NFT Marketing at IRL Events vs NFT Project Parties and Collaborations | Episode 223

NFT 365 Podcast - Episode 223 - NFT Marketing at IRL Events vs NFT Project Parties and Collaborations

After attending 7+ Web 3.0 events over the last many months there is no doubt we have lots of NFT projects and NFT solutions that are willing to spend money on booths, activations, product demos and parties.

But is this good marketing and if it’s not marketing what are the reasons for spending this money and how can projects and products stand out from the IRL event chaos?  Questions I ask in this episode:

Who are we targeting at Web 3.0 events with our parties, project booths and pop-up experiences?

What makes a good use of time and money vs just an excuse to spend money and pad our egos.

If we are spending the money how do we define success and how do we convey that value to our NFT owners.

Innovative solutions are great in this NFT space but how are we marketing them at IRL events to stand out and be memorable?

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Episode 223 – NFT Marketing at IRL Events vs NFT Project Parties and Collaborations

#NFT365 @NFT365Podcast @iSocialFanz

NFT 365 Podcast - Episode 223 - NFT Marketing at IRL Events vs NFT Project Parties and Collaborations

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Brian Fanzo 0:38

Welcome to another episode of NFT 365. Broadcasting to us live tonight today, not on the stairs, not outside of the side of the street, but actually from the hotel here in New York City. And, you know, today I got the opportunity to take the stage here at the event at NFT NYC, you know, I take each and every one those opportunities as a very nice luxury and the ability to be able to do that is pretty amazing. And we’re actually will include the audio of a future episode, we’ll pull the audio for everyone that wants to they want to hear what my 10 minute talk was on the value or what we’re doing minting and NFT every single day for 365 days. And after we went through my presentation, I get to talk to a lot of your listeners I you know, one of the things that you know, hit me was like, let’s go see the Expo Hall. And let’s go check out some of the vendors that are here at the event. And you know, as that was going on, Ledger came out with a really big announcement today. So for those that are listening on your ledger came out and said that they are launching a web three enablement platform as well as a marketplace. They’ve already announced a couple other brand partnerships. And for me, you know, I’ve been a big fan, I’m bullish on ledger for, you know, a good while I’m not paid to promote. They’re not a sponsor of the podcast yet. But you know, it’s one of those things that I’ve loved what their approach to security and education is, I believe they’re onboarding of new users with the ledger, nano s, the ledger, nano x, and then even some of the collaborations they’ve done with customized, Ledger’s are just a really cool concept. And, and they’re definitely making headway, you know, they’re making headway across the board. And, you know, I think that’s actually where I wanted to kind of take today’s episode on just the idea of making headway, or standing out from the noise. And I think one of the things that I’ve learned in this space is that sometimes people mistake the ability to ignore or interrupt people, as always a positive thing are always something that, you know, if you’re interrupting, you’re getting someone’s attention. And with that attention, you’re winning. But there are a lot of events here at NFT, NYC, same thing at Miami NFT. Week, same thing at, you know, the events that we went prior to that as well, that, you know, the question has to be asked, you know, are they doing the event for the holders? Are they doing the event for the founders? Are they doing the event as part of the utility? Or are they doing the event as part of the marketing of the actual project and the NFT? itself? Because let’s face it, you know, this is one of the things that I really think, you know, everyone that’s here that listening to podcasts that, you know, if you’re a, if you’re a want to be creator of an NFT project, or you have your own NFT project, this is one of those things, I think that must be factored into every single decision you make. And that goes into, like, what is your goal? Or what does success look like for this project, but for the each individual thing that’s happening, right. So if you’re sponsoring an event like NFT, NYC, who are the, you know, the people that you’re wanting to satisfy, and I think sometimes there’s a mistake when we say like, oh, this is an event for our founders and our owners, and it’s going to shed a positive light on our community. And I’ve said this before, you know, a couple of projects and events in New York City last November. I actually went in there curious about the NFT project went to the event and left not interested at all. And actually a couple of the projects are the two of them are two of the biggest projects that are out there that aren’t Apes or Crypto Punks. And, you know, for me that part of that is you know, community it is project founder transparency, it is the relationship that are you’re able to build, but it’s also what is the plan to market this to grow this beyond. You know what it is today. And you know, as I walked around the Expo floor today, you I spent a good couple hours, probably three and a half hours today walking around the expo floor here in New York. And for those who aren’t here, I’ll give you a little context. You know, it was it was amazing. I mean, they if you are worried about the NFT space or innovation or where energy is going If I can just give you this, there is no reason to worry the amount of people projects, tools, technology, software innovation that are really just thriving right now. And really pushing the boundaries are I mean, it was damn impressive. I mean, they, I mean,

