Juju Smith-Schuster and Blokkbots: NFL Wr + Creator + Gamer Now NFTs! | Episode 157


Juju Smith-Schuster and Blokkbots: NFL Wr + Creator + Gamer Now NFTs!

On this episode we are joined by Jessie, D-Beck, and Juju Smith-Schuster of the Blockbots NFT Team.

We chat and discuss the origin story behind this NFT project and the genesis collection.

We also dive into what motivated Juju to get involved and how he is helping shape the game dynamics being a esports team owner & long-time gamer himself.

Being a part of this, it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. - JuJu Smith-Schuster, Guest, NFT 365 Podcast

When Juju gets involved he goes ALL IN, In this episode, you will find out why this game project stands out and is building for the future of P2E gaming. 

This will be posted as episode 156 of the podcast available in all podcasting apps on April 16th.

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Live Mint & Release Date: 5-3-2022



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Brian Fanzo 0:43

Welcome back to another episode of NFT. 365. One of the things that we stress a lot here on the podcast side of the house is really understanding the importance and value of, of really what web three allows with transparency and connecting a lot of the dots that we you know, kind of have always been missing when it comes to integration with creators creators being able to support monetize and grow in a way that makes sense to them and doing it across the gamut as far as different ways to make that happen. And so I’m excited on today’s podcast, we have special guests with us from the block bots team as well as ex Pittsburgh Steeler which is hard for me to say as a diehard Pittsburgh Steeler fan proof Always be Always you’ll always be black and gold to us my friend and so I feel like we’ve been growing with you. But excited to see that you’re in Kansas City I got the watch the vlog Juju of you arriving there and just like your excitement, I know what you bring to the table. So hopefully we don’t have to face you and, and the AFC championships but without big band who knows what’s going on with with that with Pittsburgh side, but you know, super excited to have the conversation. And so I think first jumping off, you know, Juju I loved it, y’all throw it to you. And then I’d love to get the team involved. From a standpoint of NF T’s I know, you are heavily involved as a creator of log Tiktok. I also know I think it was last year in the fall, there was a couple projects that came out kind of NFL endorsed, but I believe it’s kind of like your first like foray into being kind of like a full partner with an NF T project. Talk to us a little bit about where NF T’s have kind of shown up for you and and kind of where you’re at today with that

Juju Smith-Schuster 2:27
are diehard fans, I appreciate you so much. But just to get to MIT where I at first you always kind of go those guys you know you sit back you see all these things are happening. You see guys jumping in and you know doing projects and just like a one off thing it’s like doing this or not as influencer working with these guys are here Jesse de becque on says government ends up working with these guys. They pretty much show you the whole background, the ins and outs and inseason me being a person myself, you know, you know, love gaming, the gaming space, I have my own team team members. And I saw that this would be a great opportunity to be a partners partner and, and like I said during this block boss has been amazing. Like I said, it’s play turn, you know, that’s something I do, you know, with video games and being headed on a third off the food through gaming and be able to do this is is fun. There’s awesome. Here’s a lot more about web three and all the other stuff and just drawing as I go. So yeah, just sanity thing, man. I’m super excited to be a part of.

Brian Fanzo 3:36
Now, I love that. And I can tell you the use cases. And you know, because you are a gamer, you’re a creator, the fact that you’re kind of fully invested. And I guess we’ll go with dieback. I guess that’s how it works. Your Divac I’m curious. You know, I think you’re the one that reached out to Juju on the fact that hey, we have this great NFT project that already kind of has a Genesis components to it. And you knew he was a gamer. What was your thoughts there? Like how did those two kind of worlds come together with?

D-Beck 4:02
Yeah, so. So I know, a new dude, you already and I knew that he was trying to get into the space the right way. And I’ve lived like, you know, a few projects already. Veteran crypto investors and you know, 2015. So yeah, I’m kind of well off on that end. But I got into the tech side of things. And when I started to venture into the NFT space, I was a gamer my whole life. I’m probably older and everybody is on here. But gamer my whole life. And then I was developing another project, big Metaverse project which I sold another thing but every time I talked to you, he was he was kind of reluctant. And then yes, he comes along, discovered you know, Jesse and his project and I like to go into projects, figure out how I can help move them along. Ong, excetera, etc. And then you know we are I said, Yo, this project right here is the one that I would like to redevelop with Juju. And then I talked to Juju about it and show them what it is. And immediately, you know, it made sense. So we started to repurpose St. Jude, you had, you know, his own notes on the project, keep cetera, et cetera. And we’re still, you know, we’re still building like, this is what you know, I looked at it as I wanted to create, number one. A project which somebody that was actually doing what the project was about, right? I didn’t want people to look at it like oh you shilling influencers, you know, paying in promotions, doing things, you do not want anything like that. He was like, Yo, this is dope, how can we make this happen, etcetera, etcetera, I got ideas. And here we are, you know, there’ll be a beta day one, which is most projects usually won’t do that when they gamified, they make you wait for so long. Genesis holders already can use the alpha, when we unlock it, we took it down for maintenance, I believe. And then with Jesse, you know, being a young African American game developer, as I’m, you know, really into getting more, you know, exposure for people like that, outside of who Jesse is, as a whole, you can, you can go into that now I’ll give the mic up. Because I don’t like to talk a whole lot. We’ll come back to me when when you want it when we get into more technical stuff.

