Katie and Jordache: Finding A Path To NFT Success in Just 4 Months | Episode 217

NFT 365 Podcast - Episode 217 - Katie and Jordache: Finding A Path To NFT Success in Just 4 Months

One of the aspects that excites me the most about the NFT space is the idea that each person that buys into the power of NFTs can chart out their own path and vision for how they fit into their business, their investment strategy and even their life.

With that in mind I had to take the opportunity of being at an IRL event with two listeners of the podcast that happen to also be speakers at this event and have them come on and share their journey into NFTs.   The wild part is they both jumped into NFTs after hearing me speak at Social Media Marketing World and over the last 4.5 months have taken that NFT bug and ran with it in their own ways.   No matter where you are in your NFT journey I believe this episode will connect with you as you might be excited to launch your own project as Katie is or maybe you are diversifying your investment portfolio like Jordache…   Make sure to follow these two powerhouses and stay tuned for more episodes over the upcoming weeks from fellow listeners and friends of the podcast.

About Katie Brinkley:

Katie Brinkley has been leveraging social media to grow audiences and income for over 18 years. Since the time of MySpace, she’s helped her clients build a strategy to attract the right followers and generate consistent inbound leads in as little as an hour a week.

From building corporate-level growth strategies for AT&T and DirecTV to implementing done-for-you social media for solopreneurs and local businesses, Katie has been at the forefront to the changes in how buyers engage on social media. Utilizing her platform-agnostic strategies, Katie’s clients have been able to see bottom-line results at every stage of the sales process.

Katie’s history of radio journalism mixed with her social aptitude allows her to bring a unique insight and leverage her client stories to the forefront of their social strategy.



About Jordache Johnson:

Jordache Johnson is an international speaker, digital growth strategist, and business consultant who specializes in helping heart-centered entrepreneurs and experts scale their impact, business, and wealth. He does that with a systemized approach to creating human connection, building authentic relationships and turning them into power friends using his signature framework called, The FRIENDS Method™



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If I was gonna run a project 100% I'd be focused on relationships to partnerships all day, every day. - Jordache Johnson, International Speaker, Digital Growth Strategist

If I was gonna run a project 100% I’d be focused on relationships to partnerships all day, every day.
– Jordache Johnson, International Speaker, Digital Growth Strategist


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Episode 217 – Katie and Jordache: Finding A Path To NFT Success in Just 4 Months

#NFT365 @NFT365Podcast @iSocialFanz @JordacheJohnson @_KatieBrinkley

NFT 365 Podcast - Episode 217 - Katie and Jordache: Finding A Path To NFT Success in Just 4 Months

Kevin Sturmer 0:00
You’re listening to NFT 365. The first daily podcast on NFT is with your host Fanzo, talking crypto, blockchain, web 3, non-fungible tokens, metaverse, and

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Brian Fanzo 0:46

Welcome back to an episode of NFT 365. And we are in Ohio O H 10. And, you know, unfortunately, or fortunately for me, you know, I was raised, like, kind of like to principles of geography, my, my dad trained us that, you know, to believe Philadelphia was really in New Jersey, not a part of our beautiful state of Pennsylvania. And then nothing good ever came from Ohio. But as maybe hopefully you’ve learned, I’ve kind of learned that there’s lots of great things in Ohio. And this is an event that I get to speak out for the last, well, last 10 events, I’ve been here at every single one with my good friend Jessica. And we’re in for a treat today. And we have a we’re gonna have some fun as that, you know, two of my friends, two of the listeners, two of our amazing community members, actually, we’re here on stage speaking as well. And so we get to bring in, Katie and Jordache are gonna join us and we’re gonna talk a little bit about NFT’s their journey hopefully they’re not gonna blame me too much for their current state of their current wallet or current state of their current addiction to NFT’s but in your in the sense of you know, the beauty for those that are listening to and even just listening having to ask questions, right. I think part of it for me is that you know, what’s the role of in real life events like part of it is this this connection right? And the cool part is in the way the story goes, is you I got my merch for the original for the team and I brought that two Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and only two people left there with a hat and it just happens to be these two and and I can tell you there’s there was that was not like a strategic like, Hey, we’re gonna hang out in Ohio in couple months. But it’s turned into a lot of fun. So Katie, you and I’ve been to three events I think now in the last many months got to hang out we spend a lot of time on clubhouse together. But I’m gonna give you just introduce yourself to the audience. The community talk about a little bit what you do and then love just like your entry point into nfts.

Katie Brinkley 2:36
Awesome. Yeah. And it’s I feel bad because I didn’t bring my hat I should have. But yeah, so I we’ve got to know each other on clubhouse. But Fanzo I’ve seen you speak for years. And so I think first time I saw you speak guys, probably back in 2018 in Denver. So I’ve been aware of you for a while got to know you on clubhouse. I do social media for my day job. So I am a social media strategist. And I help small businesses with their social media strategy. And I also have a couple podcasts. So I spend a lot of time on the microphone, but it’s because of you. It’s because of you that I’m involved in NFT’s it’s all your fault fans. Oh, well, you and Mark Zuckerberg, so like I said, I do social media. I’ve been doing it for 18 years, I started back in the days of MySpace. And when Tom was everybody’s first social media friend, things have absolutely changed. You know, I was helping bands with their MySpace pages. And then this Facebook thing decided to not be just for colleges anymore. It was for anyone. And things have evolved over the past almost two decades. When good old Zuck said, Hey, I’m changing the name of Facebook to meta. I was like, crap, now I have to learn about this whole web three nonsense. Who knows web three nonsense. Brian fans out does. So I started listening to NFT 365. And I remember I sent you a message because I was in the discord. I own some ADHD coin, and I you know, own a 365 pass and everything. So I’ve been on the bandwagon, not really understanding what any of this is. But I remember sitting in my car and I was driving to Steamboat, I had about a three and a half hour drive. And I was like, oh, what better time to try and learn about NFT’s than now. So I listened to all of your first few episodes of NFT 365. And I remember sending you a message. I was like, I listened to six episodes today, on my way, testimony that you didn’t say like, that’s all so awesome. Thank you. You just said that’s a lot of me. But you made it so that I I started to understand it and I was like, okay, so it’s not just a fancy jpg, there’s community there’s utility and so I just decided to continue learning about it. And here I am obsessed in you know, launching my own project in a few months. So yeah,

