NFT Project Imposter Syndrome and Documenting Web 3.0 Experiences with Chris Carter | Episode 224

Theres no question that content marketing as a whole is lacking in the NFT space while at the same time NFT projects are great at creating amazing experiences and spending money sponsoring and collaborating at online and offline events.  Most would say they are great on video and struggle with imposture syndrom and the truth is that is understandable but it is something most if not all of us also struggle with.  

I share my take on the topic then bring in my Videographer Chris Carter to share his view and his story with imposture synedrom and how he is pushing thru as a newbie in the NFT space and my right hand mand for documenting and creating content for my team.  Give Chris a follow at:

Who is Chris Carter: 

I’m a compassionate content creator and community builder with experience in broadcast TV, digital, and live events. I enjoy using my skillset to support various causes from injured athletes to at-risk youth. I’ve recently started dipping my toes in the waters of Web3, hosting game nights, helping create social content for projects, and learning the ins & outs of community building in this “new” space. Insanely bullish on the NFT365 project, and even more so on Fanzo himself. Still can’t believe I get to be on this journey with such great humans helping others discover their SuperPOWERS! Looking forward to seeing where this road leads us all!

If somebody’s inspiring you, reach out to them. they will want to work with you, if you're a hard worker, if you're dedicated. - Chris Carter, NFT 365 Team, Game Night Host

If somebody’s inspiring you, reach out to them. they will want to work with you, if you’re a hard worker, if you’re dedicated.

– Chris Carter, NFT 365 Team, Game Night Host

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Episode 225 – NFT Project Imposter Syndrome and Documenting Web 3.0 Experiences with Chris Carter

#NFT365 @NFT365Podcast @iSocialFanz @Carter1214

NFT 365 Podcast - Episode 224 - NFT Project Imposter Syndrome and Documenting Web 3.0 Experiences with Chris Carter