Brian Fanzo 6:41
I love that. I love that. So Jesse, Jesse, I’d love to hear a little bit of the context on the game, the original origin, right, and I believe Juju was kind of brought into the mix more recently, but you already rolled out a Genesis, you know, I’m buying an NFT every day for a year. And so I’m spending four hours a day researching. For me, the idea was I wanted to remove the barrier to entry, so people didn’t have to have a financial obligation to learn NFT’s. Now, I’ll tell you, I didn’t realize like I thought a daily podcast will be a lot of work. Buying an NFT everyday has been a hell of a lot more work than actually doing the podcast every day just trying to figure out the different nuances. And so when I first heard about the project, when I heard Judah was involved, you’ll understand like, hey, there’s a Genesis side of it. Yeah, the gaming pieces already there being implemented. And now you’re gonna be launching kind of the the next phase with the upcoming mint, give us a little bit of the origin story of the project, and then kind of where we’re at today, and what people can look forward to, you know, kind of upcoming.

Jessie 7:37
So, so yeah, definitely, originally, one of our other partners who are not on here, Tim, me and him just we really want to do something in the NFT space. And I’ve always been big on like superheroes, robots and everything else. So we had an idea to make an NFT game, and this was in April. So we just started making a one by one. And we were selling them out. And like literally one second, every time we dropped one second, one second, one second. We wanted to do it bigger. For what we were originally doing because everything was handmade. It wasn’t any traits wasn’t any generation it was every black belt was handmade. So we had we did about 300 of those. And after that was like, Okay, we kind of getting tired of just releasing them one by one. So that we came up with the idea of doing a generator collection. After we came up with the idea, I didn’t want to release it and did not have the proper rollout, the proper hype, the proper everything to it. So I knew I was going to need somebody with like some influence who really liked it for gaming space. So when I met de becque, he was like, man, well, I really liked this project, I could help you actually do it at the correct way. We had talked to plenty of people. And it was kinda like they were interested, but they were trying to like, give us a raw deal. So when de becque came along, he just was like, Man, I just want to see you shine, and I got I got somebody I think would really be great for this project. And he ended up bringing Juju so now we’re here.

Brian Fanzo 9:10
I love it. I love like kind of like that origin too. And like, let’s face it, the entity world for when you drop the Genesis to where we’re at today is you know, we’re living in like a whole different, you know, arena now when it comes to, you know, projects and due diligence and a lot of the things that happened over the fall early this year. I’m curious Juju from a standpoint of you know, what, let’s face it, I think from a brand perspective, you have a lot to risk in the in the play of people that you’re aligning with people that you’re collaborating with. But I also know that you’re pretty dedicated to you know, being not only an you know, an amazing athlete on the field, but also like you have that crater side of you and I know I appreciate that as a as a fan but also as a creator that that is something that I think is unique from an athlete perspective. When you were brought the game and you as a gamer but also as a kid Raider, what was something like either like the due diligence or your thoughts, kind of write out the jump, because for you to put your name on there, you know, there definitely is something that you had to kind of embrace wholeheartedly, you know, all and so I’m curious what your take is on that. Yeah, so

Juju Smith-Schuster 10:12
the whole branding and everything I do outside and off the field is, it’s always been in me, I’ve always been huge about it just because, you know, Pete, you know, you are home during the game, so you don’t need to see your personality. So I did a YouTube, that’s why I do all these other social, so I try to do the Tik Toks to show people, you know, my personality who are truly am, you know, because, you know, football doesn’t last forever. So, obviously, you know, you know, me, I’m big into gaming, the gaming space and you know, being on Twitch doing cloud, there’s so many people. I’ve known D-Beck for about two years now, two years now. And we’ve been where each other and here’s i Look, man, like, Hi, this, my friend, Jesse, he has this, this entity that he’s, he wants to get my washi and I was like, I want to see it. And for myself, you know, I’ve been approached from so many different brands, but he urges you to use it. And I was like, Well, I mean, like, I feel like a lot of people just do like their own influence, or hey, JS-M NFT, here’s kind of I’m gonna put it out. And then that’s it. How I saw was like, when he brought, you know, we bought Jesse into this, like this, you know, plays an urn type of vibe. And he was like, wow, like, I’m big into gaming, this fits me perfectly. And this is kind of our size. And when I went into it, and he showed me, I was like, wow, like, this is really cool. Like, the arena setup, like the individuals and even, you know, creating my own personal entity of, you know, not only that, you get to, you know, pay for it, you got it, but you also get to play with it, you also get to, you know, play to earn, which is really cool. So, and obviously, I made a couple of tweaks in my mock because like how I see it was like, well, this would be really cool. This would be really cool. This was really cool. So I really just hop straight into it. And I love it. Because it’s not just hey, here’s a reality. That’s it, man, you just move on. It’s more so like, here’s a degeneracy. You play to win, you can get this, this and this. It’s limited edition, you know, not everyone can get the G to the T so. So just being a part of this, it’s just been an amazing, amazing journey. I can’t wait. I didn’t really know about like, what Jesse’s done in the past, but he’s been a resource. He’s in his bag. I’m cool to be in his bag.