Brian Fanzo 4:52
well, I mean, I, I will take the blame. I do remember that message back because I was like, oh my goodness, six straight episodes of me. I was like, that’s all lot of me and for anyone out there that’s listening, you know, on a daily basis, or even a fairly regular basis, I just say thank you, and I’m sorry, I know this a lot of, you know, a lot of my same nuances, the same entry points, I love all the messages that I don’t realize that I’m doing certain things over and over again, and others gonna call that out. And I love also the just the idea of connecting the dots, right, as far as you know, social media and a lot of those, you know, what are the things that kind of give us the AHA or give us the entry point. And, you know, Jordache I’m curious you know, we you were in the audience there for me speaking at Social Media Marketing World, and you know, hyperactive also in our Discord, we also have a lot of shared communities. Talk to us a little bit, in both of you for just caveat for those that are listening, you know, both of them did an amazing job on stage setting, you know, this is an event that I love and kind of cherish and, and it’s I love how Jessica does a great job bringing powerful voices on to the stage, but you both are not first time on stage. So this is what is out there. These are where you know, that we’re pros that know what they’re doing, as far as you know, delivering great content, great value. And, and George, as you’re a lot of your message was about, you know, the trust, building friendships and relationships. And I don’t try to mess with speakers in there on stage. But I yelled out in the middle of your talk and said he does it’s true. Because literally what you were preaching is what you activated in our community and how we got connected. So tell us a little bit about who you are and what you’re doing, and then your entry point into this world.

Jordache Johnson 6:23
Yes. So like Fanzo said, I’m Jordache Johnson, I am a digital business strategist. And really what I do is I focused on helping impact driven entrepreneurs how to learn how to build the right relationships, and power friendships so they can continue to grow and scale their business because I’ve realized throughout my career of helping agents three years where I’ve helped people scale their launches, and build evergreen funnels, and all that good stuff. And a lot of these businesses are built on House of Cards, and there’s not built on principles that can sustain trends and platform changes and things like that. So once I understood that, you know, that’s how we build our built our business and I’ve helped many businesses do that. It’s like, I knew that’s my gospel, I need to start preaching now. So yeah, so I feel like Social Media Marketing World was, what, five months ago four months ago and I feel like it’s been four years Yeah, so I’ve been I’ve been in the crypto space since 2017. I think I look back not that long ago and my first ETH purchase I bought five at $18.86 was my first one I spent $96 and got five ETH was my first purchase and I just I’m a big I was a big believer at that time of ETH from a utility standpoint, and I saw the concept of the smart contracts and how that can change business models left and right and I was like, I want to invest in infrastructure not like Bitcoin was the other one it’s like I still don’t I have a bitcoin miner that mines big or Bitcoin but I don’t buy bitcoin. It’s just something that’s nice to have for me. So I I look more from the utility standpoint. So anyways, I’ve been buying ETH for a minute and then I heard fans will talk Social Media Marketing World I heard you know, there Joel Comm there’s a couple other speakers there. And I was like, All right, like, this is more than a picture, right? Like, and I’ll be honest, like I heard the NFT’s like all during 2021 I was just like, out of sight out of mind. I’m not paying attention this like this does not make any sense to me. Like I got a business run. I got things to do. Like, let’s This is cool. Y’all go play with your Pokemon cards, your your what do they call me a little beanie babies. That’s what I was like, this is like Beanie Baby craze kind of thing. And then one thing you said during your talk was like, Hey, if you want to understand this space, if you want to understand how this stuff works, or if you think this is something that’s valuable, so you guys made me drink the Kool Aid. I thought, Okay, I see how this is applicable to a business standpoint. That was what I was missing. You got to be a collector. So I was like, Oh, I gotta go buy some things. I gotta go. I gotta go do some things. Right. And so that’s the last four months I feel like I’ve been on a buying spree going deep down the rabbit hole. Right. But you know, I will tell you I’ve one of the things I will say is, you know, something I do every day I go and walk there and one of my son right, that’s helps me start my day. I do that. And what do I do doing that? I’m pushing a stroller and I’m listened to podcast. And so I’ve been consuming you I love your daily podcast, I got new content every day, right? Unless you don’t get it out. But by the time I’m getting there, I gotta figure out something else. But no, but there’s like I there’s probably four or five crypto based con or podcasts that I listened to or web three and I’ve just been ingrained in myself in that world and what they’re doing what it’s about and understanding I think this is dumb as I was everyone’s talking about utility like what what the beep is utility right? What do you mean utility Oh benefits? Why don’t you just say benefits in right and so it’s like, I didn’t understand the lingo with discord never been in discord until four months ago and I got on Discord. And I was like, oh, and I like learning little things like friends frens or when w-e-n and this is a whole new language and people are talking about it. So it’s just like immersing yourself in that is been immerse are in so much valuable for me to be in this space to understand now I have a very good understanding of what it’s about now. I will blame you that I’ve bought a lot of NFTs. And I will blame you a lot of them on my Oh, this is something he’s talking about on the show, when we go do some research on this. I’m like, oh, oh, that’s pretty cool. Now I’m on, I’m on the Solana side of things. I’m buying Solana and entities and I’m like, oh, there’s a whole nother, there’s a whole nother world over here. So it’s been a fun ride, you know, and it’s, I’m sure we’ll talk about some of the stuff. But it’s, it’s been cool to start seeing the value in this. And I come from a finance background. So I started my career in corporate finance and investments, I’m looking at it from both a marketing standpoint, as well as my investment brain, am I my finance brand, I’m like, There’s utility here. But there’s also a financial aspect here. And it’s a way for me to diversify my family’s portfolio from not just real estate or not just, you know, mutual funds, or not just crypto, it’s, it’s another asset that I can add to the, to the portfolio, which has been a fun, exciting route as well. And plus, I can meet cool people like you.

