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Hosted By: Brian Fanzo

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NFT365 Podcast – Season 1

The first DAILY NFT Podcast hosted by Brian Fanzo. Powered by $ADHD SuperPOWERED Creator coins minting an NFT every day for a year. Available in all your favorite podcasting apps!

​Translating the geek-speak around the creator economy, web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse with the goal of helping the audience HEAR the harmony between technology and humanity to create the creator economy and re-imagine the future.

New episode every day for 365 days.

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7. Why NFT Discord is a Must and How To Use Discord?

S1 EPISODE 7 Why NFT Discord is a Must and How To Use Discord? Answering the most popular questions we have received over the past week in regards to community and more importantly Discord.  Why are all NFT projects on Discord? What does Discord provide that Twitter...

6. Minting NFTs Daily for 365 Days, Why?

S1 EPISODE 6 Minting NFTs Daily for 365 Days, Why?We've got a fun episode for you today as we recorded live on Twitter Spaces and talked about NFT 365 and what the origin is for Mint 365 and how Beeple inspired the project. We also talked about our predictions for the...

5. NFT Community: What projects must get right!

S1 EPISODE 5 NFT Community: What projects must get right!MANY rather EVERYONE is talking about the importance and value of community for NFT success but is anyone really saying ANYTHING???? Is anyone breaking down the core aspects of a community in regards to what...

2. WTF are NFTs aka Non Fungible Tokens

S1 EPISODE 2 Translating the Geek-Speak with Host Brian FanzoAnother title of this episode could have been: "How to explain to your friends what NFTs are and why they have value.." On this episode I not only breakdown what fungible and non-fungible are and why the...