Brian Fanzo 11:56
I did my research too, right? I didn’t look up all you guys from a standpoint of you know, putting it you know, putting it out there. And also you’re like, I think there’s something beautiful about when you kind of different worlds coming together. Also, I love the idea of not only supporting minority developers, but also more minority led projects and minority led, you know, athletes that are driving projects, which I think is a beautiful thing in this space. I think we need to kind of drive that forward more. Jesse, what were your thoughts? When when JuJu said yes. And you were like, okay, bringing them on board. I mean, the fact that he wants to be integrated in there, right, I think is a, it’s a beautiful sign for us as collectors, but also know, as developers like, Okay, wait a second, I got a gamer in here. He’s gonna want his own yo, his own tweaks his own test? How did you kind of look at that first kind of bringing Juju on as a partner for the project.

Jessie 13:20
I thought it was beautiful, because I always felt like this was a very strong project. But I know, the space is so used to PFPs it takes a little, it’s a more of an effort to get people to get into the gaming space. Like a lot of times projects will promise a game, but they’re more so focused on the PFP. And just like getting getting people to buy the secondary and stuff like that. So I was just happy that I was bringing on somebody who I felt like can really bring attention to something I feel like is different in the space. I don’t see really any fighting game, so to say, on the NFT platform like so I thought it was amazing. And I was super excited because you know, I’ve been offended the Juju. I’m a big football fan. So it was like the perfect combination to me.

Brian Fanzo 14:11
I love that. I love that and I share it offline. My daughter’s first jerseys were number 19 They’re black and yellow. So you know they were very they were very disappointed when I kept saying he’s a free agent. He’s probably not coming back. And my other daughter she had grown out of her Jersey she only has a Big Bend jerseys right now. I think my budget is gonna have to be you know, have to take some of my crypto converted over his buying some new football jerseys with seizures. seizures. I’m born and raised black and yellow. But I will be cheering from afar on the outside. dieback. I’m curious, you know, for your use of your OG in the crypto space. You know, the gaming space, you know, played to earn. You know, I think we’re seeing explode in some areas, which I feel like it’s kind of top heavy. And then there’s a lot of other areas that there’s some great games being developed great ideas being developed, but I would argue a lot of them haven’t On the life, I feel like in my bag, I probably have 30 of projects that the utility was a game, and some of them own for six months. And I still have, you know, maybe a sneak preview. How did that how did you think of that, like as to kind of bring me Juju on the phone and kind of connecting the dots. I mean, this game is gonna be there when we’re, you know, you’re launching.

D-Beck 15:19
Yeah, so that was a major piece of me even wanting to, you know, go that hard to make sure the project, you know, had, you know, is just do actually because I’m in a lot of other game and NFT’s like you say, right? I mean, a lot of Ajax joints, that we lose everybody.

Brian Fanzo 15:41
Now you get you get I just I just put you on.

D-Beck 15:45
Yeah, I mean, a lot of like a bags game, and you know, as far as like shaking in knowledge, etc. But I’m also like, I’ve been a gamer, like I said, my whole life, I’m a day one Destiny player, I’m gonna Call of Duty, you know, regular person, etc, etc. But this project, I know how it is when you get into the game and projects, and then they don’t release a game or they’ll release a game, like six months, damn near a year out if they do. And he already had an operating game, where, you know, the gym, the Genesis holders were able to play it. And now, it was all it was was just, you know, somebody coming along that knew exactly how to do this. Like I said, I’ve run some other projects, you know, et cetera, et cetera. And this one was like, a no brainer, like Jesse, Jesse say, like, what he’s done already in, in, just in business in general. And then, you know, they’re NFT space with the Digi strands thing, which he can speak on to, you know, I was very confident, like, it’s not like, I’m careless. I’m very confident. And I hate that certain projects and the way they handle them, bringing a sore eye to the NFT community. Because like I said, you know, paid paid schillers I’m not a fan of like, I just want them Juju has said to me, you know, the opposite? Oh, yeah, do this, etc, you know, but no, he literally was like, How can I be a party? That is exactly what I was looking for. Right? It wasn’t a guarantee he was gonna like the project. There was no guarantee I wasn’t gonna say, Hey, okay, let’s do this, right. Because the point my point was, I want to bring actual, you know, a business, a business platform to now how people are handling this stuff, because it is a business at the end of the day. And when people see, you know, you run into a project, and you can have a roadmap. But if you don’t really have a business mind behind it, Jesse is a great businessman. JuJu and Jesse are far younger than me, dude. You know, what, 25 years, he is barely 30. But look at the accomplishments they made. But me as a businessman, I knew exactly what Jesse needed to make sure that these went along. And that’s why I’m here. And I’m also very, I’m heavy in the tech space. And so it is beautiful, what we doing. And like, I’m excited, man, like, I literally dropped a few other projects, just to focus on, you know, this, and the future of it, you know, we got a bunch of utility come into it. You know, I know people got questions about you know, what exactly is where’s it gonna go from here will eventually be going full motion capture, graphics, etc. So I have a heavy, you know, background in the film industry. So we will be definitely going full fledge there eventually, you know, at some point, and then we’re actually not in the long term, that’ll be more in the short term. But on launch day, you know, everybody will be able to play the beta and, and you know, and then we’ll keep adding utility as it becomes available, and we’re not going to make everybody Wait, you know, to experience or enjoy, you know, what they pay for.