Brian Fanzo 5:17
they must have had, man, I fight against the number of booths, they had maybe 800 booths, it felt very much like South by Southwest Expo Hall, which I don’t throw that around very lightly. I think South by Southwest expo hall was one of the, for many years was one of the best of the best when it comes to that. But I will say like, you know, as I was walking around, a couple of things hit me and I just kind of falls into this idea of what are we you know, with the actions that we’re taking, what are what are the what are those goals? What are those things that we think are going to be said, and you know, an odd contact, you know, VeeFriends did a pop up cafe that we went to yesterday, and they had the VeeFriends truck out there, they were doing some merch giveaways, and, you know, they were doing some, like local conversations there. But it was definitely a founders, or a owners, you know, events, right? So we’re really, they’re just saying, hey, you know, those who hold VeeFriends come over here, hang out in our coffee shop, enjoy yourselves connect with each other. But it really was not there to mark it to, you know, as you know, Hey, drive by people come over and see what VeeFriends are about. While at the same time the fact that you could know that that is a VeeFriends holder perk, or it is a is a utility for holding up friends that can be of massive value. And it really just depends on how you put it out to the world how you make those conversations happen. Man, I was going through those booths and the amount of confusion that I feel like they caused. You know, we have the whole team here. And you know, I was walking around with Carter, who Carter has been rocking behind the the video camera. So all of the awesome footage that you guys are seeing on all the social channels is come from that man and we’re recording this here. We got some video for you for those who want to watch the video version of this podcast, but I was walking around with Carter and you know, it was overwhelming, but it was there was also just a state of a little bit of confusion. Right the I mean, let me just put it this way. We walked from one one through one room and it was defi a new social app on the blockchain. It was a new blockchain. It was a new project on Polygon. It was a new migration tool that is Omni blockchain. There was a Metaverse tool Metaverse project that was reinventing how we consume or think about the metaverse next to a project that said NFT’s are the future of the metaverse next to a project that said, No more crypto NFT’s are the future next to a project that was talking about some studio, there was going to be one stop shop. Next one, another one that literally said, we are going to help you launch your your NFT project immediately. And I laughed, I said I don’t think we need more people having fast NFT launches, just my personal opinion. I think we need more people understanding this culture in this community and all of the different kind of variables and things that kind of go in to this whole space. The other part of that, that I think is equally important to kind of have when it comes to a conversation on standing out and providing value and really going above and beyond is that you when you’re thinking about this, you know, this event, because of the high ticket price. Because it’s in New York City, which let’s face it is not cheap to visit or eat or do anything. And, you know, we every one of the pop up parties here at the event where you know, it was a good 40 minute walk, therefore, you had an Uber or cab and you know, the amount of money we’ve spent just on that is no is no, you know, slouching matter and, and I will say that, you know, that is something just to consider as well, right? Like, where not only where we’re spending our time and our money, but you know is is the value in the walk by traffic, right? And you have to think about who is who are the attendees here. And from what we could really, you know, view or interact, a lot of the attendees here are already in the web three space. And if they’re not already in the web three, three space, they already have a project or an idea or a client that wants them to be in web three space, but at the same time, there is an element of you. Why are the sessions not really that busy? Because the sessions you know, there are some great sessions and some great people that are on the stages, but I feel like a lot of and this is no knock, you know, a lot of the panels here I can listen to on Twitter spaces probably next week, because those same people sit next to each other the same conversations. And I know that everyone’s on Twitter and I know you know it’s not the same experience as being there in live but I think when we when I look at like the future and how you stand out to where your projects are going. One of the things that I really think we just need to understand is like when you’re you know, keep it simple, stupid, right? Is that whole you know, kiss, a blow a kiss there. So there’s a, there’s a kiss for everybody. Keep it simple, stupid,

