NYC 365 Live from #NFTNYC Recording in Times Square | Episode 221

NFT 365 Podcast - Episode 221 - NYC 365 Live from #NFTNYC Recording in Times Square

With 5 members of the NFT 365 team in New York for NFT NYC event where I am speaking, we took the opportunity to record an episode from the heart of Time Square on top of the iconic red stairs…   With current market conditions and the overall rollercoaster of web 3.0 it’s important to stop and realize what amazing times we are living in and all the great things and people continuing to build, empower and celebrate across every aspect of Web 3.0.  Make sure to follow the team this week at #NFTNYC on the following social handles:


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The NFT365 Podcast is Hosted by digital futurist Brian Fanzo.

Don't let the FOMO or the moments or the missing out, stop you from recognizing the opportunities we have in front of us. - Brian Fanzo, Host, NFT 365 Podcast

Standing in the heart of #TimesSquare at NFT NYC, recording live on the red steps.  Feeling the connection between digital and IRL.  

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Episode 221 – NYC 365 Live from #NFTNYC Recording in Times Square

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NFT 365 Podcast - Episode 221 - NYC 365 Live from #NFTNYC Recording in Times Square

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What’s up friends welcome back to another episode of NFT 365. Or should I say NYC 365. As we are recording in Times Square, so if you have some background noise, or some humming or any of that, just know we’re adding ambiance to today’s episode. And that also includes something flying off my off my back or someone’s back as far as the camera here but we are live in Times Square. I get on stage and about an hour and a half and excited to we’re talking the new experience and new media as in the future of new media and we’re talking podcasting and so what better place to do podcasting, then from the middle of Times Square and I also want to reward all of you friends that maybe some of you thought we are going to have a proof of podcast last episode I’ll take the blame on that’s my bad. Those of you that didn’t realize it don’t worry you didn’t have to listen to the episode eight times before you realize that but I appreciate the listens because you’re the more downloads of that is always a benefit. But our pop our proof of podcasts for today’s episode is hoodie, hoodie and you might have noticed the theme for this month so we’re gonna run with hoodie being it’s a jump over to PLP, make sure you put in there and fill out that form. Remember you get four in one month, you get an NFT and with that NFT Of course it is not vanity, it is not a participation trophy. As a millennial, I don’t like to take the blame on participation trophies because I didn’t give myself participation trophies that was the baby boomers that were given us. But I but I digress. But one of the things that I want to kind of share you know, we’ve we jumped it we took the train up from from Virginia, the whole team, and I did yesterday and we got to jump into a cool event last night for NFT VIP or on the Twitter’s underscore NFT underscore VIP. And we were at Margaritaville got to hang out with some great friends of the show. Some past guests we’ve actually run into I think I can count. I think we run into four past guests here the podcasts we ran into the great Sammy Arriaga, which is, you know, the musician, he was actually hanging out with Violetta who we’re gonna get on the podcast as well. And he’s going to spread out my musicians. But we had you know, Sammy was in the house there at Margaritaville last night. Shout out to gregarious to gregarious was hanging out with the team and I and then today I got to, you know, show up there at the Crypto Chicks breakfast and meet Emm and Madi and so many other awesome crypto chicks, team and owners and you were sitting right now in Times Square. And you’re one of the things that drew and I were noticing I think this whole week will be a comparison from November to now. And we are noticing we were first walking up that there wasn’t many NFT’s on the Billboard well until we stopped and looked around and then there was a lot of NFT’s on the Billboard including Snoop Dogg. We got NFT cred on one side. We had dead fellows NFT the the event has all up in there. And we get up there. We got all suite we can go up. Thank you, my friend. You’re awesome. Yeah. So we are actually the security guy just so we can go up on the red stairs. So I’m walking on the red stairs recording a podcast episode, which is really freaking cool. But I mean, look at that from a landing. That is pretty awesome. And so we are literally on the red stairs in the middle of Times Square. recording this episode. Hopefully the audio is not too windy or too bad. But I mean, look at this from this is how you record a podcast, my friends. In the middle of Times Square we’re using, you know, mobile recorder. But yeah, one of the things that we’ve been, you know, we’ve been comparing from last year to this year, you know, and I think, you know, we all know, you know, November, you know, prior to this podcast is a little windy up here, somebody might come down the steps a little bit, but um, you know, from November till now, not only is this space change, but we always hear like the adage, you know, in NFT land one month is one year. And the interesting part about that is, that can be true. But I can also just want to say that, you know, yet everything changes, almost everything stays the same. And there’s an element of the ambiance, the essence of This environment that we’re able to take, you know, friendships, connections, and really take these things not only offline, but you know, really transfer them into powerful opportunities for partnerships for you all kinds of different things that we have going on. And so, for me, one of the things that works out in this whole, you know, scenario is, don’t let the FOMO or the moments or the missing out, stop you from recognizing the opportunities we have in front of us. I’m looking literally at the time square ball right now. And underneath of it said, GM NFT NYC. I mean, the culture of a little known NFT world is taking mainstream and shout out to Kathy, Kathy Hackl, actually was at NASDAQ yesterday or two days ago was the first one to ring in, you know, with the ring in the I think I wouldn’t say ringing the bell ringing the bell in the metaverse, which I thought was really cool as well. And you’re there’s something really powerful about what we’re all doing here, right. And as much as we can, you know, I preached the idea that it’s not about the technology, it’s about the people, it’s about the experience, it’s about reinventing some of the scenarios and things that have really just been, you know, for far too long, been part of our culture. And I think for when we’re thinking about the future, we’re thinking about where this all goes, the markets not going to change our ability to connect with people, the market is not going to impact our ability to deliver on utility to show up for people. And you know, that’s the essence of this podcast. I mean, Drew and I were walking by last night, and we were laughing because we walked by this. Well, I’d say we walked by one pizza place, we walked by about 30 pizza places. And somehow I still didn’t get pizza at 3am Because apparently, they’re all closed. And that’s just something I have to you know, we have to do our pizza runs a little earlier here in NYC. But we remembered you drew, we had left an event last year, and we were eating pizza and the idea of minting an NFT every day for a year was something we were just throwing around because we left Beeple event. And we’re like how crazy is it that people created a digital piece of art for 5000 days. And you know, just the essence of what that all means. And so like those little moments are something that’s pretty powerful. And so you know, the the piece of it that I will just kind of want to wrap this on. And you we have some really cool guests coming up. In the very near future we have we have my friend from the festival pass. And you know excited to have him on the show. We also have some musicians coming on the show. We also have that one gregarious coming on the show