Brian Fanzo 19:29
that’s, I mean, that’s, that’s essential, right? I think that part of like, kind of proof there and you also bring those worlds together. I know that you’re right now in the discord, we’ll make sure the discord link is in the show notes for those that can, you know, kind of jump in there. Jesse talk a little bit about like, you know, your background was gonna mentioned, right, a little bit about like the gaming side of the house in NFT’s I think play to earn, of course, we know. It’s kind of been something that’s been socialized, but I wouldn’t say that a lot of people understand really kind of what that play to earn means for NFT collectors. as well as gamers, because let’s face it, a lot of games that have existed, you buy skins, you work your way, all of that and stuck inside of a game that is owned by a platform, not by the creator. Can you talk a little bit about that? Just from what you’re kind of looking at here? Yeah,

Jessie 20:13
definitely. So yeah, for people who not really familiar with play to earn is usually you can earn based on either the amount of time you playing different modes that you play in winning, or losing, etc, etc. So right now, with Blokkbots we’re working on our tokenomics as we speak, for all the different functions in the game, where you’ll be able to actually earn tokens, which you can convert into Fiat or different other currency. cryptocurrencies, based on you know, how much you win tournaments, different things that we were planning to announce, in the very coming future. But yeah, people are going to be able to actually earn money just from enjoying the game, you’ll be able to actually, you know, get different weapons and power ups and different things like that. So we definitely looking to just add something different to the gaming space that’s already there, just with our own little twist to it. I think that’s really where the gaming, where gaming is going. You see Epic Games, coming into the space, doing Metaverse things, and also coming out with games that will be playe to earn. So I think this is really the future at a space and we’re really early. So I’m happy to be able to be one of the first people who you know, especially like a black developer to do something like this. It’s pretty ambitious, but I like being first and I like doing things that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to do.

Brian Fanzo 21:41
I mean, go big or go home. Right. I like that. And we were talking before the podcast on you know, being fully committed and all in on on the project. And now it kind of feels like a lot of these, like moving parts are kind of perfectly aligned. You know, dude, you I’m curious, you know, you are a natural content creator. And I know we have you know, in especially in sports, where there’s kind of like that, oftentimes that barrier, let’s face it, there’s a generation of athletes, that can’t figure out why you’re talking to your phone versus a generation of athletes that are up and coming that, you know, that’s part of this story, right? I feel my dad, my dad actually fine is listening, which I thought was pretty cool. He’s he’s been a season ticket holder since the 60s. For the Steelers, we’re family has season, you know, season tickets. And for me, it kind of coaching my dad into understanding like, I’ve got access to Juju and his world that he would have killed to have with Franco Harris and Jack ham and all the Steelers that he loved. But yet, you know, it’s kind of a different switch. I’m curious, your take on like you as a content creator, being able to bring people into your world, that it’d be a really nice advantage for you in this space. And then I’m curious from like, you do have a, you know, a gaming experience as well. What are some of those influences from your current gaming, that you think you can kind of blend into, you know, what, you know, block bots is doing today?

