Reimagining Creativity with AI Art and Kin Gape (AIPES NFT) | Episode 338

Fanzo welcomes Kin Gape, the mysterious founder of the AIPES NFT project. She has built a vibrant NFT community around a purpose and passion through her vision of art using artificial intelligence. For the first time in a Web3 public space, she opens up about her background. Fanzo and Kin find common ground in their background in security, passion for AI, and connecting with people. She talks about her decision to be anonymous, and the implications for herself and her community. Her journey to AI art was borne out of her technical certification in AI as well as having time to explore art during the pandemic. She then talks about building her project, her creative process, and the unique mechanics of rotating pieces in her collection. Kin shares parts of herself and her journey never before heard. Enjoy the episode!

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