the show like you manage the conversation. You are 100% natural. And just for context, like I know, that’s a skill everyone has. But I love like I got in there and like I messaged you like, right, like, I was probably in there 10 minutes. And I’m like, Travie, come on now, like you got this under control. But I’m curious, like, do you identify? Have you have you identified yourself as a creator kind of over the last many months or even prior to and then the second part is talking a little bit about how you kind of just leaned in, and you found I mean, I’m gonna I’m gonna say this for you. And you can say I’m wrong or not. You’ve found a lot of your, your skill sets in other spaces have transferred very nicely in the web three, even if you didn’t even see that synergy for going forward.

Travie.eth 14:55
Yeah, I think a big thing for me is I’m going to be authentic regardless. Like I’m not really a negative person when it comes to a lot of the space? I don’t really like, I don’t really like FUD. They call me the FUD whisperer, or the flood squisher. But yeah, you know, like I mentioned earlier, having worked with, with kids and doing community outreach, you’re just trying to hold, you know, other people in a really nice light. And that’s what being a teacher was. And, you know, truth be told, like, I went into the inner city, like, that’s, some of my kids were gang members. And, you know, I was the only positive male role model and some of their lives and many of them like the only white dude who they had as a teacher probably, for their whole life. And it was like, the inner city area surrounding Newark, New Jersey, like the stolen car capital of the world. And, you know, I think that just being comfortable and just remembering, like, to show how I feel, you know, like you, like you always say, like, and I see you have your family, be yourself, I have so much love for people, and so much like, not, you know, love for web three, and a tech or whatever. But when I love something, I have no problem sharing that. And I think that’s what, you know, allowed me to get on that council for crypto cigs, because, you know, it wasn’t just like a voting to get on it was like, Okay, now you have to make sure that the community is well represented. People are DMing me and asking me questions all the time. And you know, and they have these meetings with the founders. And I don’t know, like I said, Dude, you know, just kind of betting on betting on yourself to just be confident in your skills that you have prior to coming in here. But you did. You talked about imposter syndrome. I think a lot of us have it, like I didn’t even want to talk on Twitter space. Like for things that I had like, like 10 or 15 of the NFT’s. I was still like, and then also to like, I’m kind of a newer dad. So most of it was screaming toddlers in the background. But yeah, even on even on like some of the the earlier like crypto chicks things or some of your spaces. Like I would just listen and I’d be a little bit too nervous to raise my damn hand. But eventually I did. I popped into your, your discord, you know, talk with a couple of the other people and they were just like, dude, like, the you that you are in the discord in the love that you showed, just just be that. And you said that to me. And that’s why, you know, Evan Mendoza and I were just like, you know, let’s, let’s make this you know, this weekly Twitter space of thing. And yeah, it could be community space. But it’s been really cool. Ever since we started it. People who have listened have wanted to come on different brands, different founders want to do different interviews, we’ve done like 10 or 12. By now we had you’ve been on Meta Athletes have been on and Crypto Dads have been on in Emm and Madi for Crypto Chicks have been on. And it’s been quite a ride. And I’m only getting started. I don’t even think I’ve got started yet.

Brian Fanzo 17:44
I like that. I like that. And I wouldn’t say like, you know, you said showing the love, right? I think when we say being ourselves and being authentic, when you do it from a place of a love for others, and in sharing what you love. It’s not that actually hard, right? And I think the part of it, like being authentic, like being authentic does not give you permission to be an asshole, right. And I think like there’s sometimes people that kind of take that on there. And you’re like, hey, remember, like, if you’re authentic, and people don’t like you, that’s kind of how it works, too. Right. And, you know, I’ll say like, you know, I was just thinking about, like, the, the, you know, the context of where we’re at, right now we’re sitting, you know, in a hotel lobby, we find our own little corner here, you know, the two of us probably, you know, we you know, probably in our on our web two worlds, right, we walked through our own beat, right, we kind of dressed the way we want to dress, we kind of live the way we want to live. But in this web three world, I think it’s like, this is like our home that that’s like a beautiful thing. Right? Like, it’s, it’s not only welcomed, but you know, for anyone that you know, kind of thinks from the outside in, right? There can be stereotypes, there can be, you know, some biases, and yes, there’s still a lot of things that need fixed and improved. But like, you know, when we’re talking to like, projects that we love, you know, one of them is a, you know, women lead women founders, you know, Amanda, you know, artists coming along with the Phoenix and, you know, there’s something just something beautiful about, like our ability to kind of show up and your new dad, so congrats and and on that club. Thank you, sir. Yeah, it’s also probably while you’re able to not get much sleep in New York, even not getting much sleep at home with the kids as well. I’m curious, you know, as you leave NFT, NYC and you think about it from you know, investment of your time investment of what you have going on you like where are you looking at spending more time at kind of moving forward? And what would be some of your advice for those that are maybe at the spot you were at where you were like, You know what, like, I want to be more involved, but you got on the Social Council with Crypto Chicks, you dove in a community management with, you know, with Evan and the Diamond Dogs, for those that are like at that moment where they want to lean in more on web three, but they just haven’t figured out where that spot is, what would you what would be your advice for them.

Travie.eth 19:38
Sounds cheesy man. But you know, believe in yourself and the real thing, but beyond Believing in yourself is really just have no fear, you know, web three, I mean, even some of these really interesting parties and gatherings here in the city, where you know, and I grew up in Jersey not far from here and I remember stressing out if I was going into the city lay on the black shoes and need to make sure my pants aren’t baggy and have to have a button down on. And you know, you come in here. And there’s some people go into an event and they’re in suits. And right behind them in line is somebody who has been, you know, wearing the same T shirt, you know, from, you know, the time that they woke up in the morning to go to like to the conferences and go to different parties, and it really is a calm as you are kind of thing. And, you know, whether you’re coming in to try to network or you’re coming in here to learn more, nobody’s going to judge you like, it’s a lot easier to be keyboard warrior and FUD people and judge them from, you know, behind their computer, when you hear in person like it, you know, people have their little pockets aside conversations about like things they believe in or what projects you’re going to be good. But you know, I’m walking around, I came in here not thinking I was gonna hang out with anybody the whole week, I was just like, Yeah, I’m gonna maybe meet a couple people go to a couple parties and like, learn a lot at the convention, I spent a lot less time at the convention lot more time hanging out with people. And it’s just about having no fear. I mean, I’m walking around, you know, I have a Bob Marley tattoo, I have a Wu Tang tattoo, I’m not hiding. I’m not I’m not putting on you know, a suit to come and do this. But you know, if it was something that required that, I’d have no theory and I’d walk into a business meeting just the same. And you know, I think as people are starting to get kind of their, their feet wet, or you kind of say, like, have a little bit fun and splash around in the space a little bit. Just figure out something that you connect with. Because it is one thing, like I said, if you want to purchase something, and you want to sell it and you want to make money, but that’s not going to really resonate with you, for the long term have something that you believe in, if it’s a project if the founding team, if it’s the utility behind something that is worth writing home about. And when you’re getting your your early stuff, like I got a couple of rugs early, I know you did. And that was just more like to learn the process, you know, but as time goes on, you understand a little bit more about what the blockchain and the utility is for some of these things. The sky’s the limit. So, you know, anybody wants to hit me up and have a little bit of a conversation? I could, I could talk to you more in depth on a personal level Travie.eth or at @MrTravisTho on Twitter. And I would have no problem just being available for anybody who has any questions wanting to start out

Brian Fanzo 22:20
and I can I can 1,000% back that up my friend your you have a reputation through our Discord. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like you. And I And that’s, that’s a rare thing, I think a little bit in this space as well. Because it’s okay that everyone doesn’t like you. But I also love I think part of that is that authenticity. And, you know, I’m definitely a Wu Tang fan and a Bob Marley fan as well. So, you know, actually I was talking last night about your Method Man Redman concert that I went to that opened up a lot of doors for me in a crazy real world. But you know, I also think it was something you had mentioned there about, I had a question for you. And I think I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while. And I just never have, you know, a lot of people get in this space. And they get to the point where, you know, we see it every day just about, you become a Collector, you’d love a couple projects, you find a couple more projects, you get robbed, probably you start to like, kind of figure out your room. And you immediately say, I want to create my own collection, or I want to create my own thing for you, you kind of lean on a couple projects. What are your thoughts on like, you know, creating one, you know, traveese project versus like, maybe right now, you’re building that web three, you know, trust, because I think for so many people, they jumped the shark, right. And they you know, and I’m sure you’ve heard it, like, you know, I know. I mean, actually, I’m Marina to someone yesterday, and he’s like, I just don’t understand why you don’t have your own project. Oh, yeah. Fanzo, and I’m like, Well, you also know that we can kind of to kind of find our own path. And the timing for for us will be a little bit different. So how did you look at that? Have you looked at like, what is what would a project that you would want to create look like? And you kind of talked us through a little bit to that, because there’s a lot of people that are listening to this right now that, you know, we put that survey out, a lot of people hold, you know, 30 to 50, NFT’s in our community, which is, you know, a big bag. So let’s just be clear, there’s a lot of NFT’s. But I know a lot of people kind of jump immediately to like, okay, my spot and went three must be creating my own project. But I don’t think that’s the only way what’s your take,