Brian Fanzo 10:03
I’ve always believed in that. And the thing about keep it simple, stupid, it is so much damn harder than allowing the chaos and the confusion to kind of rain through. And I believe NFT projects are doing this, I believe a lot of the NFT tools and software are doing it. And, you know, I honestly, I stopped at a couple of booths, and I left there more confused on what their tool was going to be and who their audience was, then when I walked by the booth, and that kind of same feeling happens with some of these NFT events to just to put this out there, right? Like, you go to an event you’re like, what were they trying to convey or put out there. And, you know, I’ll say, you know, the thing about these NFT projects that I’ve also said I’ve been trying to be very clear on is it’s hard to just judge one project to another, you almost have to like whittle them down into different types of projects, types of utility types of art types of target audience, and then kind of compare across there. And so a lot of the statements that I’m making, I’m not making it, you know, you know, a blanket statement, but, you know, when someone will come to me and say, Brian, what was the what project did the best activation at NFT NYC. And for me, like, first of all, the word best is, you know, a whole different one, right? So it’s more of like, well, who was the best at attracting new people to the project who was the best at capturing the energy and the momentum that existed here. And I will tell you, you know, Goblin town pretty much owned a majority of the conversation these last couple of days here at NFT NYC. But although they did own a lot of the conversation, they kind of, you know, had a little bit of a interesting scenario last night where we, we end up going to their late night pop up party, and apparently, some of the information had leaked, and it was already pretty much sold out before we even arrived, which we arrived only minutes after the location was dropped out there. And you know, and then they had some changes of their schedule and you know, some people you know, some quote unquote, influencers, which we can also put quote, unquote, crybabies, or quote, unquote, you know, they want to be treated like prima donnas. Yeah, they want to act like, you know, they have no cares in the world yet. You know, there are many of them that live in their mother’s basement still, and, and I think it’s unfortunate that that kind of exists. And then I’ll also just put out there that, you know, don’t believe everything that you read or see from the perspective of an event like this, like one of the things that was really interesting to me is that I was gonna get a bunch of DMS and I would just be honest, I haven’t been as great as checking DMS over the last 48 hours. Just being here at the event and I opened a lot of DMS and people were like, man, Brian, I can’t believe this is happening at the event or Brian, I can’t believe this is like, how are you staying so positive? And I was like, Wait a second, like, where did you get that info? Like where did Where are you getting your like viewer view? Is it one video? Is it one tweet, is it one influencer that’s bitter and we also have to remember, it’s very easy to bash like, what you’re not included on? And I’m wondering, I will admit that and I’m going to challenge everyone that’s listening to this right? It’s very easy to be like, oh Bored Apes like Ape Fest, that that just sucks like they usually keep fumbling apes are gonna call now. And you have to just ask yourself, are you seeing that from a place of jealousy? Are you thinking from a place of if I had an ape, I was yours. I would be enjoying the hell out of that. Right? Like, and I will tell you like last night when I saw the lineup for ape fest, I was like, Man, that would be cool to have an ape and be able to go to that party and I could have gone to the party. If I wanted to go to the party. I had some people that had invites or tickets that could make that happen. But, you know, I, my team and the things that we were working on, we got to go to the Illuminati party, and then we have to go to do the goblins thing. And you know, one of the people on our project Drew has a, you know, an addiction for merchandise, so he was able to get some goblin merch. Which goblin merch hat is really a McDonald’s hat with just a little bit more squiggly of an AMA. But we worked hard for that merch and, and I think the piece of this that I think is just important to think about is like, we often talk about, like, how do you stand out online? We also say like, Okay, how do you stand out in your in person, but it means it goes a step further than that. Like, once you stand out? What do you what do you want me to walk away from like, what do you want me to feel like and sometimes it can just be like, Hey, you want to feel like they’re here? And they’re doing something and that’s okay, I’m

Brian Fanzo 14:22
okay. I personally believe that that can be a value. But man, I tell you, if you and this is the just the thing that I I sadly believe that a lot of projects that were here today that bought a booth that sponsored a party. I don’t believe a lot of them will be around come this event next year. And it’s not because I don’t believe in this space, or the area but it’s really the ultimate concept of, you know, what is like your commitment to where this space is going. What is that unique value proposition that you’re providing? And then I think the last thing is you’re someone that work. So I get to work with a lot of brands on translating their geekspeak. And, and telling their brand stories. You know, a lot of the brand’s story has to be told in a way that well it goes goes back to that kiss, right? Keep it simple, stupid. And I would argue a lot of people went and visited some booths, they got some swag. And guess what they didn’t get, they don’t have an idea of what that project is about. They don’t know the tool or that utility. And even like, I literally pulled out just before recording this podcast, I pulled out four business cards. And I looked at those four business cards, and I was like, I don’t even remember why I kept them. Now that’s partially on me, I probably should wrote something down. But I feel like that is there is almost something here to be like, you know, what, let me just like provide value, let me like, I mean, I would say, even even going a step further, like, there’s a really cool project, and I gotta give a shout out to, it’s the Gaylords, and they’re gonna be coming on the podcast, in the very near future we’re actually doing on international Pride Day, we have a current really cool panel that we’re gonna bring to you a lot, we’re gonna record it on that day, and we’re gonna get that podcast episode out for you. And we were talking today, and, you know, I just love what your projects that are mission driven, but are also committed to making an impact, not just, you know, living on that mission, and then they’re also committed to doing things the right way. And I think, you know, unfortunately, I mean, there was a lot of money spent here in a market that’s very tight. And I’m not sure if it was money well spent. And I guess that’s part of this, that comes down to it. And I will also say, there’s a couple, a couple NFT that I will be selling, or if not already sold at this moment, for projects that I was just hoping that they would,