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What’s up friends, welcome back to an episode of NFT. 365. Yeah, we’re rolling through these to hundreds, right, we’re already you know, flying through these episodes to hundreds and, you know, on this, you know, beautiful journey that you will all are joining us on, you know, the, there’s something really cool about, you know, seeing others, you know, look at what we’re what we’re doing here with the podcast, and take it upon themselves to kind of do their own version and kind of take on, you know, what is possible. And it was brought to my attention a couple of times, at NFT. NYC, by some others, you know, in the space, they were asking me like, Hey, Brian, did you see such and such created a podcast? Or hey, did you see such and such this is really doubling down on some education and, and I think they would position it to me in this way of like, Well, Brian, we like you better. And I would challenge back and say I don’t want to be liked better in that scenario, I want more people to educate more people to create content, more people to put these messages out there. And you know, for those that are listeners here, you know, if you’re taking what you’re you’re learning or listening to hear on the podcast, and you’re going and jumping in sharing that in your you know, your discord, or you’re sharing that and yo to your community or maybe to your agency or your partners. You know, I just wanna say Go Go for it. Amplify, celebrate, right? This is, this is a we is greater than me conversation. And I think the Wii is greater than me conversation has to be held. Because it also is required for us to onboard people to bring people into this loop. And because this place is always changing, right? The trends, you know, like, you know, there are people that need to understand defy from someone that is a financial advisor, there’s also someone that needs to learn defy from someone that is new to the crypto space, and there’s probably people that are listening to this podcast, and I’m like, Brian, I need you to do a whole episode, just on defi. And we will do that as well. Right. And I think that’s also why you’ve noticed that one of the things that that doesn’t live here on the podcast very much, is just straight up interviews with NFT projects, right? Like, I prefer to interview the project founders, if there’s projects that I like, on, like, the innovative ways that they’re doing things, the things that they brought their stories to life, because, for me, that’s where the education lies. And, you know, I had a really funny, fun conversation. And we were at the lazy lions meetup. And someone came up to me and said, Brian, I don’t know how you do it, like, aren’t you afraid of how people are judging you or what they’re gonna say to you, or, you know, and I’m like, Whoa, you know, use the DYODR which, you know, all of you know, is do your own damn research. But I also live in the world have raised your damn hand and press the down button, which means we need to be taking action, we need to be seizing the moments when they are in front of us. But here’s the piece that I think we’re missing is we also need to be capturing those moments. We can’t just be seizing these moments, we must be capturing them to share them with others, right? When I tell people, you know, when my wallet got compromised, I pressed the button record button. They look at me like a little crazy. But then they also look at me like, Damn, that’s smart. Like you little bit of a genius there, you you, you’re captured that. But like, for me, that’s because it’s 10 plus years of being a content creator and educator, and just kind of like recognizing that, you know, if I’m going to be exploitive, I’m gonna have to deal with something. It can’t hurt me to document it. And this is where things get a little crazy, a little bit different, where people are looking at things from a document eating perspective versus a creating perspective, right, like, creating a podcast every day is a lot of work. Not gonna I’m not gonna lie, and I would not suggest and you know, and someone asked me that, too. They’re like, Brian, if if we’re going to start it on a podcast and you say like this, this space is a little too fast paced crazy to do one just once a week. I was like, well, one with that is about all things, NFT’s and web three, yes. But if you have a niche you have or a niche niche, I’m not going to argue about, you know, semantics there. But you know, if you have a more focused approach on what you want to do, yes, you can do it in an hour. Yes, you can, you know, one hour a week for your podcast. But you know, there’s a there’s a piece here where I look at, you know, documenting and creating, but we also have to understand, like, we all aren’t going to like the same people and the same conversations. And so getting information from different groups and different points of view, I think is a really important one. And you know, I mentioned, you know, for us here in New York, Bringing the team up has been a lot of fun. You know, first of all, first time we’ve had, you know, five of us together, and you know, there’s part of the team that is we still haven’t met. So, you know, excited to bring all the rest of the team in this is definitely not, we’re not complete yet. And, you know, I hope, you know, the plan is to work towards, you know, between now and November to that we can get all of the team involved in all in the same location, which will be a heck of a lot of fun. And, you know, we won’t be letting anyone kind of miss out. But the other part of that is, like, you know, for me, it was actually getting the perspective of the team, right, you know, Allison, hearing what Allison thought of when she was going through the event, from her perspective, and background, you know, listening to Kevin and Kevin sharing some of the things that he was seeing, and I was actually, you know, Kevin is, you know, is our voice of the podcast, here on the intro, and, you know, hearing him explain to some of the vendors and those around what we have going on, I just love to actually thought as a man Kevin does a great job of, of, you know, explaining our value proposition around the proof of podcast, right, which is what we do for all of our all of our amazing listeners to the podcast here. But you know, we also do our best kind of finding ways to get creative as the team and, and we also were able to, you know, not only documents but in create some moments, you know, on the read stairs. And I think a lot of projects need to think about that. They also think about it, like, how can they bring in new perspectives and new views. And so I’m gonna we’re gonna do perspective here, I want Carter to come over here and join me. And I’m gonna ask him a couple questions. So I mentioned that Carter was behind the video camera. But Carter was also at Miami NFT week. And Carter likes to, I like to say, he likes to include a little bit of self imposed impostor syndrome. So for anyone that has impostor syndrome, you might be like, Brian, you talk about having impostor syndrome. But my buddy Carter here who’s been literally behind the camera following me around, I like to say he has been my D Roc. And that’s a massive compliment to my good buddy, D Roc. And David, that has been doing that for Gary and Lilly created like a space a roll. But you know, Carter, thanks for you know, me forcing you, you you were you were just voluntold to come sit next to me here on the podcast, as we’re recording, you were at Miami it week, you were working with another project there really loved seeing, you know, getting to meet you there, we have to hang out a little bit. And then you were here at an NFT week, and you got to be kind of in my hip pocket with all the things were going around. But you also kind of self identify as a more of a noob in this space. And I kind of laugh at that, because there’s a lot of people that have not been asked as active as you have in the space around like what’s going on? So my first question for you, when it comes to the event, you know, you went to Miami NFT week, you were definitely there working with a project attached to a booth. So there’s a little different than an experience. And, you know, shout out to all of them. Everyone who’s listening to this, if you worked at a booth, you worked with a team you worked at a pop up event, you I mean, it’s a different experience, you have to give up a lot of what you know, an event would be it’s like when someone would tell me like, oh, you visited this country, I’m like, I visited, I flew and went to a military base work for four days, the military days, and I left like, I didn’t really see the country itself other than the airport and the drive to where I was at. But Carter, you So you did that in Miami, you came here to NFT NYC, you know, we got to we got to see a lot. And from your view, you know, at the education, the content, and even some of the like the tools that and things that you saw was it was it positioned to you in a way that you felt like hey, this is like I can learn more if I wasn’t attached to Bryan creating content all the time, where like, how did you feel from like, just like your view of being able to see a lot of these things now from both sides, both from being at a booth, and then kind of being someone that’s been kind of walking through all the spaces?