Travie.eth 24:06
you have a couple ideas, but I guess Never say never, I don’t want to start something for a cash grab. That’s not really how I am. You know, money and, and ETH and all that stuff is important, but it motivates different people at different levels. And I think that the things that I love about the communities and you know, the NFT’s that I have, and web three that I have, I’m celebrating those things, and I’m learning a lot through that. And if the time comes where, you know, I’m a little bit more on the Creator side or something like that, you know, certainly hit you up and let you know, but I think right now it’s just about like, getting the word out about the space when everyone’s saying, oh, you know, we’re still early and those kinds of things. And there’s a bear market. But you know, we all know like those of us who keep working and those of us who keep learning during the bear market are going to be ready for when there’s a bull market and it’s just right now like spreading awareness and the love and everything that I’ve gotten to know about the communities that I will ride or die for are the things I want to celebrate and help onboard as many people as possible. So whether it’s going to the baseball games, if you have, you know, a Diamond Dog NFT, or if it’s getting, you know, getting the NFT 365 and getting the ADHD coins, and if it’s, you know, the Crypto Chicks and some of the branding that they’re, you know, going to be coming out with, and some of the things that you’re able to access from there, or the fly fish club, like go going to these exclusive events, like, you know, I can’t even name some of the people who have the fly fish club tokens, because I’m not allowed because they’re private, but they’re like A listers. And it’s, it’s just about celebrating the things that make web three, web three that you really, really believe in. Because like I said, money can motivate you. But if me personally like, you know, I’m a girl dad, like you have two little ones. So you know, making sure that we put food on the table is important. But but love man like that Bob Marley, one love sort of spirit of things is what motivates me actually, inside my wedding rings, my wife actually engraved one love on it. My daughter’s middle name is Marley. My entire intention is embodying that spirit of what one love is, and it’s that we can all be celebrated. What you know, whether you’re talking diversity, you’re talking about experiences, you’re talking about backgrounds, it’s probably a much longer answer than you were hoping for, buddy. No,

Brian Fanzo 26:29
it’s not, no, I’m loving every second of this, and we have another sink there. Because my daughter is when I text you my 12 My oldest is 12. Now, I end every text message with one love, I swear to God and and it came down to my daughter’s this time we talked, talk a lot about, you know, showing up as yourself. And I always say like, my, I know, I’ve done good in life when my daughters, you know, as they grow up, they’re comfortable in their own skin knowing that, you know, being themselves is their peace. And a lot of that comes down to one love and you know, as I like as you’re going there, I used like you hit me an emotional side, not only girl dad, but like we have that synergy. And, you know, I also say, you know, I appreciate the you know, it’s it’s only Never say never, but it’s also like, you know, I’m such a big so bullish and collaboration. Right. And I I see you and I working together on some things together. And I you drew and I have talked about, you know, what does it look like to expand, you know, not only our team as far as an empty 365. But teams within projects, right? Like what meta athletes can provide, you know, other projects and ways that we can bridge these gaps. You one of the things that hit me that it’s probably coming this is kind of going out full circle a little bit. But you know, you said you mentioned you’re on the Social Council for crypto chicks. I know for a lot of our audience, they don’t really understand like, didn’t maybe don’t even realize that some projects have a Social Council. Others maybe have heard of it, but they’re not really sure what that role is. Can you talk a little bit about you don’t have to give away any crazy Alpha. But you know, just curious like from you, I remember you you reached out, you’re like, Hey, I’m up for this. And I remember, you know, I hit up the Matty and M and I was like, yeah, the best decision you can make is make sure that you know Travis was involved in that. And I loved that, you know, a lot of that came to life, but talk to a little bit like what that looks like. And then like what, you know how you look at that as like, you know, your ability to play in Crypto Chicks even little bit more. But also really, what does it do for the owners of crypto checks holder? You because I know a lot of our listeners are like, I get messages all the time. Like Brian, you mentioned a project 10 times in a month, I’m gonna just buy it. That’s just the way it works. So talk to us a little bit about that Social Council and what it looks like from your side. And what your overall thoughts on that.