Juju Smith-Schuster 22:58
Yeah, so the, my generation, obviously, you know, you talk about, you know, the whole, you know, putting the phone in your face, and you know, we call or do a couple videos, and it goes viral and everyone sees a whole lot that’s JuJu’s personality, that’s what he’s like. And I was I’ll be honest, with everyone that’s watching this, I will say that knowing that I been able to buy my house, I’ve been able to buy my family cars, I’ve been able to pay the rent the bills in so many different ways that’s that I get so much, you know, hate for, but it’s all good. Because at the end of the day, I know that my family has roof on top of your head, and you’re in there being taken care of. And like you said, you talked about that generation being connected to, you know, your role model your fans, like I wish that like growing up as a kid that I back then like it was so big to kind of like I my idol like Reggie Bush was, you know, someone that I can like, men see what he’s doing every single day as a kid, or what is he doing to get better was gonna get stronger and you know, I didn’t have that you’re not me. But now that I am in a position to do that for so many different other role models. It’s been unbelievable. I’ve been a gamer since Call of Duty one. And I remember that I used to carry vice carry my playstation and my TV to my grandma’s house. I used to walk like a mile and just just to use the internet just like I’m playing my friends online. Nowadays night and set the palm of your hand you have video games, the palm of your hand where it’s like boom, you play the wind you turn on your entity and you have this juice. My you like I’m gonna be honest, I probably got the most virusscan shout to Jesse making this happen. And it’s limited that I’m number nine so there’s only nine out there when we first start so Matt if you’re one of those people who got them all out you’d be so swaggy you you dominate the game basically. So like my background of video games has always been a part of it and like I said, we did I brought this to me it was it was no brainer because I just didn’t want to be like everyone else and just do a JuJu NFT, I wanted to be something more. And I didn’t want it to be like, I do this and then I move on. No, this is like, we’re doing this, and we’re working on this every single day. And you know, I get my input. And I said, that’s the best part about being partners. You know, me personally, like, my gaming background is different between D-Beck and Jesse’s. So when I say, Hey, I think this would be a really cool stage. You know, our, this would be really cool. You know, I have, you know, this brand, this branding that we can implement this to, you know, show my fans like, hey, let’s make it let’s make it a football field. And we compete, and we just fight is doing and, you know, so that’s what’s really cool about you know, being partners and not just being, you know, a talent that’s just doing, you know, hey, you should play play, play blocks. That’s it. No, it’s like, Hey, this is my game. I’m supporting it day in day out. We’re gonna ride together, we’re gonna play to win. You’ll see man, we’re doing this, we’re doing that. And like I said, like being able to work on block, Jesse and D-Beck, it was just a no brainer to be a part of this. And I’m super excited. I can’t wait. I was really dropping it tonight. But I gotta wait till next month. So we’ll see.

Brian Fanzo 26:17
Yeah, and I will say, you know, one of the things you When, when, you know, Drew on my producer, this I reached sounds like a Juju once you come on the podcast, you want to make that happen? Of course, my first instinct was like, hell yeah. And then I was like, I was like, Well hold on a second. Like, I am not one to mince my words on, you know, the shilling or the money grab side of the house. And that kind of like that balance. Right? And I actually think of it like, I don’t have a bad connotation with the word influencer. I think it just actually some of the people that are just not understanding like that power and trust they have right, I think you’ve done a great job of that, I think in balancing, you know, some of the hate but also, you know, the the access that I know, you know, there’s a reason why you know, anyone that’s all Steelers twitter, on on your signing day ever. For Kansas City, I mean, my feed, I have a separate account that is just for Twitter or Steelers stuff. Because the Pittsburgh, Ian’s are a little bit different. When it comes to that. I mean, the amount of love and connection for you has so much to do with that access that we have to you and the things that you’re about and, and so for me, it didn’t take much research actually, after, you know, as much as I talked about the amount of research I do, because I knew that, hey, if you’re just gonna put his name on there, he’s gonna be committed to it and knows, like this game, it’s not your first time on a, you know, an influencer project where you’re kind of outside of the, you know, the NFLPA blanket, or one of those pieces. So I think it’s, I think it’s such an important piece of it and, and Deepak, I’m curious, you brought up the tech side of the house, talk to us a little bit about the tech, you know, things that we can be looking forward to I know, for, we’re not going to get a preview right now. But, you know, we are buying an NFT every day for a year through November 11. So, when this means out, we’ll be making sure that we put this on our list of a project to include on there, talk to us a little bit about the tech that people can expect next month.

D-Beck 28:02
Yeah, so we met out mate there, and we’ll have a live event, etc, you know, we’re working on a partner for that it’ll likely be via Twitch, we’ll have like, mid event, etc. On May 3, but from the tech side of things, so here’s what I wanted. I really wanted, you know, for us to be able to, to sustain a play to earn game you understand. And with a fighting game, and Jesse and you know, throwing ideas back in with JuJu, etc. You know, every day, it was something, it was something like new Oh, wait, you go back here. And we’re like, alright, the community, you know, we want to have a true play to earn and what I mean by that is real world utility and in game utility, right? So we have just a tremendous amount of opportunity to Collbran inside of the game as well and also be able to have our community earn things you know, from the huge brands you know, I won’t mention any on the podcast right now. So but as far as utility goes, there will be up all the NFT’s will be upgradable as far as being able to add you know, we’ll probably set a limit on it we still discussing that how many extra you know moves etc that don’t come day one that you can go ahead and you know get off the marketplace because we will have asset marketplace for the characters to you know be upgraded XP system in order to do that which is probably would be will be tied into the token is so the token with actors like XP so if you’ve been playing with your character, you’re earning XP, right? But you can also buy XP but we also we won’t and Have it like a paywall system where people can, you know, just pay all this money and they character just OP right? No, we’re not going to do that what it will be is that you’ll, you’ll still be limited to what you can put on your character at one time. So the balance is there, no matter what character you plan with, unless you may have juju, who we plan to have, you know, in there so he so limited his character is probably gonna be a little Opie to start if you can draw him but they’ll only be nine of them. And, you know, we mentioned we’re men’s and 11,000. So, and the reason why we you know, our men’s and that is not a lot when you consider a gaming community, especially multiplayer gaming community, right? I’ve been playing multiplayer games forever. 1000s of people are just, you know, on at one time, so I don’t believe we actually have enough and Gen Z. But you know, this is the start of it. This is not the end. And we will be supporting you know, the community. For the foreseeable future for the years to come. This is not just like a, you know, the wave is over in black boxes. Oh, no. Look how long fortnight last day look at how long Roblox and Minecraft and, you know, Destiny is like, a day one Destiny player. And I’m still there, even though they had like a rocky road on their situation. But you know, we’re not looking like Oh, day one. If we don’t mean out this project. No, the project is the is the project the project is going to keep moving. We were very well equipped to keep upgrading the project. And all of that I don’t look at this as just an NFT project is a video game, right? with NFT utility. It’s a web three video game. And so when you look at it that way, you know, I believe you know, Game of five NFT’s are going to be you know, big, honestly believe that Blizzard was purchased so they can gamify an NF t call of duty. That’s just my opinion. That’s what’s gonna happen. So, you know, in all the money they thrown at Epic Games, and you know, these other Metaverse projects, billions of dollars to gamify, you know, T space is a goldmine. And, you know, I want to encourage any other, you know, game developers that are looking, you know, at web three game and just do it. You know, don’t don’t worry about the initial support of the project. If you know you’re doing something, don’t just do it, and you’ll find your support somewhere.