Chris Carter 8:49
Well, the two experiences are I mean, night and day, obviously, I think, like you said, being tied to a booth, you don’t get to experience all the aspects. So you can walk around, but you’re only limited time everyone else but the booth, you don’t get to have in depth conversations. But I mean, following you alone for this week is education. I mean, then that’s the way I was looking at it. Like, that’s the experience for me, that’s why I’m here. I mean, because you can go I could go by myself to something like this, but it’s, it’s gonna be nowhere close to the experience that you’re gonna have following a Brian fans around if it’s your knowledge with your, you know, experience in this space. And it has been very educational for me here in New York City for sure.

Brian Fanzo 9:27
So I’m curious now, you know, and I appreciate the kind words of course and, you know, I mentioned documenting versus creating. And literally, you know, is this is one of those examples where I wish someone had like a drone over our team walking through everywhere, right? Because we had some, you know, we had someone tweeting something out, we had someone capturing something for IG stories, we had Carter, going around capturing video, you know, on all aspects and then you know, I’m kind of like walking and talking and going, you know, going through our day in our lives. How do you look at it from like, what you were documenting, like, do you have like a give our audience Little bit feel of that because I don’t know not everyone is going to have a good D Roc or a Carter that’s able to capture and that kind of content. But there are a lot of people that need to do this. Like what one of the things I told you, I looked around and said, How many of these people spent all this money on a booth. And they’re not documenting any of it didn’t even put a time lapse camera like shout out to crypto chicks, crypto chicks did a meet up here in the hotel who were staying at. And they put a timeline, they literally it was a tripod on a table with a phone. And he hit timestamps. And guess what it was great content on social, it also showed that they were Hey, we’re gonna capture this moment and kind of like the spread. So for all the people that were holders that were not here at least got to see what that energy was like. So how do you look at it from our document, preside? And then give people you know your background, you’ve done amazing things, video production, live video productions for sports, multiple different Sportings, sporting events and sporting style of content. So like, from your perspective? How do you approach this event for doing this documentation? And then how do you recommend others kind of approach documenting content for what they’re doing?

Chris Carter 11:03
Well, first of all, I gotta hit on a couple things. Before I answer that question, the fact that you’re even putting me in the same sentence as a D roc, I, I still haven’t accepted yet. Like, I do consider myself a creator. I’ve created on a lot of different levels. But I don’t consider myself a professional photographer, videographer editor all that I know enough to be dangerous, right? And I can, and I’ve been around the space long enough to know the ins and outs, all the all the language and all that stuff. But I still feel like like much I am a noob in the web three space. I’m also a noob, to all that stuff. I mean, it’s self taught all that stuff. My background, I’ve worked in sports, broadcasting my entire life, mostly in racing work for NASCAR for seven years, motorcycles for about four or five years, chasing motorcycles the past four or five years around the country, before I found web three. But as far as like the way I approach it the way I think, ahead of time, I think about what stories could be told, and what that would look like, I always picture what the end product looks like. And with my you know, me being a novice to all this time, all the equipment I have, what tools do I have at my disposal? How am I gonna use each one of those tools? And what stories can I tell with each one’s I mean, there’s, there’s a lot of different things from what you do, since you have so many different things that you touch, so many stories that you can tell you all your experiences, like, there’s so many different ways to approach content with the Brian fans. And it really is it’s dependent on what the subject is and what you want to get out of it really a lot. So I mean, then that we can go deep into that. So I won’t go down that rabbit hole right now. But as far as you I think it’s just telling the story of NFT NYC before we came here, I mean, everybody’s in the space in general, right now isn’t a, I would say, I don’t want to say a dark place. But it’s not the highest point we’ve been at, right. And I think that’s your energy coming here, your optimism coming here. You’re approaching everything, like we could still tackle this, it’s, we’re not this place isn’t dead yet. And telling that story. And just documenting you speaking would be was cool for me like so I wanted to get, you know all the angles on that every try to figure out how to document that for you. So you could have like a full from audio to video capture of you speaking to. But I don’t know, just go into some of these events experience in these events. As somebody who doesn’t know a lot in this space. From my perspective, I think was something valuable to so thought about how I could capture that. And the best way to tell that story.

Brian Fanzo 13:29
Yeah, and I’ll tell you, yeah, and he says that as the novice yet, you know, I believe there’s four devices literally facing me right now, I have had a microphone attached to my hat. Every minute of this entire day that he went out and bought while we were here, because he was like, hey, there’s a new piece of gear that we can use to make this better. So like, let’s let’s be very clear. When we say self identifying as novice and it’s, we have to add the context of what we do best when we’re self taught. We are really great at adapting with what we have. And then it’s kind of a beautiful thing of expanding all that. But I also say something you did yesterday that really caught my eye that I think it’s great for all NFT project founders I think you can all is that you know the shuttle to Alpha Girl Club. Alpha Girl Club did a yoga in Times Square and which is a really cool activation. And I’m talking like Times Square like be literally rented Times Square for what they were doing. And I was bragging about it like, hey, guess what, I can’t leave without, you know, Alpha Girl Club is in our in our collection for our project. And then we were just kind of like talking about it. And we were I don’t even know where the complete other side of Time Square we are waiting, waiting around in between things. And Carter, you looked over me like, Hey, you were really impressed with that Alpha Girl Club with yoga. Why don’t we go back over there. And you kind of tell that story forward and do it on camera. And I will just say like, from my point of view, I’m like, damn, like I literally were tweeting about it. I was talking about it to all of us like sharing, but I hadn’t captured it and it was there in front of us. Right. And so I think that’s actually one of the lessons and I also think you have to have people that are willing to, to remind us sometimes the things we should be capturing? Right? Like when, when you were walking around, you’re like, Well, Brian, anyone that you want to talk to that we want to capture? And I was like, oh, yeah, of course. And then you were like, Well, what about that? And like, for me, there was like this element of like, when you have others that allow you to point out some of the curiosities and some of the things and even some of the things that you would want to know, right, you’re like, hey, that’s probably something I would want to hear. So you would capture that. I’m curious, you know, as someone that, you know, you sold a couple of NFT’s while you’re happened to be here as well. So he’s coming to some liquidity, my friends, which let’s just face it, anyone coming into liquidity in this current market is? Well, first of all, you don’t put it into USDC. Just because it’s, it makes it a little tear up a little bit. You know, we just got to keep it in that efe conversation. But you know, you are definitely you know, you’re starting to grow into what you’re looking for in the space, and you kind of have a hit, you know, you, I don’t envy the position of being exposed to some really great projects. But knowing the barrier to entry is really high. Because the reason I say that is because like, I kind of got that a little bit because like a couple of the people that I jumped in the space with, they were really bringing me in, they already had a board ape, they already had a cool cat, they had got three VeeFriends series one, and I was like, Oh, that’s great. I got no budget for any of those right? We are at the psychedelics anonymous house the other day, and you’re like, Dude, I love this art. I love this energy. I love this project, right? I got as a big one. But at the same time, one of the things that we’ve talked about is, you know, you don’t want to do this alone. And you have an amazing partner that, you know, you include in your journey and in your life that, you know, that makes us all better. So how this whole works. And so you’ve been looking at like different projects, and you’ve been batting things around talk a little bit about you’re like, hey, I jumped in. I had some NFT’s. Now I’ve come back into some liquidity, been able to sell off a couple of them. What is your like, the way that you’ve been looking at it? And I will say like, I kind of loved being able to like, you were like, Well, what about this one? And what about this one? And but then we had to take a step back and be like, well, if I do one of those, what is going to give me so talk a little bit about what that is, I think there’s a lot of people that are out there, they probably want to buy another new NFT. Or maybe they want to get rid of a couple they have that maybe made the mistake of you know, jumping in on, but they want to think about it as like in this current market or where they’re in their journey. What is the best for them talk about that experience for you?

