Your Season Pass

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Welcome to your Season Pass Portal!  

On the menu, you’ll notice a new section, YOUR SEASON PASS.  That’s where you’ll find your 3D models and other Season Pass holder content as it’s revealed.

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Excited to be on this journey together and as always – WE > ME.



As a season pass holder, you have special access to the Proof of Podcast experience.  Click the button below to learn more.

Your Season Pass Models

Your Season Pass Model

The Founders Numbers

Everything on your season pass has meaning, but none more obvious than the number panel – a Founders Pass exclusive.  

CLUE: The numbers in each box are significant and will be used to unlock additional benefts.  Beyond those numbers are multibox patterns, some more obvious than others that lead to additional unlockables.  

Everything will be made clear throughout this season.  Updates will be revelaed in the Founders NFT Holders Group on Discord and sometimes lead you back here for more.