Brian Fanzo 32:44
I mean, I’m curious, Jesse from that standpoint, right. Like, you’re talking, there’s a lot of I mean, I think the talent pool is such an amazing aspect of web three, right? And I love Deepak that you kind of put the perspective, right, it’s a web three game that has NFT components that really puts the power in the hands of the actual gamer, instead of the power in the hands of the actual platform. And I think this is a it’s a shift I don’t think it’s a really as much a technology shift as a mindset shift. And Virgo, I actually had a, you know, my daughter texted me two hours ago was like, log me out of Roblox on your, on your computer, right. So I log out a whole blocks here for them on that side, but Jesse, I’m curious from you, you launched the original Genesis collection, you know, my mantra, like one of my things that, you know, I’m a full time speaker. But the speech I give it more often than not, it’s called press the down button. And it’s really, you know, it’s no different than Nike on just do it. And it’s the idea of putting things out there. And Deepak mentioned that you wrote out a Genesis project, originally, the world’s changed, but also like your connections and ability to kind of mold this into something that maybe is even bigger than you originally envisioned. Talk a little bit from, like the developers that are listening to this right now that are like, Oh, it must be nice that you have D back and Juju. I don’t think those things were in place when you actually press the down button and put it out. Talk to us from that perspective a little bit.

Jessie 34:03
Yeah, definitely. When we first put this out, I definitely wasn’t even thinking that big. It wasn’t really until the summer when I start taking it a lot more serious. But I really think like, people in general in the web3 space, usually you get a you get a PFP and then it’s kinda like that’s it. What Blokkbots, I love Dragonball Z star wars, this and that. So I wanted to create something that was like on that type of level. So I wanted something to have lower. If you go to Blokkbots the Genesis collection, you will see every single block by has its own lore. They live in their own world. They live on the blockchain, the Genesis when we created it, we knew something would eventually come from it. But never did we think we would get Juju so we just want to continue to build and we kept building we kept building into he’ll things worked out in this way. And also I do want to just kind of say something about block bots with the lore. The Genesis in the Gen Z, actually like battle so Genesis and Gen Z are not friends at all. Genesis was basically the, the originators of the land on a blockchain ended up like kinda like enslaving the Gen Z.

Brian Fanzo 35:26
Juju, and we talked about attack, we’re talking about the game orientation, but also know your foundation is involved as well. He will talk a little bit a let us know that the foundation and then be give us a little bit on how that can be involved in the project as well.

Juju Smith-Schuster 35:40
Yeah, man, so obviously, with the GG foundation, you know, it’s all about you know, lifting those spirits, those knees, between, you know, youth, to elderly people, we do so much. We basically do those with the foundation. It’s a nonprofit organization. And we’re doing some big things, you know, with Gen Z and NMT thing like the gaming space. I know myself, my foundation, we do a lot of stuff with, you know, going to building like having like a cat for video games. As far as like, for 14, Nevers, my gaming team. And I think incorporating that NFT world into that, and like, you know, basically helping out these guys teach in my head, this is like, you know, the web three of the future by these young kids generation out there. So I’m just super excited because the foundation is has always been near and dear to my heart, and be able to do this with the office.

Brian Fanzo 36:36
I love that.