Chris Carter 17:11
Yeah, absolutely. So when I first came into this space, I think, you know, I was inspired initially by by you, you know, your idea of like, buying one every day and holding it for the year, right like so. And I didn’t have a ton of liquidity when I first came in. And I didn’t know a ton. So I’ve picked up NFT’s here. And there, I picked up one of yours. I think I won a West Coast Customs meta whip from a tweet from you, thank you, by the way. So I got to first my first few were like ones that, you know, I didn’t spend a lot of money on and I said I’m just gonna hold these. And then I bought a couple. Um, and I still kept that holder mentality. I wasn’t ever planning on selling one because I didn’t know how to. I mean, until I started listening to your podcast, but But yeah, I, I’ve always picked NFT’s that identify with. And for me, I’ve always just I’ve had a very unique perspective, because I haven’t had the liquidity. So it’s been all about community for me, like one of the things you preach is, you know, define what success is for you. For me successful finding my people success was, you know, finding projects that I’m passionate about that means something to me, or hell a PFP that resonates with me. Right. So that’s kind of how I’ve been approaching it. I haven’t haven’t really tried to sell anything but then you know, he came to NFT NYC, and I just, I might need some liquidity. And I started asking Drew, how do I sell it like, so he hooked me up? I was on how to sell it. It’s not that hard for those of you that are that are wondering about it. I wish that I did on a sooner. But I mean, I don’t I never have any regrets. So I don’t regret that I didn’t turn any earlier. But I mean, it’s, I don’t know, it’s interesting. And once once you get that first sale and you see that liquidity and you’re like, it’s more than just a JPEG Right? Like, I’m 5x times what I invested the three NFT’s that I sold this week here in New York City. So it’s not a ton. I’m not lighting the world on fire. But you know, the first few that you sell, you see that and you’re like, Well, this is this is cool. So I don’t know, I’m looking at a Crypto Chick for my for my for my girl, she would love it. I think that’s something that she would definitely be inspired by. And my goal is to try to get her into the NFT space now she’s She’s a tough sell. But I think you know, once she gets that Crypto Chick and I find a couple other projects that she could resonate with, maybe I can make me I can convince her to come on over to the NFT side.