Brian Fanzo 10:53
I love all of that. And I think the beauty of both for both, you come on and come from a different point, different experience and even different version of like, what you’re gonna get out of it. The short term, right, and I, you and I will say like, part of it for me, like you have to be a collector before a creator. Part of it was like I was when I was in that same boat, like, as much as I was like, listening and learning. Um, like, I still don’t get it. And it wasn’t until I started collecting, I was like, oh, wait a second. There’s this part. There’s this piece and I, you know, bringing down like, the terminology, let’s face it, it’s kind of ridiculous. Like, like, the word like roadmap was like, all of a sudden, like this, like, foreign concept. I’m like, Well, you mean, they’re just gonna give us their business plan? Like, isn’t it we have with everything in life, like, how was this like a shocking like development? Like, oh, my goodness, there’s this, you know, and even like, even the word utility, I feel like it was made up from the standpoint of like, how do we make it to where it’s something that sounds like, are we born on the blockchain, but like, really, it not only is it benefits, but it’s the idea of like, it’s like, residual, like, rewards, benefits. And so I’m curious, you know, traditional go back to you, you come back from an investment side, you have the crypto side, how have you felt like when you will resort when you are doing your own damn research, which I appreciate you went there. In a way you can evaluate community and utility as in how much that will hold the value from the investment, even more so than maybe that being the reason for you holding it? How are you looking at those two, kind of judging between the two?

Jordache Johnson 12:15
That’s that’s such a great question. I’m gonna be honest with you, I made. I look back now where I’m at now. And I’m like, ooh, Jordache, you probably shouldn’t have bought some of these ones early on, right. But I had to go through that experience, right, I had to go be in that community, I had to go see, and I look back, and I’m always evaluating. So I’ll tell you a couple of things that I always look for I treat it, I’ll put it like this. And we talked about this a little bit ago. Like, I’m gonna go on a rant one of these days, I’m like, yo, y’all stop calling the stuff entity projects. These are entity businesses, treat it like a business, treat it like a business, you are raising money. It’s just like a VC, you’re raising money in seed capital right now to go deliver a product, which is your roadmap, which is utility or whatever it may be, we’re not, we’re just gonna attach this cute little picture associated with it on the blockchain. Now, it’s a business y’all and like, stop. And it’s a crowdfunding in a sense, correct. And so I made some mistakes early on, where I invested in projects based off of historical value, in a sense, right? What do people say is some of the good solid products were and I’m like, Oh, I’m just gonna, I’m gonna get solid. It’s like, I’m investing in Coca Cola. I’m, it’s a solid company, it’s not going anywhere, right. And I didn’t do as much enough due diligence on, you know, who are these founders? What is their background? What like, what are they doing from a business standpoint, from a marketing standpoint, from a sales standpoint, from a PR standpoint, from a community building standpoint, leveraging skills, how are they building their team? I, I wasn’t doing that. And I look back now and I’m like, oh, man, I could have probably use that ETH somewhere else. But you know, it’s lesson learned, I call it stupid tax, sometimes you gotta pay the stupid tax. Now I look at it, where it’s just like, if I was going to be an angel investor in a business. You know what, like, Cool Tech, aka cool art, hey, good market opportunity, aka good potential on the roadmap. But who were the people going to be executing that? Who was the team, I’m going to invest in the people, because I know, I know, my money is going to be a lot safer with people who can actually deliver or who have experienced delivering or building six, seven, multi seven figure businesses that understand the acumen and understand what it takes to scale a business operations from the behind the scenes and delivering on that, that’s what I’m looking at. And so I look at more of, I try to I try to get away from the shiny object, or even the promise of utility. It’s, it’s a promise, it’s, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be delivered, or it’s going to be it’s going to be time on you know, too long. So it’s or too far in advance. What are you doing right now? What have you done? And how much trust do I believe that you’re going to be able to execute? Those are like my main first factor, and then it’s like, Alright, now what’s the long term potential value? What’s the community? Like? What are some of the strategies you’re doing? Building the community, leveraging the community things along those lines? And that’s what I’m kind of at right now. And it’s, it’s an evolving thing. That’s it’s like an evolving decision tree if you want to think of it that way.

Brian Fanzo 14:55
Yeah, I mean, the evolving part is part of like, it’s part of the exciting part, but it’s kind of like man And I just wish that like, once I learned like this one thing and like, I’m gonna look for that, I wish I could just keep looking for that for a little bit of time. Like, by the time you get that. And I also think it’s such an important aspect of you, we have to know who we listen to and trust, but also know, like, a lot of the information we are getting, especially the start of this year, was based on like, who the last six months of last year, who were the ones that were rising, and like that were worth people holding, but we didn’t realize, just because they were great for the last six months of last year, that had literally zero impact on their commitment to this year. Right. And I think that was a, that was like an aha for me. And when we were even talking about some mutual projects. And one of the things I remember when you know, Diamond Dogs, right, was a project and like, I know, for me, like, there’s, it’s like that element of like, if I hold one and up to a project, and like the community is there, and there’s people like it is to me, like I’m starting a podcast where like all of a sudden, like $400 or $800, it’s already been like, Sure, I’ll buy a ticket for a conference, and I won’t get half of that, that I get like in a week, that then there’s also like, Okay, well how much time I’m going to continue to commit, right? And can you talk about, hey, I’m gonna launch my own project, talked a little bit about like your view of like, getting into some of these projects, I was excited, you know, I, I, when I saw that you were getting a couple of them, like, Hey, these are great, diverse projects, met athletes, one of them, as well talk about your view from that standpoint, and like where you’re looking at, kind of like from both sides, and also leaning into deciding to launch your own?