D-Beck 36:38
I want to touch on what he just said about the education of NFT’s and just the web three space. I’m really big on educating people about web three, and all that too. And so as you know, some schools are actually given credit, but what was NBA 2k is now is part of what do you call the sports education or something in the school? For video games, and stuff like that? Yeah, eSports because eSports gaming is the next wave and, and eSports and tournament style gaming is involved in black box as well. So you know, we’ll speak more on that, obviously, that was a no brainer, right? But at the end of the day, what do you do with sand, what to do, do foundation etc. And now we can support holding, like gaming camps, etc, getting like parents to understand like, No, it’s not just gaming now. It’s more like it’s literally a business for kids or just a learning, you know, you know, platform etc. I have an autistic cousin who’s learned more from you know, he plays Roblox. Like, he’s not that far on the spectrum. But you know, Roblox was like his, his his center, he had to play play Roblox and then do his homework, but that’s the only way that it would happen. But it was it kind of worked, you know, because now he’s like, really into world building. So and he’s only you know, he’s 16 he just turned 16 But he’s been playing Roblox for as long as I can remember. And so, you know, the gaming space and the narrative around the gaming space has definitely changed from when I came up, you know, I get smacked in the back of their head for plan plan too late or even tried, etc. So, you know, like now, you know, it is it is a you know, it’s a different world. doodoos generation is the forefront of what we’re three and web floor, we can actually talk about the fact that web four is on the horizon, in the long run, we really divided and know what it says generation that’s gonna lead the foot, you know, lead the charge in that space. And so somebody like him and Jesse, and you know, other people listening, etc, are the ones that should be, you know, pressing the button, like you say, on their ideas, and just getting more educated on how to get them out, et cetera, et cetera, like me, I don’t I don’t charge anybody for information or, you know, whatever help I can provide. You can reach out to me, you know, if you can find me on social media, and I have my business email is, you know, just DM me or something. I’m not I don’t shy away from it. You know, we speak in every day on the clubhouse before about this very same thing to the whole pandemic, and help you know, a couple of 1000 people actually spoke to a couple fortune 500 companies, which is surprising because for them to have that much money, they had no idea how to working with three

Brian Fanzo 39:51
is little while you know, it’s funny. When I first heard your voice on here, I couldn’t figure out where it was from it’s actually clubhouse. We’ve shared the stage together. I spent way too many hours I went Want to admit on on clubhouse that year? wasn’t in the rundown? Yeah, rundown room I say How funny is that? That’s that’s such a small world room

D-Beck 40:11
that we that we started beginning in 2020

Brian Fanzo 40:15
Yeah, it’s amazing how many connections back to you like that web three origin I mean I have a I talk about it a lot now but it was like the worst you know the the Twitter mistake in May the first week of May I tweeted out, you know, look at these idiots with eight pictures. laughing about spending $400 on clubhouse I tweeted that out. Now they’re all laughing

D-Beck 40:36
You might even want to discourage me from buying vapes at that time because yeah, man, I’m not buying these aids. Now I’m over here looking for Hey, that’s around 150 $175,000 to add to my collection and I’m like why was I not thinking about this then like a couple but it’s fine it’s all good man. You know, that’s the space and hopefully you know black boxes and next blue chip you know situation we entered for the long run not the short brand. And you know more more partners and more people will come on and and yeah,

Brian Fanzo 41:18
I love it. I love it. And you mentioned you know, I’m I can say I’m a pager wearing Millennials I actually have a pager JoJo you can google one of those are I know, that’s not what you had. Like I’m a pager wearing millennial, I’m 40 years old and proud on that side of it, and you’re raising my three daughters who are, you know, into the Roblox side of the house. But I think you brought up a an important aspect too, on the you know, not only education, but like the onboarding, right, and the more examples that we can have where people look like us, the gaming skins are like, you know, the idea that we can come along, like I might not ever be able to play football with juju, but I might be able to be in a video game and use that skin and even own that skin right this ownership aspect where you know, there’s other video games where you can play as a character, but the fact you can be the one that owns you know, owns it and even has that that digital ownership piece is a is a big deal. And you and that’s also kind of why we did this podcast and on a daily basis was you’re really focused on education right? And we’ve been doing a lot of discord. My backgrounds in cybersecurity. I used to work cybersecurity for the DoD here in Washington DC area for a good while over about a decade. And I love going into discord and just doing AMI ama is like, here’s how you set up a wallet. Here’s some of the best practices that kind of exist in there. And I think that’s also going to be part of the onboarding here. With with gaming, right? We have to we have to kind of welcome gamers and we have to convince them that we didn’t ruin discord that we’re playing nice there discord. I know, you know, the NFT world kind of came into discord. I feel like we owned it. And gamers are like, we’ve been there for years. I’m curious, dude, you from your standpoint of you know, as a gamer, as a creator, as an athlete, you know, you mentioned like, as a kid, you would have loved to have the access to an athlete side of the house. What about you like early gaming days, like excites you to think about the other early gamers that are out there that are going to kind of discover this through high school through college, and really be able to own a piece of this right? Be able to benefit monetarily in this game? I know you didn’t have that, you know, you’re young, but that opportunity wasn’t there for you. What was your what’s your take on that?

