The NFT Use-Cases of the Future that NOBODY is talking about! | Episode 119


The NFT Use-Cases of the Future that NOBODY is talking about!

Mar 10, 2022 | Podcast

My primary business is as a full time professional speaker and digital futurist speaking at conferences, masterminds and events around the world helping them to find the HARMONY between TECH and HUMANITY…  ( As a futurist, I enjoy diving deep into today’s current innovations while studying the transformation coming in the future to map out ways that can blow people’s minds when it comes to what is possible in the future.

With that being said it’s also vital to have an understanding of different perspectives and use cases for NFTs for dealing with haters or those there approaching the space with basis not so you can convince them to see the power of NFTs rather open their mindset to realize maybe there’s more than they currently realize.

Imagine if we were able to track and manage someone's baseline of knowledge, so when they showed up at a training or event we had a shared understanding. - Brian Fanzo, Host, NFT 365 Podcast

Yes, I love talking about the most popular NFT use cases that are extremely important such as ART, collectibles, metaverse land, online communities, gaming, music and fashion but I wanted to share some that most aren’t thinking about or haven’t thought about the impact of blockchain and NFTs reimagining the experiences of today while solving the problems of tomorrow.

In this episode, I breakdown a variety of use cases that I’ve been tracking from a list on my iPhone which you can see keeps growing by the day.

37 Futurist use-cases of NFTs and the Blockchain that most aren’t thinking about:

  1. Employee Advocacy
  2. Employee Incentives
  3. Sales Quotas
  4. Employee Vacation Days
  5. Employee ID
  6. Warranties
  7. Cars
  8. Houses
  9. Fractionalizing Real Estate
  10. Reserved seating / private seating at restaurants or venues
  11. Sports betting NFTs
  12. Medical Records
  13. Sharing of medical records amongst friends
  14. College Degree
  15. Government Clearance
  16. Intellectual Property
  17. Technology Training & certification
  18. Baseline of education management
  19. Advertisement Tokens digital and physical world like billboards
  20. Technology/power management
  21. Supply tracking of a pre-ordered pair of shoes
  22. Event drink tickets + Event Swag
  23. Event incentives & gamification
  24. A combination of NFTs creates limited-edition event art for future tickets
  25. Event shareholder the more successful the event the more you get refunded
  26. Unlocks AR/VR experience for home and in-person
  27. Live event moments captured into NFTs
  28. NFT + DeFi
  29. Content + Social Dashboard
  30. Credibility score + influence
  31. Followed by whom to gate access
  32. Fandom NFTs for fans of a team not in the local area
  33. NFT speed dating
  34. NFT hotel and vacation and cruise ship passenger organization
  35. Digital Twin possibilities
  36. Unlockable episodic content
  37. Dynamic UX experience ins real-time

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What’s up friends, welcome back to another episode of NFT. 365. And I get amazing feedback from yesterday’s episode. Apparently you liked that I was fired up and I was a little bit, you know, extra feisty, and hopefully Shaquille O’Neal understands and listens to the whole episode, as if he as if he listens to the podcast, but you know, I guess we never know. But, you know, I think, you know, I’m as a futurist, one of the things that I love is that I get to not only think about what what is the implications of technology today, but also what is like that long term effects and how we think even big picture and I will say, oftentimes, people will be confused on you know, Brian, I didn’t think you were a live video guy, or why are you in on social audio? And if you look at that, kind of like that, like small factor that thinking about it from the standpoint of like, the app or the app enables, often when I’m thinking about is human behavior? Or what are the like, what are the what’s the other byproducts of ways that we are implementing things, right? If we, if we change if we give people more options to communicate, how does that impact? The other ways we communicate? Or how does that impact even our mental health? How does that impact, you know, our day to day lives? And I mean, anyone that’s in the NFT space, I think one of the things that we find out is that when someone you know, meet you, or you’re hanging out for the first time, or you’re talking to them, and they’re like, Brian, I know you’re doing all those things, and NFT’s, there’s usually this like, gasp like, Huh. You know what I understand what NFT’s are. But I’m not really a fan, or I think I understand that kind of a basic concept of entities, I just have no interest in them for myself, or really, Brian, like NFT’s like you’re paying for expensive gifts, like I just don’t get it. And I don’t even really care to get it right. Like, you get all of those, like gamut of comments. And I think the truth is, like, that’s kind