Katie Brinkley 16:22
Yeah, well, I think that it was, it was definitely like, I have a different strategy that then DoorDash does, you know, and for me, it is all about the utility, the community that comes with these projects, and then 100% Agree, like, with projects, now, before I buy into them, I spent a lot more time thinking about it, and really researching who the founders are, what the roadmap or business plan is, and are they really going to be there in six months. Honestly, with the way that ETH has gone these past, you know, few weeks and months, we’ve really been able to see what, what communities and what projects are in it for the long haul. I mean, there’s a lot of them that have kind of gone away, they’ve you know, said, we’re actually not going to be you know, launching anymore or anything saying like, well, so you were just in it for for more money or, or you know, it things things were kind of rough right now, and you guys are, you aren’t there for your community, you’re not there to try and add more utility or, you know, continue, you know, making the community a better place. And so, it’s really been kind of eye opening for me to look at projects that have faded away during this kind of bear market. So, I mean, like, and honestly, I think that with, you know, launching our own project, it made us every single thing that you know, as we’ve been learning and investing in different projects, me and the other founder events were like, Okay, so when we do ours, we really want to make sure that everyone can see exactly who the founders are, what is the full roadmap? You know, we don’t understand contracts, who we need to bring another founder and who that’s all that they do, like. So like, we really wanted to try and make sure that every, you know, I was dotted and T was crossed, because we know what we are looking for in different projects now and with, you know, education, I mean, there’s so many projects out there that are only speaking to people that really like yep, this is it. And they use all the lingo and everything. And there’s a lot of people that still don’t understand NFTs, as we found out at you know, these past few conferences. I mean, Josh, like you said, it was four months ago at Social Media Marketing World, and like, it kind of feels like four years ago, but when you get it, it moves you along at lightning speed, and you just get excited about it. But there’s so many people are like, it’s just fancy clipart so how can we bring more people into this space? How can we make it more inclusive? Because I think that that is one of the biggest struggles still is people not understanding it’s a business plan. They’re not even understand that it’s more than, you know, art, you know, it’s the blockchain and it’s it really is investing in to a business plan.

Brian Fanzo 18:48
The interesting thing in that from like, when I like reverse engineer just from this piece, right? Like the the talk that both of you saw there at Sony working well, it was directly aimed to business marketers, right. And I didn’t, it was not a collector talk, it was not a talk and, and I look at that as like a beautiful piece where I get to play, right, because I understand there’s a whole other side of this game. And there are some people that are really dialed in there, right? But I’ve always like live video that like my track record has always been like, I’m gonna kick every tire understand everything, but I’m gonna tell you how it works for your business. And, and if I can’t find the business to tell you, you’re not going to have me go on there putting it out there. Katie, I’m curious from your audience, where you you’ve been in the social media game, right? So we have a lot of people that have, you know, learn to trust you probably still some that are like, we’re waiting for social media to like disappear, like, is it a passing fad and the it’s taking, you know, 18 years for them to realize that it’s on. But there’s also that element, like you mentioned, like, you know, a lot of projects are like, I don’t understand why we haven’t mass adoption. Like, have you looked at your website, there’s, you don’t speak in a language that will open mass adoption. But we also know if a project is only focusing on the web to let’s say, audience and not playing into web three. It’s really hard for a project to get get legs and kind of in this space. How are you looking at that as kind of So one that’s coming in this way is having the history that you have with social media. I mean, there was years of convincing people, how are you looking at, like onboarding and even maybe like the slow burn element of, of bringing them in while also kind of tapping into web three?

Katie Brinkley 20:12
Yeah, well, I think that, you know, we are still in web two. And while we are moving into web three, it’s coming. It is coming. And you know, nobody wants to end up being blockbuster. I mean, so everybody wants to try and be Netflix, but we are still in web two. And I’m still trying to just convince people to go live on Instagram, I’m still just trying to get them to add to their Instagram story once a day, you know, so I mean, it, it is still a struggle in web two. But how can we incorporate web three, for those that are willing to be open minded, like, so if you are a business coach or a consultant? How can you maybe you talk about all the time for memberships, you know, incorporate an NF T I’m speaking and event in a few weeks, where all the speakers get their own NFT. And if the one of the attendees wants to purchase the speaker, NFT, they get a one hour session strategy session with them. So I’m gonna have my own NFT that I could then go and resell, you know, to different, you know, consulting clients. So I mean, there’s a lot of thought processes going in there on how we can utilize these tools, somebody that decides to buy my, you know, Speaker n of t and might be the the very first entity that they ever buy. So I’m gonna have to explain how an NF T works for them. But keep in mind that we are still at the infancy stage of all this, and we’re going to have to navigate and inform a lot of people on how you can just open up the possibilities exactly like what this podcast is, Brian, I mean, just the different possibilities that you can use. But it’s it, I definitely feel it’s going from social media, and taking people that are understanding social media in a way to these are the possibilities of ways that you can you know, instead of going into a, you know, circle group or into a Facebook group, how can you, you know, sell your NFT to some of your biggest fans and into a discord.