Juju Smith-Schuster 43:20
So yeah, so for myself, like, you know, always been gaming, I was like, you know, at first, you know, growing up as a kid, it was like, oh, I want to be kept in price, you know, Call of Duty, I want to be that characters. I carry that. Now, you know, you know, one of my other favorite games to live to do you relate so much to you know, to what we’re doing now is Mortal Kombat. You know, I’ve always really like my own character and like, zeros Scorpio, like, because those are like the two like main character, they’re so cool. And then it comes to find out that like, not only that I get to create my own character, but to be my own character in the game, but also to have, you know, part ownership in this and, you know, to how to say how’s the game to go out to how to how I wanted to, you know, Phil, and I can understand the way, you know, I see in my generation, and the kids will see it, how they will love it. And you know, like you said only one of the biggest thing you said to me was like, Man, I can’t play on the village. It just shows you. I can play against him, you know, in this nit world, and you know, compete and beat him you know, and it is it is Eagle playing grounds. You know, if you have the right skin. It’s been a big difference and coming into the space, it’s all sort of, you know, so new to me, you know, I wish that’s I’m thankful for, you know, the bag and Jesse for, you know, introduced me into this. Before I even came on, you know, they told me it was I mean, he’s still standing on my couch. But I mean, I appreciate all the love support, even from your daughter’s man. And because of this, I’ll send you three jerseys. Man, you don’t have to pay for nothing,

Brian Fanzo 44:53
man. You’re the man. I appreciate that. I’ll tell you. My daughters are like Wait It’s nine o’clock Eastern time. they’re just gonna be on. And so I was like, Don’t worry, I’ll send screenshots that, you know, Juju is up there. So I appreciate that a bunch and even I’ll, I’ll kind of return the favor on what I can provide I will let you know I’m happy to offer like a boot camp into your discord when you guys get things kicking off and happy to ask answer questions. We’re buying NF T’s every day. So, you know, happy to offer that and you know, do our job on you know, onboarding, I’m a big you know, the whole mantra here on the podcast is that we are greater than me right together we’re gonna be able to you know, really make a big impact. Jessie I’m gonna kind of kick to you as we kind of wrap things talk about what people hate we got people hyped we got people understand this isn’t a money grab athlete. This is you know, the fact that you’re a creator that’s committed. That’s part of the project the founding team Foundation’s involved give us the what when can we expect what can we expect? What’s the mandate and I’m guessing I’ll put the discord and and Twitter handles and such in the show notes but give us like, kind of like that, that ends everybody knows where to go? Up, do we?

Jessie 45:58
There we go. Okay, definitely. You gotta go. Can you hear me? Yep, you’re gonna. Okay. Black bots just add block bots on Twitter. Discord, you know discord slash invite block bots. And then blocked bots NF T game on Instagram are all our official links and you can catch up with everything we’ve got going on all three of those platforms that we just look into build something great.

Brian Fanzo 46:25
I love it.

D-Beck 46:27
Two K’s

Brian Fanzo 46:32
there’s no website yet, right? There’s no website? Yeah, we have a website coming up. Right? I’m guessing.

Jessie 46:36
Yeah, yeah, he’s gonna be back up. It was an old one. But we, you know, we make it. So he

Brian Fanzo 46:41
I’ll tell anybody. I’ll include the link to juges Instagram posts with a video I watched that video, like nine times that video is legit. It’s also a sign. You know, for those that are listening, when you know, there is a kind of that celebrity, you know, athlete, like we have to kind of put our guard up just based on some of the track record. And for me, it’s like, How committed is that athlete to also including it in their content. And I saw you as soon as Juju announced that it was on his Twitter, Instagram video was posted up there. Like for me that that also kind of shows that integration and, and you know, I want to thank you guys so much for jumping on the podcast for being a part of it’s been fun to watch the other journey for the next month or so as you guys come to launch. And, of course, Judy will be doing well, we follow along on the blog, as well. And I’ll make sure that all the links are included. And I will definitely check back around. It’s May 3, right we have may 3 is the the mandate. And this is a theory and right we’re a theory on the Ethereum blockchain

D-Beck 47:41
Ethereum blockchain. So we will announce the mint price on Twitter and discord tomorrow.

Brian Fanzo 47:48
Oh, there we go. There’s some helpful right there. I love it. I love it. I love it. So thank you guys so much. And, you know, for those that are listening, and even those that are watching on a live stream, right, this is, to me, the beauty of web three is it does shrink the distance and allow us to kind of share an ownership share in these journeys come along and build something together, right, the idea that we can actually, you know, be a part of this and I love that you know, due to that you’re also not only adding input, but you’re excited for things that are that are coming out. I think that is just another sign of of what’s to come. So for those that are listening on Twitter spaces watching on YouTube, thanks so much for those that are listening on the podcast, as you know, we will be back again tomorrow as we do each and every day on our journey to 365 and as always do your own damn research but you know, we’re doing our research on this side and excited to bring on some amazing guests like these guys here. So make it a great day my friends. Cheers

Kevin Sturmer 48:46
This show is not financial advice, so do your own damn research.