of how early adoption always works. Like, it’s funny, because like, that doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t ever bother me when someone is you’re doubting or questioning because actually, this is like, for me, these are the perfect opportunities for learning to understand, like, what is the baseline of knowledge? Like what, when someone hears the word NFT, the average person hears the word NFT? What is the first thing that comes to their mind? Right? Like, what is the, and then I think from there, we have to work forwards or backwards. And I will say, you know, as a keynote speaker, I you know, my job is to go in front of 1000s of people on stage and deliver a message. And ultimately, my goal is hopefully to relate my message to as many people as I can in the audience. And oftentimes, you know, because I am multi hyphenate, because I’m multi passionate, there’s oftentimes the audience will be extremely diverse, not to mention that I come onstage with like a backwards hat and bright pink shoes. And I’m talking about something about, you know, web 3.0, or the future of business, or why you need to press the down button or the millennial mindset, or any of the talks that I’ve given over the years. And, and for me, I often hear people ask me a question about, like, you know, how are you provide? How are you delivering this, like, so relatable? Or how are you, you’re able to shift my perspective or you’re getting, you’re able to get me to open my mindset. And part of the secret for me, when I think of that is, is that I’m very blessed that I have a diverse background, I have a diverse circle of people that I interact with every single day, I consume things in all different formats and all different ways. I’m not really niche down or siloed in any of my behaviors that I you know, partake in, like, I can tell you a lot about a Tesla car. Yet I drive a Jeep Wrangler, which is like kind of the opposite worlds of a Tesla, right? I can we can discuss every pretty much every sport under the sun. And I’m gonna know enough about I kind of I love being tapped in there. But I will tell you, one of the best ways to get people to open their mind or even even better sometimes get people to realize that their current view is either very siloed very jaded, or very, like kind of bias driven. Because usually if you get someone to recognize that their understanding of something it’s not that it’s wrong It’s that it’s either clouded, or that it’s only one person’s opinion. Or that maybe it’s jaded because of other, you know, experiences. When you get someone to recognize that, all of a sudden they kind of lean in, right, like you get them to lean in. I feel like that’s a song, right? Lean in, lean out, you know, I’m not gonna sing for you. Um, but when I, when I, that’s, that’s a big piece for me. And I’m going to give you kind of my secret weapon to that. And that is, I love to present use cases and scenarios, when I’m discussing something that someone doesn’t expect or never thought of, or doesn’t see. Because if someone’s like, NFT’s, you mean there’s millionaire Bored Apes that, you know, celebrities are buying, and those other things that like, you know, these athletes are deploying and quitting. Or someone will say, Oh, it’s like the artist Crypto Brothers, or Crypto Boys like they’re just a bunch of, you know, de gens, money laundering, whatever that may be. Funny thing about it is, I just kind of let that go, you’re like, Oh, well, and I guess that’s how it always is. But I don’t know if you’ve thought about NFT’s this way, or I don’t know, if you thought. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go through I I’ve, I’ve been tallying this list is listened to going on for a while. Every time I think of a new use case, for NFT’s. I kind of put it into this list. And I love to kind of like for me, when I think when I hear a problem, right? It could be my daughter’s talking about actually, this will be one of the examples my daughters were complaining that you their, their sister, their one sister, had gone to their friend’s house and watched a lot of the YouTube videos, the YouTube like episodes, that the other two hadn’t watched yet. And they were kind of upset that they, they didn’t know that whenever they wish, they knew that and I was like, Oh, I was like, I wonder how like that would work if we were if we were tracking our digital consumption via something kind of information data that we own individually. And therefore when we are in the room with other people, we could actually have some, you know, a device or a, you know, Internet of Things component that would actually take survey those that are in the room based on what you’ve consumed and let you know, hey, this is what everyone’s consumed. And this is the things that are available that no one has watched yet or consumed yet. Like I think there’s a lot of really cool, real world scenarios there. But I’m gonna actually walk you through a whole list of things. So hopefully, you’re ready, you’re gonna buckle in here, I’m gonna take a little sip of my drink. I we’re going to get into this.