Travie.eth 28:32
Yeah, well, thank you for putting that working for me. It did come down to a vote. Luckily, the community voted, voted me on to the council. And that was sort of like the last round. I was completely surprised and florid about it. But so what what they wanted to do was once Emm and Madi and the team took over, they wanted to make sure that it was not just community driven, but like really supporting the community in ways that, you know, it seemed like maybe some places or some NFT projects and brands were doing or trying to do. But they were very creative and very purposeful about their process in doing that. So they put together an advisory board, which is, you know, sort of like a longer term. Some I don’t, I don’t really want to name drop, but you can kind of go on to the women labs website, and you can kind of see who’s on the advisory board, some very prominent people, I’ve actually had a chance to hang out with them at the crypto chicks party last night. So they’re more sort of like the long term. You know, kind of thought leaders and then there’s the other circle is is this council that I still proudly serve on? There’s seven of us it’s, you know, it’s men, women, you know, it’s not just chicks, not just dudes. And, and what it does is it allows the members of the community many of them we got to meet this week to reach out to us let us know how they’re feeling and they they know that we have a direct line to you know, our team, whether it’s m or Maddie or Jenna or You know, as their enemy or Kira, Jack, and I know there’s one more that that that was recently hired. But you know, they know that we have their back and also too, as Emm and Madi got to meet me a little bit more in person as the COO and the CEO, like they know, I’m not just typing on a keyboard just saying like, Hey, everybody, like you should buy this stuff. So like the ones I have are worth more and then I can sell them. Like, that’s not really like, that’s not really kind of where I’m coming from, like I said earlier, it’s, it’s about what I believe in. And a big part of why I got into some of these women led projects, and I hate calling them women led projects, whatever. But you know, for a while, like that was sort of what everybody was calling it. And, you know, having two little girls at home, I really wanted to start building their wallets for them. So when they got older, they’d have something to look back on. And then when I learned a little bit more like about crypto chicks, and the team and the people who are at the top of running this, I said, You know what, I love this. I don’t just love it for the art and the utility cases that I know are coming. But you know, when I had a chance to my first zoom call with Emm and Madi, I was just, I was like, wow, like if I wasn’t already bullish on this just from meeting them. In the first zoom call, I was just like, holy cow, like this is going, I don’t want to say to the moon, but you know what I’m saying. And, you know, being that there’s such a strong foundation and celebrating women and everybody within crypto space because it’s not just sort of sectioned off. It’s celebrating everybody celebrating the community. What I want is 1020 years hopefully a lot longer if I’m when I’m gone for my daughter’s to look back and see what I did with a brand called Crypto Chicks. Like, oh, my, you know, my dad who’s got flat brim hat on and tattoos right now. And Jordans is on a council for something that he absolutely loves and will stand by forever and that’s Crypto Chicks. So it means that not only am I always going to support them, and then ride or die, I think that the leadership team knows I’m not going anywhere. And I’ll be an ambassador for the space and like I said I’m not I’m not here necessarily for the you know, for the for the money in the in the finance part of it though, that would be nice. Here for he really here to spread that love man and stuff. I believe in

Brian Fanzo 32:18
love, love, love, love all of this, my friend. And I will tell you, you know, it hits me in the fields too, right? i We have you know, I have a ledger for each of my girls, my daughters. And unfortunately only two of them have a crypto check because my one daughter refuses to pick which one she wants. And she’s like, Daddy, they keep changing what’s on the floor. And I’m like, as long as we’re looking on the floor right now I’m okay. But, you know, I think my third I gotta get my youngest to make a damn decision on which cribbage she wants, which is part of like that fun, right? Like finding the ones you can relate to. And I’ve told this story many times, I mean, cribs was the first one where I put one, I went through the entire collection. Remember, it was a couple of nights in a row. And I found one that I was like, Man, that’s the one I want. Right? That’s the one that was the pink hair. It was a neck tattoo, it was exactly what I wanted. And I had four at the time. And I was like I’m gonna flip these for for that one. And that was the that was the outcome and ended up having like, you know, it’s one of those cases I was like, just short point like 01 eath getting the one I wanted. And I was like No, and I ended up being able to get it and now I’ve been able to you know, build on that one and, and you have my ones for my daughter’s

