Joel Comm: Bad Crypto in 2017 to VeeFriends Gift Goat, An NFT OG | Episode 165


oel Comm: Bad Crypto in 2017 to VeeFriends Gift Goat, An NFT OG

Apr 25, 2022 | Interview, Podcast

Today’s guest is a long-time friend of mine from the early days of social media who tried to convince me back in 2018 to jump into crypto and NFTs and I thought he was crazy…

Joel gives us a look into the last 5+ years of Crypto and NFTs and the new project he’s involved in with Sly Stalone called PlanetSly!

If you’re in now, you’re early. Everything looks too late until the day you see it. - Joel Comm, Guest, NFT 365 Podcast

Joel Comm is an internet pioneer, New York Times best-selling author, futurist speaker and co-host of The Bad Crypto Podcast. That’s a fancy way of saying he writes words, says things and loves to play with cryptos.

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Brian Fanzo 0:43

Welcome back to another episode of NFT 365. And you’re actually over the last couple episodes of the podcast here. I’ve been kind of talking about, you know, the early adoption movements that we are kind of experiencing in this space right now. And, you know, for many, they kind of feel like if they’re getting in today, they feel like they’re getting in late. And we could all argue that actually, we’re still way early. But like, what is way early, really even mean? Or what did what did like, the way early World actually look like? Well, I wasn’t around, but I did have a friend who in 2018 was spent like an hour and a half with me, explaining to me why he was moving into crypto and NFT’s. And I was like nodding my head and I’m like, Dude, you’re leaving social media, like marketing, like the space that like we’re kind of thriving, like, what are you doing? Why are you playing over there with like, funny money and, and these like weird pictures that people are talking about? And well, you know, it took me two years before the the light bulb went off. But that is actually who our guest is today. Mr. Joel Comm. Welcome to NFT 365. Excited to have you my friend. How you doing?

Joel Comm 1:49
Brother? It is my pleasure. Thanks for having me. And I’m doing great.

Brian Fanzo 1:53
So we did a little podcast swap. Right. So you got to interview me. And now I get to flip the script a little. But you that, you know, I mentioned 2018 We actually were on a panel about blockchain together at an event out in the middle of the Midwest, of the country, middle of the country. And I remember your Bad Crypto podcast was what you were leaning in. It’s actually where I got my, my Bad Crypto sticker. And I remember being like, I just I can’t see what Joel sees in this space. So I mean, you’ve been an early adopter. For those that don’t know you. You’ve been early adopter in everything, like literally the internet, web one. You’re an early adopter web two, you’re another adopter, I might be dating you a little bit on that side. But you know, you had, you’ve also dabbled in a little bit of everything. And that’s kind of where both of us kind of leaned into our futurist side. But talk to the people a little bit about like your early adopter experience. And then what kind of keyed you in just start that original podcast and lean into this space original.

Joel Comm 2:53
Yeah, I don’t mind being dated. I mean, the gray hairs don’t lie do because it was 1995 when I built my first website, so I actually you know, before early adopter, we have pioneer and usually I like to pioneer and get there but you know, when everybody says you’re insane, and with crypto I didn’t do that, you know, pioneering crypto would put you around 2010 to 2014 I’d say and I remember hearing about Bitcoin, but I was confused by the tech and I was absorbed with some personal matters in my life. So it just it was an interesting toy, but I didn’t get it. What do you mean mining Bitcoin on my computer? Are there little men in there with a pickaxe going thinking thinking in Bitcoin? I just didn’t understand it. And I started going down the rabbit hole more in late 2016. I was having conversations with my buddy Travis Wright, who is a friend of yours as well. And he was asking me what I thought about Bitcoin and I was like, I don’t really get it and but I started digging into it. And it was early 2017 When I finally got pushed over the ledge when I finally understood it, bought my first Bitcoin may 4 2017 is when I finally had my Coinbase account approved and was able to make my first purchase. And our conversations mine between Travis and myself just continued every day on Facebook Messenger. What do you think of this coin? What do you think of that you should buy this? Is this gonna be a big deal? And it was July 16 2017. He sent me a message, which is a day that will live in infamy, that said, When are we going to start the Joel and TW Crypto Show with a winky smiley crying face? In the moment? He said that it just hit me. Bam. I said, Dude, I’m calling you. And I called him I said, Let’s do this. Let’s put on a show. I’m in. I’ve got the name already. We’re not financial advisors. We’re not pros at what we do. We’re not going to give advice. Let’s call it the Bad Crypto Podcast because we’re going to tell bad dad jokes. We’re going to basically take the conversations that we have, you know, you and me together and we’re going to bring them public. Let’s bring people on the journey. If us and they’re gonna learn from people who are smarter than us that we bring onto the show, as we learn. And so two days later, you know, this is what happens when you stack skills. And you know this, you know, we’ve already been professional broadcasters and podcasters, who know how to edit, we know how to create design, we know how to set up a podcast, two days later, the site and the first episode, were live and distributed. And the rest is history. It just, you know, it came about it right time, right before the bull run of 2017. And here were these two guys who weren’t talking high minded concepts like all the other crypto shows at that time, we were just two dudes talking to crypto, and a smattering of bad dad jokes. And it really connected with the people who needed to hear. And now here we are with over 10 million downloads later, close to 700 episodes, and a second show about NF T’s that we launched. It’ll be two years in May that the nifty show came about. So yeah, that’s the genesis of it.

