Manouschka: Why We Must Take Ownership of Our Web 3.0 Future and Be Authentic | Episode 294

Manouschka Guerrier is no stranger to anyone who has been in the Web3 space for long.  She found NFTs early during the pandemic when her career as a chef took a downturn.  After leaning into social audio she found her way to crypto and NFT communities.  She’s become a fierce advocate for community engagement, especially for underrepresented minorities.  She is a valuable Web3 leader, and reminds those around her to give grace and to remember the voices of the artists, the BIPOC communities, and women.  Manouschka spends some time honoring the legacy of Jin Yu (Wolflion), a longtime friend of hers and early leader in social audio and NFTs. She also shares her thoughts on the murder of George Floyd as a turning point for the country,  her legendary project honoring black NFT artists covered by Time Magazine, and talking about giving grace to ourselves and others


01:30 : Introduction to Manouschka Guerrier!

02:00 : Manouschka tells her story of coming into crypto and the NFT space

10:00 : The power of digital culture and the power of online community

11:30 : Manouschka’s personal cooking blog, and how it changed the trajectory of her life

13:15 : Honoring Jin Yu

22:00 : Advocating for the artists in the space and giving them a voice

24:45 : The power of technology emerges when combined with social community

26:20 : Reflection on the murder of George Floyd

29:10 : Web3 gives us the ability to use our voice and bring people together

29:30 : Manouschka shares about her project inspired by ‘A Great Day in Harlem’ that honored black NFT artists, covered by Time Magazine

43:00 : Reflections on IRL project events

47:00 : Evaluating projects by looking at their leaders

50:00 : Giving grace, second chances, and recognizing we are all early

62:00 : Using your connections as a source of learning; the power of listening.

64:00 : Honoring a current project @JaduAVAs


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