Brian Fanzo 21:57
Yeah, I love that. And I love you kind of connect with some of those dots too on like, not only are we all in web two, but like, let’s be, let’s be very clear, like, as much as they’d like, a lot of this is exciting. Like, if you uncheck web two business and you attempt to only do web three business you will be out of business like that is a very clear path to this is not an all or nothing game. It’s not a zero sum game. It’s why I mean, every one of the people that have come up to me here, this event, I’m like, give it a free NFT to every one of your existing customers. And let’s get them to understand how to hold one. And like you’re going to add a utility because let’s please not give more participation trophies, like, like, let’s at least give you like something there. But I think it is a it’s a journey. And the question becomes, for a lot of I think a lot of business, you know, do I wait until the education is at a part? And let’s face it with a technology doesn’t have as many barriers? Or do I start to integrate it now? Right? I think that’s that is that piece of it? I’m curious, you know, Josh, from the standpoint of looking at it investment, you run an agency you shared a little bit of about like the mapping of like relationships and community. I think as beautiful as the word community isn’t and the opportunity. There is also this idea of, you know, implied value, and like when we’re putting that value there, and we’re connecting it, but one of the questions I get a lot, I’m curious, just how you would take this is like, they’ll just say, Hey, Brian Kryptos down right now. So do I go invest in some FTS or I invest in crypto and I, I look at it like from like, asking for investment advice is always like, hold on and say like, pump the brakes, like, are you on stock? Do you like, like, How’d you get that? But I’m curious from a standpoint of Do you feel like we have more controls on the right word, more variables, or maybe more opportunity with NF T’s that turn into investments that we’ve seen some people, you know, you know, if those people would have taken, you know, if the guy had people that were bought board games that I made fun of in the clubhouse, dammit, you know, they would have taken that foreigner dollars in eath and just kept it in eath that they’d have like $600 right now, right? Instead instead, they’ve bought 15 board games, and they’ve sold a couple of them for you know, $600,000 in profit. So like, there is that side, but there’s also 1% exceptions to a lot of these roles. And I think there’s also a lot of, let’s just say, easy to talk about the things we love in our bag. Not pretty easy to say I talk about like I bought 150 Bad projects before I found one and then I’d even go all in on the one so I only hold one of the one and I missed the mark. How do you look at that from like not only from the investment like the conversation on like, crypto stock NFTS love to hear your thoughts

Jordache Johnson 24:20
Yeah great question. Great question. Was put it out there this is not financial advice. Do not listen to me this is Jordache Johnson opinion all that good stuff right. So I how I look at it so I look at it from Mike I’m just going to speak on my experience right I look at it from Team Johnson’s portfolio, my family’s portfolio we have our safe investments, our mutual funds, our index funds our 401 K’s all that good stuff that’s our safe then we have I call my playground which is my stocks that I you know my Robin Hood that he’s go by this company that I like and you know do this other stuff. I just go play. Then we got this PT or pillar over here. To recall the lotto tickets, which is crypto, NFTS, etc. So I’m diversified across that, I will tell you one thing you want to listen to me Do not put all your eggs in any of those baskets, any of them, right, do not do that. Now, when it comes to crypto and NFTs, I’m a big believer in eath. Like just from the from an infrastructure standpoint, like I look at when business, when business industries are developed, or industries or models are developed, the people who own the infrastructure are the ones that are going to be profiting a lot. And it’s gonna be very valuable to be in that middleman role. And I think that’s eath is potential is there. So I will say this, when I’m looking at it from crypto or NFTs, I, up until four and a half months ago, I was just holding crypto. And I never I have never sold ETH. Since I’ve been buying, it’s always empty. I’m never like, because I believe in the long term value just by by dollar cost averaging just dollar cost averaging I bought when it was high I bought when it’s low, and we’re just gonna ride it out, right? So I finally I was like, okay, like, I have all these assets in one class. Let’s go put it in another asset class. And let’s go transfer this now like what you were saying. Now, I want to make sure I’m clear on this. Like, I also look at utility, like there has to be value in it what this is not just how am I going to invest and make some money and flip them. I’m not flipping anything right now like I don’t got time to it’s just like, I don’t got time to go do stocks or futures and options and flip stuff in the stock market. I don’t have time to do that right now. But I am investing in projects that see the long term value, but at the same time, I’m getting short term profits. It’s like getting a dividend in the stock, right? So when I’m looking at projects right now, I’m saying, there’s value I’m getting right now. And this is what I like you said earlier, and you said you said it multiple times where it’s like, if that project goes away tomorrow, I’ve gotten my value. I’ve gotten my value out of this right and so all in all, the other thing I’m looking at, I’m like, what else is that gonna give me I look at I love invest in projects, why No, just remain a holder, I’m gonna get future projects or future entities, that’s a dividend for me, or I’m gonna get tokens, that’s dividend for me, that is I’m getting an additional assets for that one asset I own. So I’m looking to diversify crypto, and I’m putting that I’m not gonna say money, but I’m putting that value into another piece of value that’s going to go generate more assets for me. And so that’s where I I’m a big believer in NFT’s because I think that’s where there is bigger upside for diversifying that over there. And so I look at it when when crypto is down. I’m shopping at Costco right now, I’m like, Oh, this is on sale right now, because I’m getting a double benefit, meaning even if I if I’m turning Fiat or USD to ETH, right, now I’m getting at a low price, then I’m going to buy an NFT at an equivalent in ETH. That’s really a lot of the floors have been tanking right now, just because the whole industry isn’t going down. So I’m getting that on discount. So now I got two things on discount. So when that thing starts to take back up, I’m gonna have doubled the upside that I wouldn’t ever get or the double the leverage I wouldn’t ever get without that. So I’m just putting those assets, I’m putting those add those assets I’ve been holding on, I’m just putting them in other investment vehicles to be able to go add more value and on the way I meet amazing people getting awesome utility, get an amazing community getting more assets along the way. And I’m learning about this space that I know is gonna be very relevant from both a business standpoint, as well as what I see what I’m doing, or I see where it’s going, I’m probably going to be in the space playing in some form or fashion here in the near future. So it’s a win win win win win all round for me as well look at that.