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who you can say it, we can edit? Oh, yes, and we have a pride panel coming out. That is Allison, we probably won’t cut that out. I just said that I would cut it out. So she would then give it into me. So yeah, we have a pride panel coming on international pride days, we are going to, you know, not only amplify the love his love, but you know our ability to you know, remind everybody that we are all human and, and what is possible there. And I love bringing on new guests, we’re gonna add some panels to the content as well. And we’ll of course share some of the stuff that we have here. But I will leave you with just the idea that you know what we’re all building, no matter how small it might feel from a collection of three to a collection of 10,000 to a you know, a Gary Vee drop of 50,000 befriend series to the magic is felt in all different aspects of the world. And yes, we are all just getting started. It is early. But don’t discount the opportunities that we have to really make true connections, friendships, business partnerships, and really just transcend What is it like to build a business what is it like to build a community in this digital world. So from the heart of literally Times Square and I’m standing in the red steps if you’ve never been here, red steps are on one side, the ball is on the other side, which is says you know, the ball that they dropped for New Year’s Eve here and there’s just something cool about this. And we’re gonna be doing this every day from around 1030 ish here on the red stairs, and the times might change but I’m not one that really sticks to itinerary no matter what is out there. Whoever is telling me to do what I do but my friends, we are all in the right place at the right time. embrace these moments, embrace these opportunities. And until tomorrow, make it a great day. Cheers.

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This show is not financial advice, so do your own damn research.