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So we know that there’s art. We know there’s collectibles. We know that the metaverse exists, we know that they can be kind of like signaling for entry points into community. We know about gaming, NFT’s we know about music NFTs, we know about fashion, NFT’s. I’m not gonna talk about those, we can talk about those a different time, I’m gonna now kind of come down some other categories. The first one I’m going to talk about tackle was probably one that you haven’t even even like, fathomed, or thought about or worried about, or contemplated as, like an option. And that is actually within kind of the enterprise workforce. And this is where I think, and this is where I spend a lot of my time. So this is where I get excited about right? So first thing that I like to think about is employee advocacy, right? Like, how do I how do I help incentivize, how do I help motivate How do I help, you know, really track and in a way, amplify and celebrate those employees that are going kind of above and beyond to talk about our business, to share our stories. And part of that is, you know, it’s really hard right now to kind of track that data. And like serve it up in a way that is kind of global through a dashboard. But what if, you know, based on you know, certain things that you accomplished, or certain things that you did, or the activity of content you created. Imagine if that based on the activity of content you create, it actually generates, you have to hit like a certain level that will generate an NFT and NFT will kind of log what that activity of that employee was both, you know, internal, external, of course, the data of that NFTs stored with them. But now you’re able to actually find ways kind of like, empower that employee advocacy. I also like to think about it as employee incentives or employee documentation within an organization, right? Because here’s the thing, if you’re a middle manager, if you’re a manager of your of your company, one of the most frustrating things I was there when I worked for the US government, was that if you go talk to your team, right, I would sit down with my team, I would say, these are the things we have to work on. And if we accomplish these things, I believe I can get us a better budget for next year. I believe I can get us to be able to work four days a week for 10 days instead of five days a week, but I need us to accomplish these things. Well, I think we’ve all been there. And oftentimes, middle managers believe they go up to their boss and say, Hey, can I reward my employees if they do this? They say yes. And we go and get our employees work on it. But what happens a lot of the time, a lot of the time, what happens is that we do that we deliver middle manager goes up to their boss, and the boss is like, I’m sorry, I don’t remember that happening, or I don’t think we’re gonna get that approved. Now there’s too many things that have changed, right? Like the lack of trust, that lives within an organizational org chart, as well as like what people organized actually do, what they say they’re going to do is there. But imagine if there was an NFT for it, right? Imagine if it was, it was actually coded into the blockchain and said, If the team accomplished these results, they automatically get this and it’s executed without any physical interaction, all of a sudden, now, you’re not having to say, trust me, we can do this, you’re actually giving them something and saying, You by owning this NFT and accomplishing these things, you are going to be rewarded this. And I think that that, to me, is one of those places, that is really exciting. And this can go, you know, to extremes, right? Because they can go to, you know, sales quotas, it could even go to, you know, if you get like an employee of the year, rather than just getting like a certificate, you get an NFT, that goes into your wallet, right. And I worked with the US government for a good while. And one of the things that I was always impressed by was that when I was working with the active duty military, they will say, Brian, hey, not, you know, this course that you’re teaching to us in, in, you know, Daegu, Korea, hey, it’s gonna go on my permanent records, I need to pass the test. So I’m going to give you everything I got. Right, because they knew that there that record, that permanent record would also be tied to their promotions, their, you know, the different levels, they’re even some of the their ability to, you know, pick the location that they’re going to be to go to next. And as employees, I think that’s actually something that missing, right, because we’ve heard the adage, you know, like you invest in your employees, so much so that, even when they leave your company, they’re still talking about your company, because the opposite of is like, what if I invest so much into my employees, that they end up leaving? And you really should be saying, What happens if I don’t invest into my employees? Like, where are we at that point, right? So I actually think, by empowering employees to be able to manage that, right, because like, Okay, I got promoted, and I have an NFT. for that