NFT365 NFT Draft | Episode 359

In today’s episode, Fanzo introduces a new segment to the podcast – an NFT Draft! In a battle royale amongst 3, Fanzo, Delphykat, and Jordache go head to head to head.  They list their favorite and most coveted NFT projects and create their teams.  They hash out the rules and plan to revisit their teams in a few weeks.  Which team do you think will win out?


Team Jordache/Rugs & Chill

  1. Phoenixes
  2. Proof Collective
  3. Ledger Market Pass
  4. Festival Pass
  5. Valeria Games

Benched NFT – White Sands


Team Fanzo/NotonTheDaily

  1. VeeFriends Series 1
  2. ApeLiquid
  3. Adam Bomb Squad
  4. Stoics
  5. Hugz

Benched NFT – HPRS Collection

Team Delphykat/Tunacart

  1. Dogliens
  2. AIpes
  3. CPG Club
  4. VeeFriends Series 2
  5. Chromie Squiggles

Benched NFT –


Kin Gape from AIPes:


Ariel Wengroff from Ledger:


Mikey Piro from CPG Club:


Ed from Festival Pass:


AlephOne from ApeLiquid:


Gabe Weiz from Stoics: