Mint 300 – RentHedz

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RentHedz by JeffJag is a collection of 313 character artworks created using 5 different AI-related tools. This project is donating 25% of primary and secondary sales to The Gathering Place in Denver! The main character in each was generated in MidJourney, the starfield overlay was generated in Dall-E. These two images were combined using custom masking for each in After Effects as layered image sequences. The results were further edited using Content Aware Fill in Photoshop to fill in areas such as shoulders and torsos and removing blemishes. Each hand edited composite was then upscaled in Gigapixel AI to emphasize the fine details. The final AI component is this custom poem/statement created just for this NFT. This was written by AI :: I was hoping to make an artwork that would destroy the world. I think I did.