Brian Fanzo 16:46
they would show up a little differently at this event. And for me, that was part of like, Hey, I was on the, on the fence already. And this was like, Hey, I’m gonna give him a chance to see what happens here. And I don’t think they did anything wrong, they just in my opinion, didn’t do anything that gave me like an aha or a warm or fuzzy or something that was right. And so that’s something that I would definitely think about you and also want to just give a shout out to some of the hustles the hustlers that are listening to this right now that are you know, in our community that, you know, I just love, you know, being able to talk to, you know, we have some people that are doing things in in the law space, we have some people that are doing some things in the augmented reality space, we have some amazing listeners that are, are speaking on equality, and, you know, the importance of, you know, getting equal voices out there. And, and, you know, I think that is something that we definitely need more of, you know, the last thing I’ll just kind of pull this episode together on is we also just got to be very careful in, you know, the way that we’re kind of showing up that it still aligns online, as it does offline. And I said this at V con, you know, Gary Vee walked out the gate, and he said, You know, I find it unacceptable, the way that people were acting, when they are going to get that limited edition merch at V con. And he literally laid out like word for word, he’s like, these are our values, those are our values in our Discord. These are the values in our community, and they sure as hell are going to be our values at V con. And I think that has to be a parent, with all of these projects in everything they’re doing. And that takes a lot of strategy. It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of commitment and education. And and the piece that I think that, you know, I want to give a little bit of an actionable piece here for everyone that’s listening, right? When I’m when I’m looking at it from a collector or an investor perspective, how well does everyone involved in the project, including owners, know the story know the utility know the value proposition, as someone that you know, as we are building our project, that is one that I am working on improving at right, like I want to make sure every person on our team can not only talk about, you know why we wrote the contract a certain way what the utility is, why are certain dates are included? What what are we doing to include merch and collaboration? Why are we focusing on, you know, this type of art or this style of things that we’re kind of integrating? And it takes a lot of work? Like and you know, the truth is in web two, that was still a problem. Like, let’s just be very clear. A lot of these you know, you know, Blair, the mistakes a lot of these things that we’re seeing across the board, were very evident, are prevalent in web two, and they’re still prevalent in web three. But that doesn’t, that’s not an excuse. That’s not a like, hey, let’s just keep on riding this train. Like if we want to be innovative, we want to drive forward, then we have to do things bigger and better. And in many cases, do things in ways that web to wasn’t able to. And so my friends, I’m, I’m sitting here today, you know, this day on NFT, NYC, never been more bullish on this space. I mean, the innovation, the people, the thought leadership, the collaboration, the community, the strides that we are making are all there. But also just think we have to be very cautious of and aware of how people are showing up. What are our strategies and what are some of the things we’re going forward. So Shout out to the team that’s been here with me here recording content we got videos we got audio, we got some crazy I drank I called it pickle water but it was not pickle water. It was actually cactus water, but the people were dressed up like pickles. I know if you made it this far in the podcast, you’re now really confused with what I was doing here in New York. You’re gonna have to check out over on our Instagram will the Instagram Roby over there at NF T 365 podcast. It was put out on our Twitter’s accounts as well but it was actually a really cool brand activation for a brand that is on the Shark Tank recently and we might end up having them here on the podcast as well. You never know. But they spotted us in Times Square they actually knew about the podcasts and they put me up for a challenge and you’ll have to just go watch the video to see what all that was about. But check us out on all the socials. Of course this video will be up on the YouTubes for if you want to watch the video version but until tomorrow, my friends make it a great day. Cheers.

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This show is not financial advice, so do your own damn research.