Brian Fanzo 19:29
Now I want to I want to just dive under that one thing real quick on that because I think it’s kind of cool to be able to like because it is there is a little bit of an AHA you know and you know Allison and our team as well is holder mentality I feel like it’s surround myself with holders hurdlers we have a bunch of holders and not a bad thing. Not a great thing always for liquidity and taking advantage of the market switches and changes. But it is a sense of like the style you know, its people and and it’s no no knock on de gens and I’m not hating on flipping because I am under Stand up there is something cool about that feeling of that Sal and that piece, but I will say the thing that you kind of touched on, you kind of start to check some of the boxes of what success looks like for you. So now you lean into another version of success was, Hey, can I own boy on guy onboard my partner on here? So she can be in this? And he also understood, Hey, What would her version of success look like? Right? So for our listeners out there, right, that also is so important, like, when someone recommend asked me to recommend an NFT? Well, first of all, it is just a horrible question just to ask me, like, my mind starts reasoning on like, all these different ways. And then I’m like, Do you have a wallet? Do not have an odd one on Aetherium you know, all those type of things. But you know, I think the beauty of it is like, Okay, well, how can I help them get like their first aha. So now they think it’s more Delano is more than a jpg? And then it’s like, well, what can I get it to where they even take it? Another step further, right. And like, you’ll get now maybe it’s touching on initiatives they care about, or the things that you know, are mean the most of them? And then you have to kind of be like, well, how much time are they going to have to actually take advantage of some of these things, which I think is another piece that you brought up. I know, the part of that, I wonder, you know, and I love that you jumped over here, and you’re a true champ, literally a champ. And I we’re, we’re for me, like part of this growing on this team and, and getting people involved. And I think if everyone goes back and listens to the Miami NFT, video, Podcast, episode I, I was given Carter a hard time he was working his tail off. And, and that’s the other thing too, that I think people just need to also recognize is like, you work hard, and people will see that and you’re you are being seen. And, you know, I really admire those that are putting in the work that are that are allowing, hey, we all don’t know, I mean, let’s face this, especially in this damn space, nobody knows everything. No one should ever even think they know everything or tried to make everything their goal. But I also think you have to recognize that like, Hey, I’m gonna find my place my find what skills I have for this space. And I remember walking down the aisle to the end of the aisle after Carter and I had already talked a couple of the days. And I was just watching him work. And he didn’t know that at the time, he had zero idea that I was doing that, just because like, you know, I am very blessed to to know that I get to surround myself with a lot of talented creators. But I also need creators that can kind of fit in my world, which my world is not a not a very cut and dry, you know, playbook world, even though we try to put a lot of things in the map this year, you know, thanks to Alison and her organization, but, you know, that was one of the things that we worked hard on kind of maximizing. But think I’ll last part I want to just ask you, you know, as your as you think, you know, not only you’re looking at it from a content creator perspective, with web three, you know, when you look at, you know, this event and a Miami event, you know, for those that are out there listening, you know, what would you say or what, like either a piece of advice, or something that you’ve taken away from one of these events that like allows you to see confident when you’re not on Well, in the limelight, right, or, you know, something that kind of like kind of keeps you going. Because it’s easy for me to say that I’m doing a daily podcast, it’s easy for the others that have an NF T project. But I think there is a sense of like, I think you even said that when we were standing there, you’re like, you’re like looking around, you’re like, look at this production. Look, there’s, there’s money being sent here, Brian, and I remember, I was like, you gotta give me chills a little bit, cuz I’m like, I loved hearing that from your side. But for those that haven’t gone to an event, give a little taste of what you felt. And then give them a little reason to, you know, try to jump in and go to a future web three event?