Travie.eth 33:23
what’s the youngest daughter’s name? Logan? Logan. Listen, Logan, if you’re listening to this, check out my digital wallet. Not my ledger because those are not going anywhere. But if you look at Travis dot eath, or the user name is Travis Mehta. I’ve got four crypto chicks in that wallet, pick the one you want is yours.

Brian Fanzo 33:41
You’re the man. Logan will love that. And she’ll also punch me for you know, talking about it on the show because she’s, she’s that wild eight year old that is. She’s a little me as for sure. The last question I want to ask you came up today, it came up yesterday came up the day before here at this space. You know, I think you know, two of us are not only loud and proud girl dads, but we are advocates and allies. And I can say that because you know, it’s kind of which is weird saying self identifying that. But you know, people come up to me and said, Brian, can you help our community teach other men to be better allies and advocates and, and I also put out, you know, and I’ve said this before, that also needs the projects that are that are welcoming that and opening those doors, right? And I’m well if you look at our bag for this collection we have here. I mean, we have amazing projects that are in all walks of life, but some of them are better at making that space, others we’re all working together. But I’m curious you know, I’ve been getting the question a lot and so when you think about it for like the men that are out there that look at the collection say wait, it’s all women PFPs like what is my role there and you jump into Twitter, you jump into discord and you know, there’s certain conversations in there that are not because of conversations that we are a part of, you know, almost we focus on this truly dead We’re sitting in inclusion is that we all have to kind of be together. We can’t keep you silos. But it’s it can be scary for, for some men to figure out like what their role is. And I think other men want to have that role. They really haven’t stepped up yet. How do you answer that, because I think I would love to see your take on that.

Travie.eth 35:17
So my background is a little bit different, because I’ve been working with such diverse, you know, clients and kids and families and stuff, basically since like the mid 90s. So I can understand how it would be, whether it’s intimidating, or it’s just a little bit out of your comfort zone to come from, you know, maybe more of a tech or finance world where, you know, you’re just kind of not that it’s not that it’s a bros club, but you’re just really maybe not surrounded by as many people at least, you know, in a social setting, like sort of this week. You know, I think you just need to find, like I said earlier, find the thing that you are maybe good at and maybe comfortable with? And how will that how can that lend itself into into web three, right? And then how can you leverage that to be not just a better person for web three, but like, how can you leverage that to be better person for yourself, and think about the the impact that you can make like, this is such a brand new space, like, you know, we joke a lot of times, because talk about like coming, you know, having a seat at the table. And then Madi and Emm are always talking about building the table, like the women in this world are building the table. But I want to get to a point where we stop talking about like, women building a table or men building a table, it’s just like, we’re building the table. And I know how cheesy that sounds, everybody listening. But the reality is, this, if everybody in this space was exactly the same, it’d be pretty friggin Boring, boring. So find something that you’re comfortable with contributing to the space, or you can sit back and kind of kind of play around, or you could watch from the sidelines and be an investor. And that’s pretty cool, too. But just know that there’s a lot of really interesting a lot of really brilliant people coming together. And many of them coming from different backgrounds where they weren’t. So it wasn’t really as sort of person to person, maybe it was behind a computer. And a lot of web three, as we know is is behind a computer. But as the world is kind of opening up more and there’s more the events in this more than utility cases beyond the behind these things, we have to do better, like men in general have to do better to just be be proud of who you are. As as a man, but also understand that sometimes you have to stand alongside some other people too. And if you’re not used to it, you just got to make a point to do it. And the more that you get to know some of these women in this space, I don’t think you’re like I said, I don’t think you’re going to be looking at it as like women lead projects anymore, or how can I do you’re just going to be a better overall person. And honestly, that’s really what we need here.