promotion, I got awarded this and I got a, you know, an NFT, for that. And because the individual is holding this, right, we are decentralized, and because it is validated, because it is on the blockchain, all of a sudden now, rather than saying, like, Hey, I would love for you to work for this, and it’s like, you’re just gonna give me a piece of paper, or you’re just gonna give me a gonna take me out to lunch and like, all my fellow employees are gonna clap for me, now, you’re actually gonna be able to deliver in something tangible, that they could take to other jobs, they could actually take and like, build that credibility when they’re asking for a raise. And so I think it really does shift a lot of that dynamic. What about something like employee vacation days, right? What if you were issued 10 NFT’s as your employee vacation days, and you got to choose how you use them. And if you didn’t want to use one, and you want to sell one or gift one to another employee, you could do that it’s up to you. It’s 100%. On you. Imagine how easy that would be. And remember, these are NFT’s are logged onto the blockchain, they are time stamped, and there’s a hash there. And they’re trackable, right, so if someone, if we had all of a sudden someone had 30, days off, we would know the people that they were able to get those, those NFT’s from to get those days off. This can go even as far as kind of bringing, you know, an employee’s, you know, work life into an NFT, allowing them to, you know, really even be able to find other places to work, right. Because one of the things that I know that existed a lot in the other world that I was working in for a good while was that, you know, oftentimes the best employees for certain roles were in other departments that I didn’t even know they had the skill set, because I didn’t know that that was there. That was like their passion, right? Like, I ended up finding out one of my good one of my friends, you know, he was working in the operations department. And really, he was he was kind of a, I guess, a program manager, I guess, would be the best term to kind of put for what he was doing. And it wasn’t until a couple years later, that I realized that he had a graphic design background. And that was massively creative there. But he couldn’t find like a job in there. And he had so much experience with product management, that he had kind of, you know, stayed in that kind of lane. But imagine if like you were able to kind of track and have like your, you know, that portfolio that employee history, even like your sales quota, right, like, what if your sales quota as a salesperson, were all given to you in NFT’s. And when you were applying for a job or you were trying to prove your value as someone that’s in sales, you could actually give them access to like, hey, on the blockchain, you know, validated. This is actually what I accomplished, right? So this can be it can be really interesting. And, you know, I think part of this also comes into like, things like a retailer, right? Like, how could we use NFT’s to predict future sales. Well, part of that could be that when you are when we go into a store, rather than just say, you know, on the wall, it says coming soon, right like I was in actually in the mall for the first time, two weekends ago with my daughters, we were going bowling in the bowling alleys in the mall. And I walked by and I like stopped because I’m a kind of a sneaker head. And I looked over that window and there was a pair of shoes there and said, coming soon, like new colors. And I was like, Man, I took a picture of my phone of that shoe. And it probably just still sitting in my phone, right I haven’t even looked at I didn’t thought about it until right now. But imagine if I was able to scan a QR code and get an NFT. And it said, hey, buy this now. And you now when this shoe comes in, it is automatically yours, you don’t have to interact with anyone, you just come in the store, you show your NFT and it is now you know burnt for you to get that pair of shoes, when now you’re able to actually do some predicting of sales, rather than it being kind of like disconnected silos and you can even, you can even turn in commerce into some of the physical pieces and kind of go by vice versa, I think that could be a really interesting one. One that I think would be fun, because I don’t know about you. But when someone says, Hey, this warranty is only $10 for whatever the heck you’re buying probably some kind of device or a monitor in my office. Like you wanna you want to add the $10 to for this warranty. And I often tell them is, that would be great. But here’s the problem, I will never know what that warranty is paperwork goes. And even if I do, I won’t know if it expires or it doesn’t expire. And more often than not, I won’t even know that I need that I had a warranty on that. But imagine that that device could actually be linked to the warranty that NFT that you have. So all of a sudden the device goes bad, you scan the QR code on the back of that device and it pops up and says in your wallet, you have a warranty that is still valid, click here for that company to now send you a new product, all