Brian Fanzo 28:20
Yeah, I think this is important, just from from our listener perspective, too, right? I think there’s entry points how we play in the game, like how much we commit to this space, like not only to diversification important, right? But it’s also like knowing your own like risk reward portfolio, knowing also, like, do you have the time commit, like, and I’m curious, just from for both YouTubers like, right, like, there’s a difference between like, Hey, I’m gonna jump in here, I’m gonna try to find the best one. But like you said, like, it’s really understated how much time it takes to sell or to flip NFT it’s like, I wish people knew, like, I wish even like, I had been a better job of looking at how much I spend on OpenSea, going through a trade class understand what’s the for that trade, for me be able to get to sell it right now. How long should I have it listed for? And then I also have to be aware, like, if I listen for three days, and I have to be really conscious of like, if that project all of a sudden launches something and it takes off, I better run to that computer and hit cancel. And that’s like for me like, I mean, there’s a lot going on, right and like so I think that’s like a variable that is like sometimes where it’s like, well you got in for this price and the floor jumps like you should like it can’t leave you’re not selling or you’re flipping out like that’s a whole nother activity a whole nother playground. Right and, and I’m glad we like shut that point. I also think you if we’re coming in this as business professionals, and we’re looking at business value, like there there are so many places where we can you can joke and say like hey, like we’re bartering with other people or we’re trading goods and services or you know, like, we’re gonna give you exposure well sometimes if you are great at what you do expose you’re on a stage that you’re not they’re not paying you to get on there will give you way more business than the money that I make as a keynote speaker right and I think there’s there’s like that’s like a misunderstanding. Like O’Brien, you’re a keynote speaker gets paid a fee to speak, you must make way more than the people that go on the stage and like hold on a second, like that person has it runs an agency that has an onboarding that can take a funnel, where they get that one stage can turn them into 20 leads that are gonna make them multiple millions, drama speaking, because I gotta get for multiple millions, right? So I think that’s an important variable to kind of throw in there, because that is kind of where NFT’s can play, it can be in all of these. And then there’s also just the idea of like, do you throw all your eggs in one basket? Do you, you know, hey, I have more ETH? Or I have I have this potential? Do I buy another one? So Katie, I’m curious from you, like some of the projects you’ve looked at where your mind is also, with your upcoming project? How are you assessing your Jordache kind of share where to him it’s like buying a Costco a little bit right now with things are down. I think that’s like a beautiful entry point, especially for some projects that I just never thought would get to a point where I’m like, do I can like where the World of Women is right now. Like from a I mean, I remember listening to a talk from the founder from world and I was just like, everything that she says and like believes in is like, perfectly aligned. And I’m like, look where that floor is going where it’s taken off. And, and like, it’s very interesting on that side. But I’m curious came from, where your where your approach is at the moment, and like your access, and you’re launching your own project, I think there’s like a interesting balance of like, we have to take almost different steps now that you’re kind of setting yourself up for your upcoming project. And because of the space, talk about look where your thoughts are, maybe over the next couple of months on where you’re going to continue to assess and leading up to your project.

Katie Brinkley 31:31
So I’ve been investing in projects that I’ve already that I’ve already like, I’m already hold, you know, maybe five of and I’m like, hey, you know what, now’s a good time for me buy some more. So you mentioned Diamond Dogs earlier Meta Athletes, I now own a lot more of them than I did four weeks ago. Because I know that the community is there. I know that I believe in the program, I believe in the project and like, well, it makes sense for me to to own more. So I think that I’ve been investing in projects that I already own. And then I listen to the podcast. And so there’s there’s a couple projects that I’ve been keeping an eye on what you know, lazy lions is one and I just got a, you know, a bath of bulls name. You know, I want want more. But I mean, it’s definitely one of the things we’re at night when I’m you know, like winding down for the night. I’m not scrolling on Instagram anymore. I’m scrolling through OpenSea I’m, you know, checking out roadmaps, I’m spending time in the NFT space, doing my research there and just kind of seeing, okay, so what, what is their minting page? Like, you know, what does it look like, you know, for like, how did they even have their website laid out? Is it easy to understand, like, what did what the project is? How easy is it to mint to this project? You know, so I’m going into different projects I see on OpenSea, just doing a lot of research on you know how their minting process was just to make sure that our stuff is looking like the most user friendly, when we decide to to have our mint and launch and it’s just a lot of research. Like I said, I don’t have nearly as many NFT’s as you to hear. But I’ve just been kind of reinvesting with projects that I already believe in, because I know that they’re in it for the long haul.

Brian Fanzo 33:12
Yeah, and I think this is like a this is why I reached out to both of you. And you know, in full transparency I voluntold them to they’re gonna be on the podcast I I shared it in the in our Discord, we were having our town hall and I was like, You know what these two are here, I not only respect both of you and your views, but I also think that there’s something really cool about, like, I know that hate me, I might have been that like entry point from the standpoint of like, Hey, okay, now I can see a light. But the beautiful thing is like, we have an opportunity to decide how we play, how much we play where we play, and and even like, where that’s going, right? I think for a lot of people they’re looking for like the only one path. And if you keep looking for like that only one, I think you’re never gonna find like just the only one path. And so like having the two of you on here was like, this is a no brainer. Like this is like an easy ask for me because it can relate to everyone that’s listening, right? And even if you haven’t bought your first NFT yet, right, like, a lot of this is four and a half months, and you both are talking all of the lingo or you’re in you’re fully in. And I think that’s also part of it for me is like what both of us share in our Discord with communities like I’m learning from you and, and when someone looks like the podcast, right? Like the podcast to me, like what the utility for me is I get to build relationships and connections and people that are doing amazing things, right? Sharing strategy, like this space is so full of, I want to see what someone else does. And then they’re gonna tell me why they did it. I’m like, Oh, wait, you did it. I never thought of that before. Now that’s going to impact my strategy on upcoming projects in that world as well. So I love both of that in this space. I think for like the final question DoorDash I’m gonna throw your way in the sense of you know, you’ve been in the in the market to understand the bull run, you know, bulls and bears side of this of this roller coaster. But you’re also you’ll from a marketer, business perspective is where I want to put that hat on you. Let’s face it, a lot of these. A lot of these people and projects they don’t, not only do they not think of it as a business, but they’re not great market. First, and I say that with, you know, as much love and respect as I could possibly give, where would you look at it from like, you know, you talk a lot of great things on onstage here. If you know, there’s people that are listening, they’re like, hey, I want to launch a project very soon. I’m thinking about it. Where would you say like the bit from the business I’ve been? You’re what you’ve done for a lot of brands? Where do you see what they could do in the short term to stand out as just being better at what we know is worked and web two.