Chris Carter 23:20
Well, I think coming to something like this at a time where we are right now is great, because you do see it you see it in person. It’s definitely not dying. I mean, there’s there’s there was a lot of people there at that event, there was a lot of booths set up. And it is different in real, you know, IRL, you gotta come to experience it in real life. I will say for me, the best advice that I could give anybody is listen to NFT 365 podcast. And I’ve told you this a million times, I’ve probably said it a million times in our, in our Discord, you know, during game nights and whatnot. But I followed you for seven years. So you have inspired me when you ask what has inspired me to do that, it’s you. When I left NASCAR, I didn’t have anything I just left. And they always say follows somebody, you know, follow somebody that that does what you want to do, and figure out how they do it. And that’s kind of what I’ve done for the past seven years, followed you on social across everything from blab days to you know, back in the day. So, and I’ve always admired the way you do what you do. I’ve always been somebody behind the camera, I’ve always been somebody that produces that directs that helps, you know, content be created. I’ve never wanted to be in front of it. So this is super awkward for me. I mean, I’ve co hosted podcasts and stuff like that, but all of that was because of you like I I’m not, I’m not blowing smoke here like you are the person in the human that has inspired me to do what I’m doing. And I’m still not super comfortable with it. But I don’t think you ever do get 100% comfortable with it. And I do have a story to tell and I’ve always been saying I’m gonna press that down button. I think you could probably look back about four years in your DMS and see me saying I’m going to press it down but And, and when you when I saw you jumped in the NFT space, it’s a space that I really wanted to learn about. But I didn’t really know who to trust. And the minute I saw you doing it, I was like this is this is where I’m gonna learn. And I’ve been pressing the damn button in your discord ever since hosting game nights, asking you how I can help do help you do what you’re doing. And now I’m here in New York City running around the streets in New York with you with all my 50 devices, from microphones to cameras. And it’s I couldn’t be happier like this is it’s a true testament to like, if you there’s something you want to do, if there’s somebody that’s inspiring, inspiring, you reach out to him or her like they will, they will, they will want to work with you, if you if you’re, if you’re a hard worker, if you’re dedicated. I’m a testament to it. So I just want to take the time before we end this podcast to thank you for inviting me here for giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do. And I’m I’m in a place now where I want to. I’ve done some pretty cool stuff. But I want to work with people that inspire me, I want to work with people that I do trust that I believe in what their mission is. And I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing here in New York this week. So it’s pretty cool, man, I appreciate it.