of a sudden warranties, which they should be, should be easily accessible and connected to the device that they actually have. I’m gonna even go a step further than this. And this is one of the ones that might, you know, you might have to put like your like imagination hat on this. But imagine if our if all of our technology was was able to be NFT’d to where we all know how this works, right? Like, do we have we have more cables in our houses and in our lives than anything else? Like I hate cables, right? Because I have so many devices. I mean, like three iPads, two MacBook Pros, you know, an iPhone, I have three monitors, I have an Apple TV, Facebook portal, you know, we have our eight, you know, wireless cameras in the house, all of these devices. But imagine if you were able to actually know what devices you had all in one location. And also knowing what was, you know, you compatible with other devices in tech that you were going to buy, right? Like, there’s nothing more frustrating than buying something getting it going to put on your TV and realizing, oh my goodness, my TV doesn’t do 4k resolution, right? Like the fact that we as individuals have to track that kind of thing is kind of ridiculous. It should be trackable via an NFT where that NFT is then traced there. I’ve mentioned this on previous episodes, but we can’t overlook it cars, I think cars as NFT’s will be a big one that will have what’s referred to as kind of a digital twin. And I think we’re going to see that linked back to car dealerships where a car dealer will then you know, they will know that, hey, in fact, when that car sells, I get 10% of every car that that every time that car is sold, I want to make sure that that person is taking great care of that car. I also want to make sure that you know that that person also is aware of other cars that are coming. So that can help him sell as we go further our our evaluation, you would also allow us to better have an understanding of how many cars are really in circulation and how many are being used and you can really add that component for for warranties for you know, the idea of you know, having the you know, so the car doesn’t, you know, depreciate in value or the the dealership doesn’t care. You know, another one, of course is like fractionalized real estate. We I think I’ve mentioned that a couple times, you know, rather than having to have one person and buy this big property of land, where you know, if you’re you don’t know that person, you can actually fractionalize it and you could have 100 people, you know, invest in buy that piece of land because they know that land will be worth money down the road, but they don’t have the $600,000 and they don’t have six friends to put in $100,000 but they could perfectly. You’re capable of buying a fractionalized portion of it.

Brian Fanzo 19:42
Another place we could go with the future of like NF T’s is like reserved seating or private seating at restaurants where you could actually restaurants or at locations where you can actually your NFT could unlock a table or a location for you on certain days. And even when you don’t use it, you’re still paying for it right? So then they that that piece is actually yours around that time. And, and because we know it’s yours because it’s on the blockchain, and we’re actually able to trace it, we’re gonna also be able to add things like Internet of Things and connect devices. And rather than us being, you know, being able to, you know, kind of feeling limited, we could even sell, you know, our NFT, like, you know what we’re moving, but we loved you know, that that window seat on every other Friday night at that restaurant, we’re going to sell that to our friends who I know, we’re also gonna love that, and the restaurants gonna love it, because they’re gonna know who is going to be in that seat. And if they’re not coming, or they are coming, they’re also going to have a better understanding of like, where that kind of overall feel goes. Another one that I like, is, um, you know, even in this idea of, like, how do we track online and offline, you know, interactions and our ability to kind of like, scale on and scale off, right, I think we’re gonna start to see more NFT you know, kind of, you know, technology where we’re, we’re putting things on the blockchain, you know, in the medical record space, right, the idea, like, here’s the truth, like, I have ADHD, I upload my Apple Watch data to my doctor, I sign up on 100 forms to do so. But when I’m talking to a friend, that has ADHD, guess what, I don’t have my own data about my own health record, I have no way of getting that. Now, I will say Kaiser Permanente who I use, they do a pretty good app. But don’t you think it’s my data, my information about me if I, if it’s my data, should I have access to it on my phone, on my blockchain, in my wallet, so that I could show someone and say, Hey, here’s some of the things that I’ve done for you with my experience, right? Or, I was in Mexico a couple of months ago. And I ended up trying to stop somebody from running into the woods on their four wheeler, and end up rolling my four wheeler and breaking my elbow. Well, I can