Jordache Johnson 35:26
love this question. No, let’s think about this. So I will tell you the gospel that I preach in the web two spaces, you build the right relationships in the space, you can turn them into power partners, or power friends or strategic partners. And that can that is a principle and a strategy you can do all over over and over and over again, you can grow a multi six, figure seven figure business doing that. And when I’m looking at the web three space, and the entity space, specifically, called collaborations is huge. Like it gets, it gets magnified collaboration over competition and Katie. Sure, I’m reading right now. Exactly. Because that there’s you’re limited with how you can market in this space, I can’t run ads. The Facebook’s not gonna allow me to run anything with NFT’s Google’s not gonna let me run everything in empty. So I have to use word of mouth marketing, organic marketing, or I can start leveraging other people’s audiences. Strategic Partnerships, but most people don’t know how to build those relationships first, before they try to turn it into a partnership. Most people try to go straight for the kill. And they’re saying, hey, what can you do for me, hey, you should promote my project, hey, here’s whitelist spots that you can go push to your audience and bring people over, Mike. Y’all are trying to like ask me on a date, get married and have kids on one night, right? That’s basically what’s happening. So what I would tell people right now is start digging your well now by serving the people that you want to build a relationship with now, so at some point, maybe they will be able to help you out. That is if I will start a project right now, I would just be looking at the space saying, Who do I need to go be a partnership with? And what can I do for my now as we call superpowers? What can I take my superpowers and go serve their audience right now? How can I become a trusted thought leader in front of our audience right now. So then when I get launched during about, oh, I remember Jordache, he helped me with this, or he brought this idea he shifted this belief for me, I trust him. Let me go see what he’s doing. You can get your 1000 true fans very, very quickly. If you do this, it’s a repeatable model over and over and over again. So that if that was if I was gonna run a project 100% I’d be focused on relationships to partnerships all day, every day. Now, one other thing I will add, I think you’re going down this path, which is beautiful. I see. The person who starts educating people and getting people their first entity, or their first wallet set up, or their first whatever. Hi, hi. Hey, enjoy last year, right? There’s already loyalty built in. Right? Why do you think I’m holding ADHD coin? Because my man over here dropped some knowledge on me at Social Media Marketing World. I was like, Yo, I liked his cat, even though he’s a Steelers fan. I like him. And now I’m gonna go see what he’s doing this community. Hey, he gots going, let me go, don’t get a little coin. Next thing, I’m getting a little bit more coin cuz I’m like, Okay, now I’m listening your podcast, I’m like, Oh my gosh, like this dude, he’s makes me you sit to my beliefs in this space. Now, I’m always gonna remember fans, I was the one who got me into my first NF T. Right? So when you when you can become that educator, you’re going to be building a whole bunch of loyal disciples. And the person that understands how to do that the most effectively, is going to have the most loyal disciples out there. And I know, this is what I know, this is the path you go on, it’s gonna be a great model for you, because you’re gonna feel build a humongous amount of loyal fans. And they’re gonna do anything that you want them to do, or whatever you launch your merch, or whatever, because you help them get into space. So those are the two points education and collaborations all day every day and twice on Sunday, just to keep the Sabbath.

Brian Fanzo 38:51
I love all of that. I appreciate the kind words definitely the you know that that path. I also think there’s important aspect that you know, both of you are at a web to experience to learn about this, right? Like, let’s be very clear that this was an offline conference, that this, this, these connections came because so for those that are out there that are like, Oh, I don’t have the big audience online. Like, truthfully, I believe, I didn’t need to have an audience online. If I had that stage, conveyed and got the AHA and I was creating consistent content that allowed you to come on the journey with me. You’re on the journey with me, right? In the weirdest of ways. There are people that will listen and today Brian must be nice. You have 100,000 followers on Twitter, and you’ve launched six other podcasts. I’m like, you realize the reason I launched the podcast and I’m doing it daily was not for like, my, it’s not good for my health. Let’s be let’s be very clear. It was like I looked at and said, how does how do people in web three, know who I am? Like, I’m very confident in my ability to deliver but there’s a lot of people that I need to get in front of them. And then I need to have something to prove that over this time. And I mean, that that, to me is like that vehicle right? And it’s the vehicle that we’re going to continue to grow and and I think this is also one of those things where I also want to be able to have people that are helping me out as we scale right and I, I mean, I when I put the six month mark out there like I was like, if we get the six months like things are going to play in our favor and they all right and I think that’s the the beautiful byproduct that Katie I’m curious from your standpoint now like not only upcoming project, but even how you’re like socializing and FTEs. We didn’t really talk a lot about that in here. But one of the episodes I’ve been trying to help people listen to more is the one that we’re on, like how to get your friends and family I think I’m able to How to Convince Your friends and family, which is really never the entire podcast talks about why you should never convince like, given away that episode, but how have you looked at that approach? Because there are a lot of us I mean, we’re even at this event. And any of us that bring it up there’s there’s kind of a sight of like, really, you’re in this to like, you’ve drink you’re playing with those funky pictures and you have a wallet and like you spend time on that open sea website which is just for those that know it now top 50 website in the world for traffic, which is just ridiculous. How were you looking at like the socializer or even maybe onboarding some people because the other part of this is that is fun is that is more fun to do it with other people like just being really truthful. Like knowing that I can message either one of you on any projects and mints and like that, like ability to continue to grow. It changes everything like I mean, like I mean, I have a goblin and like as I got a goblin I couldn’t get it like no one else. I knew how goblins and then Alison, I get Alison full credit Allison jumped in on two goblins. And I’m like, Oh, wait, maybe I’m gonna ride this goblin. And now there’s like four more goblins. And I’m like, and I had flipped out of goblins. You know, we talked about my definitely not perfectionism this one. And then I I was mad that I wasn’t in because the other people were in the in the things I like, I jumped back in on that. So how were you looking at that? Like the conversations? I didn’t even just kind of like owning the fact that sometimes you’re not, you’re gonna be the odd person out for the short term.

