Mikey Piro: Talking Club CPG, 2cents Audio, & Being a GirlDad | Episode 292

Brian welcomes Mikey Piro to the Podcast! He’s a multi-faceted entrepreneur, ex-military, and a consistent presence in Web3.  He is the COO of Crypto Packaged Goods, and a co-founder of the podcasting platform 2cents Audio. Getting personal with Brian, they discuss being #girldads and balancing entrepreneurship and a life in Web3.  Mikey shares about 2cents Audio – a unique podcasting platform that enables users to interact, empowers listener communities and offers rewards for engagement.  He joined Crypto Packaged Goods as COO and discusses resonating with the values that the community has developed.  Brian and Mikey finish up the conversation by talking about friendship and the importance of parenting.







02:00: Mikey introduces himself and his journey from the military to Web2, and ultimately to Web3

08:30: Mikey discusses his military experience, and what he learned from working for Meta/Facebook

12:30: Fanzo reflects on the strengths and weaknesses of podcasting vs social audio

14:30: The evolution of the 2cents Audio platform by enabling listener and community engagement

24:15: Leveraging the experience to enable mass adoption

27:50: Mikey’s introduction to Crypto Packaged Goods

30:00: The builders mindset and approach of Club CPG

31:00: 5 Pillars of CPG – Community is the most important!

35:00: Brian’s journey to the CPG community

47:00: Investing in people and communities

52:10: “Visit the 5th Floor”

52:20: The challenge of isolation in pandemic times, and finding friendship in Web3 & Club CPG

53:30: Mikey & Brian bond over being GirlDads


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