tell you, when you’re in Cancun, in the jungle, and you break your elbow on a four wheeler, first of all, it sucks, it hurts. You look like a fool. I was upside down my four wheeler was on top of me gasoline pouring out, and the entire pack of people had already moved forward. But for me, like figuring out like, How do I tell the doctor? How do I track all of like, I don’t own my medical records, and I don’t even have like insurance there. But I should be able to give access, like this is my data, I should be like, give access to someone for a temporary amount of time, because that’s something that’s gonna make my life a little easier. So like, the medical one, I think is gonna be a lot of fun. Another one would be intellectual property, right? Like, how do we know who owns what and, and where that’s tracked? It’s still too often is, you know, it’s, we have to go down to the courthouse, and we have to go to the, you know, find the actual piece of paper. But what if we were able to actually have that log on the blockchain, and we were actually all responsible for, that also could fall into things like, you know, technology, training and certification. And I will tell you, this is one that excites me. Imagine if we were able to, you know, be able to track and manage can someone’s baseline of knowledge, so that when they showed up at a, at a store, or they showed up at a training, they showed up at a at an event that I’m speaking at, that people can actually log in and say, you know, here’s how much of the pre work I did. And as you know, as a, as a speaker, as a presenter, I could actually now see all the things that are existing in that audience, and I don’t have to see it by person, I could just know the average understanding of NFT’s in this audience of 1000. Is this based on the things you’ve actually accomplished, not just the things they say they know, right? Like, when you complete this task, you get an NFT, when you complete this task, you get an NFT. And then when you come into the room, we’re gonna see how many NFT’s everyone has, and what’s the, you know, the average of those NFT’s? Remember the big switch here? Because a lot I know a lot of this is like, well, can’t we already do that now? Right? I know, probably some of you are thinking that right? Now. Here’s the problem. You are we or I don’t actually have that physically, that that information is not stored somewhere where I control the access on it, or I can be the gatekeeper. And so if we, right now, all that data is kind of siloed in every other place, right? Like if I had, if I wanted to get that information, I would have to go track on all these places that’s on their servers, rather than it being initially stored on my server. Now, the the kind of last place that I’ll go with this, there’s a couple other little bit out there examples are, you know, the event space, I think the event space is really ready for NFT’s. First off, you know, that your event tickets, you know, immediately of course, that should be an NFT it should be a collector’s item, it should be it should be used for online access offline access. It should also be used to be able to track how many times you’ve been to this event. But what if that NFT also had the capability of having multiple NFT’s where your drink tickets, your you know, merchandise that you are, if you bought a VIP ticket for this event, you get an NFT, that is the merchandise NFT. And let’s say you look at the the NFT, the merchandise you like I don’t like it, you could give that that NFT to someone else there, you could sell that NFT to someone else there because it should be yours. Because I know I’ve done that I go, I’m like, I’m never gonna wear that sweatshirt. But then they’re like, sorry, it’s, it’s either for you or for nobody else we can, you know, there’s nothing we can do about it because they don’t have a way to track giving it to someone else. So that’s the problem. Well, if I own because I bought that I own that NFT in my wallet, it’s up to me to distribute that if I if I so choose, and then that person can go in and turn it in and get what they want. Now, the other thing that we can add in here is we can actually use NFT’s to incentivize or even gamify event attendance, right? We all know that like the the evening event, the four the 4pm keynotes, in San Diego next week, when I’m in San Diego, the you know, if you’re the 4pm keynote, there are a lot of people that are like 330, they’re like, you know, the beach is sounding good, or hey, I want to head over to Old Town, San Diego, I might as well go there now. But what if you were able to present an NFT for those that attended that last session, if you were in that last session for the entire time, you are then given an NFT based on proximity based on the time that you walk into this location. And that actually unlocks the the the free bar tonight. So the free bar isn’t for everyone the free bar is for those that are actually fully attending and participating. Right now we’re adding some of those gameifications. And really, all you need to make that work is your mobile device, and Internet of Things device and some kind of geo fence around where