Brian Fanzo 37:40
I cannot agree more. And I mean, for me when I read that, you know that PFP you know, crypto chicks, I wear that one a lot on Twitter and you know, I do it for many reasons, right and, you know, proud to be a part of that community proud of what that community represents. But it’s also proud of the opportunities that we have to like, share, share the light and amplify the light. And the truth is, I think as a whole we have to get better at being comfortable being uncomfortable. And if you’re not stop saying that you want to make change stop saying that you believe in web three being different because until you are you get to the spot where you can get comfortable being uncomfortable. And that can mean everything from introvert to extrovert from male into a project that might be you know, the utility might lean more towards gender base but I couldn’t agree more on the idea that we do have to move to a place where this isn’t as prevalent but we also have to have events and spaces that stop putting manholes together. And you know, this this event you know, from the from the high level there was some there was some great diversity that I saw on what they’re putting on panels now and I’ve been someone that’s very loud about that I’ve removed myself from events in the past that when the representation doesn’t you know be there and I don’t even make that known when that happens right because to me, you know doing not to get credit or you know, validation is just you know, that’s more self centered. You know, vs that we don’t need so Travie I love your point of view on that man I love your heart I appreciate you know when you talk about you know giving love and I think it was that very first answer you gave me on your what you found was all you do is need to hold others up and allow that light to shine on them right if I had to give that you know the advice for those that want to maybe you want to get to the comfortable spot that you know Travie and I are at I just say like you know the beauty of it is if you can be yourself and give people access to who you are while shining the light on them. Man is it magical right? It is it is a ride it is something you believe in is where our hearts at and so you know traveling thanks so much for jumping on here man. I just literally kidnapped you for about 40 minutes from the lobby on the morning after we you know we’re out until the wee hours of the night and you know this will be one of my favorite interviews I’ve done in a good while and it’s it’s going to continue this of course will be not be the last and I appreciate your support. I appreciate the kind words and you’ve always reached out publicly and privately on, you know, either you know, things that you liked or comments, or, Hey, I love this quote. And I just want to say that publicly that, you know, that meant a lot to me, right, you know, through this journey, you know, as much as you know, things are successful, and we’re doing so many things with teams, it’s great to have an ally and a friend that will also keep me up, you know, keep me in check, right? Or, you know, and I will say that there’s a couple times where I’ve mentioned Chicks in a podcast, or even dogs in a in a podcast. And you I’ll mention them once. And you’ll, you’ll message me like, dude, thanks so much for the mention. And for those founders out there, like that’s who you want in your community. That’s what you want as owners those that are like taking that like, he’s thing thanks for mentioning a project that yes, you’re taking a role on. But it’s, it’s your belief in that project and your ability to kind of, you know, show you care, and you embody that my friend. So any last words for you

Travie.eth 40:51
Know, it’s funny, you say that, because I think you can sum that up into into one word, and that’s Listen, like, listen to what’s going on in the space. Don’t wait for your turn to talk. As important as it is for you to get your vantage point out there and your ideas out there, especially if you’re a thought leader listening to this, shout out all you are doing so much in this. Let’s remember to listen. Okay, with my message Vanstone. I say thanks for mentioning something. He knows I’m listening, right? And it’s not just like listening to the podcast or listening to what’s going on on Twitter is listening to everything in the space, like, keep an eye on things, maybe things that you’re not even necessarily involved with something you’re not invested in, what are people doing? And what are they doing to make this place better, because I don’t know about you, bro. But the more I see the more I kind of have intuition on this project has good founders or this is probably just a cash grab, or this might be a rug or whatever, and just do what you can. I’m gonna close out with this, do what you can to be a better person for web three. Do what you can to be a better person for yourself. And I’m gonna I’m not going anywhere. And if you want to come on this ride with me, I’d love for you to you know, connect with me on Twitter. Like I said, it’s Travie.eth or @MrTravisTho, and yeah, love to stay on this ride with you Fanzo and I love what you’re doing for the entire space and the entire community. So anything that I get into that I think is going to be good. I’m going to, you know, keep sharing with you. So hopefully we’ll we’ll be meeting at the fly fish club in person with Gary Vee. And you know,

Brian Fanzo 42:27
I look forward to my friend and thank you for that. Well make sure all the links for all the things we mentioned are in the show notes. And I think you wrap that up beautifully. I’ll just leave it with one love for sure.

Kevin Sturmer 42:39
This show is not financial advice, so do your own damn research.