Katie Brinkley 41:44
Yeah, so I gifted my husband, an NFT for Valentine’s Day. That is only NFT. And I remember, you know, I was like, I got you an NFT. And he was like, I don’t even know what that is. Thanks. And so we we spent time together actually, I helped him set up a meta mask. And he was like, Well, no wonder nobody does this. Katie, it’s so hard. He didn’t even need to buy it. I mean, like, all I had to do is just transfer it to him. But I mean, like, there is still that that barrier. And so with with the project that we’re doing, we do monthly five day challenges where people come and we start day one is, what is an NFT and they’re their homework that night is to download the app Metamask you know, and then day two, we go into it, and then date, you know, day five is all about security and discord. And at the very end, we gifted them their very first NFT and is exactly like what you were saying DoorDash is just trying to bring more people into the space. We’re not, you know, honestly, like, like you said, Brian, there’s a lot of other things that we could be doing for our health. And it is a lot of time. But the more people that understand this, the easier it’s going to be when this is the norm when it is the norm of hey, I bought a you know, I’m a Starbucks drinker. And now I want to have the Starbucks, and if loyalty NFT for my iced coffee that I like, you know, so now I get free ice, but I don’t even know how it’s gonna work. So I’m gonna go down that rabbit hole, but like, people have that opportunity that it’s not gonna be like, wait, I have to buy some stupid NFT for it, well, I’m just not even going to do it. The more people we can bring into the space, the better. And sometimes it might just be gifting an NFT and you know, just trying to educate those and sitting down with them and helping them set up their wallet and trying to just make the entrance area or barrier to entry a little bit less stressful. So I think that was exactly with what you’re doing here at the podcast, Brian, you know, just educating and bringing more people in and being patient. And you know, if you find people that are in on projects, like you know, I gifted my husband, a diamond dog, found out about Diamond Dogs from you. And I mean, like, it’s cool to be like, oh, yeah, well, I know, Robbie Kryptos. And like all these other people, but I only know them by their Twitter handle. I only know that by their discord. But I’m like, Oh, they also own this. Well, I know, he’s an awesome, dude. So I want to get on on that project too. So you find your own little communities. And that’s, that’s what it is. It’s all about finding community online and the pandemic, definitely push that to the forefront of you don’t just need to, I mean, it is great being in person with you guys. But you don’t just need to be in person with somebody to really have a great relationship.

Brian Fanzo 44:17
Well, you know, that’s speaking my language. And I also say, you know, when we say, you know, collaboration over competition, every time that anyone that listens to this and says, Hey, I’m gonna go educate one person, we’re winning, right? Like, that’s where I look at this, right? Because, and for anyone who’s listening, like your opportunity to educate is, whatever you decide to do, right? The fact that you’re gifting your husband one, right? The fact he can even talk about it, maybe at at dinner, or he’s at work, and he brings up something in that conversation is like, oh, yeah, my wife gifted me this one. And all of a sudden it opens a conversation. Another place that allows us right when we think of mass adoption, people are like, we need to be on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Actually, that’s not really the case. We just need a whole bunch of advocates and it is kind of like building one at a time and onboarding one No time. And I will say I love the both of you came on the show for those that are listening while mature, you know their information. And links are in the in the bio in the show notes here of the podcast as well. And I also say for anyone that’s on this journey like you’re never you’re we’re all just getting started, right and I love like both of you kind of started the same way with which is not like planned in the sense of bringing it on. But it is super cool to be like, hey, like if you’ve been there are people that learned at this event Ohio that we know that will go out with their first NFT in the next 24 hours. And they’re going to be having this conversation a couple months from now of like, well, I went to this event in Ohio and the other part of this is for many people like traveling is not at your disposal right now. There are Twitter spaces that happen all day I see both of you very active on Twitter spaces as well like you put in your work. If you want something to get out of this space, you’re gonna put it in it, there’s no doubt about that both of you have done that. Excited. Thanks for both your friendships and for being guests on the podcast and coming on the journey. And for those listening, you know, whatever we do some more of these type of conversations, you know, traveling around we’re heading to New York next week for NFT NYC so you’ll get some content from there. And then you’ll also there’s I think there’s gonna be a pulse coming out of NF to NYC on like what it where does the dust settle on some people on some projects and I’ve already heard there’s multiple speakers that are kind of backing out of their position to speak and I’m like, that’s like that’s probably a good sign. So for those that are listening to this kind of in real time, you know, keep your eyes on that hashtag you don’t have to be in New York to know what’s going on like hashtag NFT NYC follow along with the podcast. I’m going to discord. I will have five members of our team that are up there. I mean, I think in our Discord of like NFT holders, I think there’s 13 people that we know there’ll be in New York so there’ll be lots of cover up there but as always, until tomorrow, my friends make it a great day. Cheers.

Kevin Sturmer 46:44
This show if not financial advice, so do your own damn research.