Brian Fanzo 5:59
I mean, not only do you embrace that, like Press the Damn Button mindset, but I had a snag this while you were talking, because I actually have I have a damn button. And I think batteries might be located my daughter’s repressing it because they just think it’s amazing.

Joel Comm 6:12
I’ll do it for you. There you go. Damn.

Brian Fanzo 6:15
Yeah, that’s pretty much what it was. For those that are listening to the audio, it’s a black box. It’s a black base with a red button that says damn on it, that Joe actually gave me because Joe was actually selling you. What was the ones you were selling on Amazon? Because the cutting button and I said like, Joe has been an early adopter. I mean, he had I mean, one of the apps that he had went viral early on, it was the fart app, right? Was iFart raised. And I mean, he’s written all kinds of books he wrote, I mean, really wrote the authority on books on Twitter, called Twitter Power and Twitter Power 2 so you’ll like, Joe, you’ve kind of been there. But I love that you kind of mentioned, you press the down button you started. But you also kind of like that early, like Bitcoin side. But I think something that’s not talked about, I just love to get your take. And I don’t think I’ve even asked you about this part. When you got in there, like just before that bowl run, but there was a downtime. And there was like a time where, like, everyone that was in there, like when you first got him was kind of like the cool kids. You’re like, Man, you guys are so smart. But then there was like a low for a while. And I remember I remember this is what was going through my head. I feel bad for Joel. Like, I feel bad he got in so early. And if it would have taken off like this is my thoughts, right? Like if it would have taken off. Joe was primed and ready. Because it was I mean, not only was it getting was the market down but like the overall sentiment of like, where this whole space was going from like the public side was very much like you know, they’re almost like mocking it right? I remember like the we work. You know, we worked we actually just watched the documentary called we crashed, which anyone that has Apple TV, you have to go watch it. It’s just mesmerizing. But they were talking about it in that documentary was like We crashed a we crashed we work was crashing at the same time. You know, Bitcoin and they were like mocking like the two of them calling them like, these are the unicorns that people believed in that they’re all a bunch of idiots. Right? So like, how did you survive those times? Have you been an early adopter? But there had to be a time where you’re like, do we pause this shit? Like what was that time like as things kind of were very low for a while.

Joel Comm 8:16
So never even considered pausing it because I understood the technology look, I pioneered and been early adopter to so many things. I’m used to people laughing Oh, what are you doing? And I looked at those people and think you have no vision. And your tweets will not age. Well, even now. There’s so many I can think of people laughing and NFTs Michael, I right click saved as you’re in a t know A O net. Like you just don’t understand it. It’s not that you’re stupid, it’s that you’re ignorant. And that just means not knowing. And that’s fine, because those people who say I’ll never buy an NFT guess what you will, unless you are in like the 2% of Luddites that never will you know, granted may never buy an NFT and you might just stubbornly avoid it. You know, just like you avoid a toll road because you don’t want to give them your buck 50. But you will you’ll have them. So during the downtime is when we saw the opportunists exit. And you know, people like Tai Lopez who started a podcast when the Bull Run was kicking and did a few episodes, then the moment it crashed, cut and run because he’s not really there for the technology. He appeared to be there to just capitalize on his listeners and those who want to throw money at him. And we believe in the technology and we wanted to keep talking to people. And we were doing, you know a lot of shows each week so there was never a consideration of stopping because we knew it would be bad. And we know that the best is yet to come. Did we were talking about NFTs I think we may unless challenged by somebody else. We may have been the first podcast audio podcast to talk about NFT’s the week that Crypto Kitties came out in December 2017. We did a whole episode dedicated to it because we thought it was so hilarious. so that you can buy this cartoon kitty on it, and they can have sex and make new kitties. So and then if you go back to my OpenSea account, it dates back to January 2018. So it’s, again, the gray hairs tell the truth.