we’re at which we probably can do with technology today. We just need that universal wallet so that it is it is validated on the blockchain. Another thing we could do that you know is what if your, you know your NFT that you get as your ticket based on the the the the sessions that you go to, the thing you get at the end is you get a digital piece of art that is based on what you attended. And that digital piece of art is now has its own value has its own ability to display you can actually keep it as a as a digital keepsake. Maybe you can get it even get it printed out as a as a poster or a commemorative aspect. Right? You’re able, because let’s face it, when we go to a lot of events, you know, we’ll only get like, you know, the event organizer will decide what is the collector’s item that we receive. But what if we were able to use the NFT’s that we collect to actually build a bigger NFT that would be ours that we customize to be ours. Another one is what you know, I’m speaking at the event next week, and anyone that’s coming to the event might be Monday at three events of our next two weeks, I’ll be at Social Media Marketing World NFT LA and then Miami NFT week, and anyone that comes in find me you can come and find me and get yourself a #DYODR. sticker, which is do your own damn research. I’m also be on airdropping. I’m gifting NFT’s to those that come to my session. And here’s the secret that I’m doing with that is I want to be able to reward people that come and see me because there’s there’s five other sessions at the same time. So the thing that I’m going to do is next year’s event, the same event I spoken at the same event for seven years. Now, at next year’s event, I’m going to do a private meetup and the open bar. And the only way you can come in the private Meetup is if you are holding $ADHD coin, which is a coin that you know that we have the supporting the podcast, or if you attended my session this year, and you have the NFT. And here’s the best part about that, right, I’m going to actually deploy an airdrop, the location, and the time and a place of that event, the day of just to those that have that NFT. So now I don’t have to track people down. I don’t have to have their email, but I get to reward those that went to my event this year, right? Or what about if all of a sudden, I’m like, Man, everyone in that session that I gave them an NFT on every one of them really wanted an ebook for what I was doing, you know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna create an e book. And I’m going to airdrop an NFT that unlocks the air book that the air book, The unlocks the, you know, the online ebook for every single person, right? Because I gave them an NFT. That’s their proof of attendance, right? That’s the the fact that I know they were there during that time. And they were at that event. And then because they have that I can also give them additional value I can build onto that. I think that’s a great one for events. The other one is, think about Top Shots, where you’re able to capture moments like a slam dunk, or an alley oop. But imagine if you were able to capture moments of an event and turn them into NFT’s and be able to reward people and to give them out right because we’ve all been there right? We went to this one event. And there was like this amazing closing keynote or this one event and this musician was a guest star. What if you loved it if you thought it was like the greatest experience you’ve ever had. Wouldn’t you love to have an NFT keepsake have that. And if you think about it, like, it’s not only become something that I get to keep, but it’s a reminder of that event. So I can go that event next time. Like I remember I did, I got to go to a private showing of Aloe Blacc, an amazing artist, and I tell you what, he blew the doors off of this place, and there was only, you know, a couple of maybe 100 people that are in this venue. And my only memory of it is like a really bad selfie that I took with Aloe Blacc behind me. And I don’t even remember what the event was held on is that I think it was an IBM event, or an SAP event, whatever, I don’t even know. But imagine if I was able to capture that moment, and have that in my wallet. Right. And like, now I have that experience. Alright, so that’s gonna happen, I have events, the last couple I have here, you know, we’re gonna see ways for us to, you know, be able to pool a lot of our content a lot of our social into places, we are also going to see a redefinition of like the credit score, like an influence score, but also like our ability to like actually be able to demonstrate like, hey, these, this is my digital footprint, this is, you know, the amount of views that I get on my Twitter profile on my personal website, we’re gonna be able to bring kind of like a single pane of glass of what our digital footprint is. And it’s really going to allow us to, you know, demonstrate credibility maybe demonstrates, you know, the influence that we do have, that’s another one. And then the last one I’m going to give you is one that excites me, I don’t know how many of you go on, on cruises, or you go vacation at like all all inclusive resorts.

