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Mint 235 – CopeBears

  @copebearlol   8000 Cope Bears living on the Ethereum Blockchain minted through the first ever implementation of the ERC-5050 protocol.

Mint 234 – XOXO

  @xoxonft_io   XOXO is Maya & Yehuda Devir’s lifetime project. Always eager to create and innovate, the decision to transcend their art to the Blockchain simply made sense.

Mint 233 – Therapets

  @therapetsNFT   Love the art previews and mission! Therapets is an NFT brand marrying art with mindfulness and mental health. With 2222 unique PFPS, which Therapet will guide you on your journey to wellness?

Mint 232 – 0xApes Tribe

  @0xApes_NFT   The original is one of my favorites so adding this Odyssey collection to our collection feels pretty awesome! Within this dimension exists a futuristic world, a harsh and barren wasteland ruled by a tech-advanced ape civilization.

Mint 231 – Scarcity

  @scarciiity Weird citizens building their Empires in the multiplayer city-building P2E game on #Solana to powAh its player-driven economy |

Mint 230 – Tasties

  @TastiesNFT   Free mint with strategy, staking and fun art... Tasties is a 5,000 art based collection of tasty PFP’s - with hidden utilities, that awaits each holder.

Mint 229 – The Sphynx

  @TheSphynxUS   As the owner of one Sphynx, you become a member of a unique Society that focuses on the growth of its own members. Our vision is to create real value through blockchain technology for members of Sphynx

Mint 228 – Crikit

  @Crikit_nft UnCenSoreD BeYOocHh. wE d0N'T tWeeT - We ChiRp !!! YoU WAnT UtiLitY? SuRe wHy ThE fUk NoT, wE tURn TrAsH InTo tReASuRe. ChIrPP chhIrPP ChcHiRrPpp cHiRp!!!

Mint 227 – Women and Weapons S2

  @WomenandWeapons S2 Women and Weapons Season Two: Artirium Wars is an expansion of the prominent Season One Women and Weapons Collection by notable artist @NFTSaraBaumann

Mint 226 – ApeTape

  @SpottieWiFi ApeTape Spottie teamed up with Gold-Rilla, Sergeant Simmie and chillpill to deliver the Ape Tape EP just in time for summer 2022.

Mint 225 – Clyde

  @ClydeNFT_   We are determined to embody a real community, where anybody can be a Clyde, from people who are significant influencers, masquerading behind the profile of Clyde.

Mint 224 – Never Extinct

  @NeverExtinctNFT   Eight endangered species on a mission to save the planet against the forces of extinction! No longer shall we stand idle! No longer shall we turn a blind eye

Mint 223 – House of Believers

  @Hofbelievers HOUSE OF BELIEVERS NFT is an exclusive collection of 4444 hand-drawn collectible bears on the Ethereum block-chain endorsed by Italian fashion icon Mariano Di’ Vaio, and designed by leading artist Fieno.

Mint 222 – Ed3Educators

  @Ed3educators   Ed3 Educators are a global community dedicated to reimagining education through the magic of #web3.

Mint 221 – T10T

@Tyga_T10T T10T by @Tyga and @Kreation_io NFT collection inspired by the pharaonic tombs and dieties of Ancient Egypt.

Mint 220 – Kumite

@kumitenft   It's 2050, and an epic battle between Heroes and Villains is brewing. With hundreds of original characters and thousands of attributes...

Mint 219 – Stardust

@stardust7inc   The Stardust ecosystem illustrates self-expression in the age of web3. Holders can embody their digital & irl identity through fashion, wellness, and community.

Mint 218 – 2Pac by Mr Brainwash

@MutantAIYC 10,000 Ø₮ⱧɆⱤ₩ØⱤⱠĐⱠɎ ₳₱Ɇ₴. ₩Ɇ ₳ⱤɆ ⱧɆⱤɆ. ⱤɆ₴ł₴₮₳₦₵Ɇ ł₴ ₣Ʉ₮łⱠɆ.

Mint 217 – Mutant AI Yacht Club

@MutantAIYC 10,000 Ø₮ⱧɆⱤ₩ØⱤⱠĐⱠɎ ₳₱Ɇ₴. ₩Ɇ ₳ⱤɆ ⱧɆⱤɆ. ⱤɆ₴ł₴₮₳₦₵Ɇ ł₴ ₣Ʉ₮łⱠɆ.

Mint 216 – Lacoste

@LACOSTE It all starts with a Crocodile... Lacoste is entering a new era with the launch of the Lacoste UNDW3 experience. WEB3 pioneers will be able to join the iconic brand as they take members on a journey

Mint 213 – Rebels

@rebelsbynight Rebels is collection of dynamic NFTs, a canvas for your digital identity. By Night Labs.

Mint 212 – Immoral Kids

@ImmoralKids Immoral Kids is an animated universe developed on the Solana network with a collection of 910 unique characters.