Brian Fanzo 26:11
Well, I appreciate those kind words. And you have been there through a lot of that journey. And shout out to a lot of those platforms that have come and gone where we learned a lot. But I also want to add a little context to those that are out there, right. There are people that were running up to us that were like, hey, Zack Carter guy here who does game night, like literally, the best discord game night they host MC, there is music there is you know, interactive questions. And we were sending around and we were like, Wait a second. You do you’re doing that you’re doing you and you stepped into that role, right? Just let’s just make this very clear. It was like, Hey, we should do a game night. I’m like, Cool. Never done it before. Well, you’ve never done before. I was like, Do you think I want to add that to my plate? Like, I was like, I was like, good luck. I just not gonna happen. I’m gonna, I’m like I can I have no problem being an attendee, I will. Although I’m very bitter on this idea he had, he had a week where he just used, you know, questions about the Beatles and songs that I never heard of. And I was even using Shazam, like my app on my phone to try to cheat in this, this trivia game. And I could not get one, right. But the piece of this, I think is also important for everyone that’s out there is like, you know, we can all have not only that impostor syndrome, but we’re kind of that kind of questioning, like, what skill sets what things brought us to where we’re at today. But to a lot of others, it’s everything and more that they wish they had. Right. And, and I love that, that we’re sitting on that it wasn’t just one group, it was multiple groups that had brought up you know, your, you know, talent as a host of game night. And, you know, if we think about that, right, there’s, there’s a microphone there. And there’s, there’s a skill set there. And, you know, I even joked with those, those damn cactuses that I thought were pickles, in Times Square, like they asked me like, well show us your talent. And I will tell you, I stared straight into that camera, and did not say a word. When do I not say a word? And I was and I was like, Yeah. And I was like, I don’t really have a talent, which is like, hard to even say out loud, right? Because you’re like, What the hell does that mean? And I even did, I even went to like, my comfort zone. I was like, Well, I talked for a living, that’s my talent is that that was literally me buying time. Like, let’s be very clear. He was me buying time. I’m like, I can’t I what am I going to jumping jacks, I can’t even think what I was doing. But the reason I say that is because there’s like always this assumption that like others are way more comfortable doing what they’re doing than we are right or all men, they’ve done this so many times that they see this or man must be easy for them. Anytime someone puts them on the spot. Or, like I will say, like me doing game night the way that you do in a game night, not in my skill set, just not in my skill set. And, and also just like when I you know, when they asked me to do a talent and like, thank goodness, like, I’m pretty good at, you know, rolling with it. And finally, they were like, Well, what about if you shook up a can and you know, whatever that may be, and ended up turning out to a lot of fun. But the other thing about that, and you’ve got to witness it, right? People that come up, and you know, and you know, I tend not to get emotional, but, you know, that just talks about, like, you know, hey, you changed my life, or, Hey, I changed my routines to listen to your podcast. I mean, you got to shout out to my good friend, Chef Lisette, who I’ve known since 2013. I hadn’t seen in five years. I mean, literally, I mean, I believe my ears are still ringing a little bit from you know, I was walking into the friend’s house Carter was with us, we I was like, Hey, let’s just run in here real quick. And I heard this lady’s voice and I literally froze and I was like, I didn’t even do any I just turned around said chef, like like that because I was like, Zach shufflers that’s voice and for those that were in the live streaming space, or or are surrounded by Gary Vee, or kind of been in that world for a while, you’ll know chef was at and, and she was there and it was a bear hug. It was it was like reunited for far too long. And we did a little catching up, you know, then we went back a little bit of things and then her and I went back and talked again. And I remember like, you know, she pulled me aside and was asking me some things about you know, creator and team And to me, just like those moments are things that I treasure each and every time and I put that tweet out today I just said, you know, you know, each person that comes up and people often say like, I know you hear it all the time, but I want to say thank you I want to I don’t care how many times you think I’ve heard it. It’s important and it goes to you as well Carter because you know, I say this screenshot awesomeness is a method for me to overcome my imposter syndrome. Because when I question Am I worthy when I question Am I good enough? You know, my question if Why the hell are people listening to me? I don’t have a board ape like I don’t have a crypto plan. I go to that screenshot awesomeness folder and I take a from that folder and I will tell you that shuffle is that photo will go in that folder on my desktop, right that those moments go on there. And all of a sudden it goes away because then it’s like, oh, wait, I do have a place I do have a purpose and I love that you said you have a story to tell and pressing the down button there right and and and I was at the last part of that in the in the damn scenario where you raised your damn hand for game night and and like little do you know things that people that you have these opportunities like if you have your favorite project right now, you’re like I don’t know my space on web three. If you have a favorite project, find a place to raise your damn hand inside of that discord inside of that project. you volunteer for things that you know be acumen things amplify like I will tell you nobody will ever say you know that you’re you care too much about the project or the founders or celebrating them right and I think we can go above and beyond that. So thank you for for jumping on here. You know I refuse to let you know that I was going to do that I teased a little bit earlier so I think you might have had a little bit of like a heads up but the last thing I knew if I tell you they’re gonna come up here first you’re gonna try to talk me out of it. But yes this is Carter my friends will put his his contact in the in the show notes. But you know this is also what lives in our Discord right I think you know shout out to you know, he big shout out to Jenny and Amy and you know all of our team over there that are been run the show or were been here in New York can’t wait to hang out with them in person as well. But you know, I think that’s for everyone right they find a place just to make an impact can be a small impact doesn’t mean you have to spend hours or or days doing something you know, outside of your realm but you know, I think the the ability for us to raise our damn hand and do more things right if you want more to happen especially in this NFT space. The place you need to look for is literally the mirror that’s looking right back at you and I think it’s a great place to start Carter is a great example and you no doubt will not here this will not be the last of this conversation as much as he might not want to hear that and you know and it goes out you know to what all the things that we can do together and we can make happen you know across the board so from beautiful New York City Carter Thank you very much my friend

Chris Carter 32:46
Thank you sir.

Brian Fanzo 32:46
I appreciate you. All right, and we’ll be checking in on that crypto check to see if he gets a crypto check or you know and see well the check in and say you know, where’s the value you know, beyond this on what project you get, what collection you have and some more future NFT sales right and and I love that he brought up Just remember, you know, here’s something cool it doesn’t take a lot to sell but it’s also not as easy as people like want to believe like oh, I I’m gonna buy this and sell it you’re like okay, I’ll make that happen. So, you know, keep your keep your head up everyone I know these times can be we can have up and down but surround yourself with good people. I know that’s what I’m doing here and thankful for each and every one of you So until tomorrow. Make a great day. Cheers.

Kevin Sturmer 33:24
This show is not financial advice, so do your own damn research.