Brian Fanzo 31:29
But really, there’s nothing worse than meeting people that are like you, right? That like the same music as you that are around, you know, that are into the same like activities as you and you realize that you’re on two different sides of the hotel. And like, for me, I’m a night owl, right? The people next to me are people that like to go to bed early. And people next to me are people that like to that don’t like to have their balcony door open and listen to the sounds of the music. And the people next to me are people that you’ll prefer that you know that there, whatever that there may be, imagine if we were able to because of our NFT, the hotels, the cruise ships, were able to actually allocate, who was next to who on what floor based on the NFT’s that we had, that we gave them access to that said, like, Hey, these are the things we’re interested in. These are, these are our experiences, all of a sudden, you know, let’s just say travel agents, hotels, you’re going to able to customize experiences in ways we’ve never seen before. And here’s the cool part, it’s not even going to take a human, we’re going to be able to have artificial intelligence. And we’re going to say when you when you book this hotel, please connect your wallet. And if you would like to be you know, to have your experience, customize and make sure that you have people around you that support your lifestyle or the way that you like to experience your vacation, give us click this button to give us access to that part of your wallet. And when you get your room, we’re going to do our best based on the AI algorithm to give you the room that is best for you. Right like what what is really exciting about this is a lot of this can be data that we output. A lot of this can be things that we we want, a lot of this can be manual, either us manually giving the information or the service manually taking it in. But the most exciting part about all of this is that when you implement it on a blockchain, when you implement it via an NFT, all of a sudden it switches because now it has validity, right? Because it is it is minted onto the blockchain as an NFT. But it’s also now controlled by us. Because it is our data. This is our information, like our diploma, that we went to school and graduated college should be something that we have at our disposal, right? It’s not some, you know, storage ban or not having to go call the university and say, Can you give us a copy of our transcripts to prove that we went there. And so I think the opportunities are endless, there’s even more opportunities around NFT’s and de-fi. We can even the even the idea that like basically NFT’s you hold, you could be approved for certain loans, because they they know that the certain things that you have are worth a certain amount of money. You know, even being able to, you’ll get someone to visit or view what you’re doing even like what our passports are right? Like, how is that going to change? And then the last thing I was to say is, you know, what about dating, like our speed dating, I know a couple episodes ago, we talked about it, but I would say if I let you see my five? Yeah, actually, if I let you see my five favorite NFT’s, my the NFT is that I the five that I love the most, you’re probably gonna get a better understanding and feel of who I am and what I’m about, then five selfies of me on a dating app. It’s true. I actually I guarantee it. And maybe we’ll do a future episode on that. And maybe I’ll do like a blind test where I will send a friend or send someone a listener, you know, five NFT’s for maybe another listener, and I want them to determine like who that person is or what They think about that person. And they will do it with someone else. Oh, no, I’m just spitballing here for a minute. But to me, the future of NFT’s are far more than a JPEG. But they can be just as much as an art piece of art. I’m a big believer that not all NF T’s need to have utility. I also am a big believer that NFT’s utility can grow and be added on over time, I will tell you, those of you that were listening to the podcast, and I AirDrop to you the NFT 1093, or 1093, which is our for our 1093 true fans, I have a couple of things that I may be rolling out just for you that hold that NFT. And originally, I was rolling out and I had a couple things in mind. And then all of a sudden, something an opportunity came to me and I was like you know what, I’m gonna add that utility to this to this NFT for all of those that hold it. Now I know some of you have sold that NFT already, and might be a good idea to kind of look around and see if you can find another one or buy one off someone else. But like that’s the other part of NFT’s is that the the the ability for us to add on value to increase, the possibilities are really endless. The problem is today, most of the NFT’s that we’re seeing, they’re doing a lot of over promising and under delivering. For me I’m a big believer in making your promise delivering on your promise. And then over delivering again. And again. And again. So much so that the next time I make an ask the next time I asked you to buy ADHD coin and I asked you to buy my you know my PFP project or I tell you that you meta athletes, which is an NFT that is dropping very soon that I’m a founder of that I want you to check out If I tell you that and because I’ve been over delivering on the NFT’s you already have, how many of you are going to jump and go do that. Check that out right now. The ability and the possibilities of NFT’s are endless. And I challenge you when someone gives you that rolls the eyes or someone is like Oh, NFT’s You gotta be kidding me. You are into that or I don’t really understand NFT’s don’t play into their I don’t understand it. Just say oh yeah, I guess I guess that makes sense. But I don’t know. Have you thought about NFT’s to you know redesign a hotel experience? Have you thought about NFT’s that can be leveraged in a way that we control our medical data on our own person, and it is protected by our own seed phrase and our own individual identity. The possibilities are endless, my friends. I think the truly only thing that is impossible with NFT’s are the things we haven’t thought of yet. My name is Brian Fanzo, until tomorrow- make it a good one. Cheers.

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