Brian Fanzo 10:15
Well, we so for the for our audience, like usually like, you know, if we mentioned like, you know, kitten cats having sex online that might like polarize, but we interviewed Mack, who was one of the cofounders of those crypto kitties. And he gave us the whole landscape on his, you know, it was his idea of doing it. And then he had the genius you know, partner of his that kind of implemented it from like, the smart contract and the blockchain. So our audience is familiar with that side. I’m curious, you know, like your son, who I’ve also been able to meet is also kind of in this space, he’s, you know, the not only in like the gaming side, but kind of been into the, I mean, everything from like, the collectible side as well, when you launched the podcast originally, like NFTs, and then what was some of the things your son was going what were like the things like those early days that were exciting was it was it as much like, hey, we have another use case on the blockchain. That’s not crypto, like what were some of the things because I mean, the fact your son got it, your son is still doing it and doing some great things. And in this space, and I know, we’ll probably have to have him on before the end of the year. But talk to me a little bit about like, the early days of that NFT podcast because I’m, I was thinking like, What were you talking about? Because I mean, although you know, the Crypto Kitties is fun, like there wasn’t like, I mean, even like the contracts or the, you know, the 721, you know, that we all are familiar with now wasn’t really in existence prior to that. So talk to us a little bit about those early,

Joel Comm 11:35
you know, there was a lot that was there was some stuff that was happening in blockchain with NF T’s. But it wasn’t really until we discovered POAP. By Patricia Wirth Hall, there was an app, it was little note app, he had designed this proof of attendance protocol Aetherium NFT platform, it’s an app, you can go download today, and a lot more people are using co apps. And Travis and I went to the Bitcoin Miami conference in January of 2020. And I said, Hey, let’s make it NFT, commemorating this conference and that we’re going to be there and anybody who comes to our booth will scan their wallet and drop them one of these NFT’s. So you know, maybe 3040 People got one of these, you know, first poll apps. And then I started thinking, you know, what, if we took this to the next level and became the first proof of listening podcast, so it was probably March of 2020, that we made the first Bad Crypto Podcast, NFT. And we said, hey, if you’re listening to this episode, within 72 hours of the drop, go to this website, put in your name, your email, and your Aetherium wallet address, and we will drop you a commemorative NFT. So we had Peter McCormick on the show. We did one for that show. We did Samson Williams. We did Ron Paul. We did Vitalik there was a bunch of people, we did these Proof of Listening. So I think we were the first podcast to do it proof of listening NFT. And then it was in I want to say May of 27 or 2020 that we discovered the power of the wax blockchain. And we discovered it through Tops, who was releasing re releasing their classic Garbage Pail Kids from 1985, with Adam balm and all of these others that a lot of kids collected and traded only now. They were on blockchain. And you could buy a pack of cards, open that pack and get random NFTs from the collection. And they weren’t just static. Some of them were animated. Some of them were sketches, and there was rarities to them. It brought collectibles to a whole new level. We saw that, and we were already familiar with wax, but we didn’t know that they had this packing mechanism which takes NFT’s to a truly collectible level. And that’s when I came up with Blockchain Heroes. That would be a set of 50 superheroes in an alternate universe inspired by real world blockchain personalities, and we packaged them up and we sold 12,000 packs in 20 minutes, made $110,000 On that first sale and discovered a whole new audience of people that wanted to buy sell, collect and trade.

Brian Fanzo 14:14
Wow. Well, there’s a lot of things I want to pull out that you first of all, you you call it the Proof of Listening, I don’t know sure if I was aware of that maybe I was gonna have to give you a little credit because we do something here called Proof of podcasts which we call pop. And if you take our keyword one of our pops over to our website and plug it in in the first 36 hours, we actually will put an overlay on your on your PFP that you have and then if you collect for in the month, we AirDrop you an NFT and so actually for this episode, for those that are listening, not on the live broadcast, but you have to be listening on the day of the actual recording of the podcast is actually published. But today’s actually POP word if you want to become a POPstar is AirDrop so for those that are that are playing along at home, and we’ve had hundreds The people playing along each month. So you’re, you’re already ahead of that on that idea. And, and it doesn’t surprise me right like we we understand community amplification use cases, we also aren’t afraid to try new things and kind of push those limits. And then he also mentioned like kind of like your those early days, a lot of those mechanics are still being implemented today in many different ways. And, you know, like we just minted for our Mint365, a project called Beat heads yesterday, and it was on crypto dot coms marketplace. And when you open it, they unpack the cards, and it kind of does a whole bunch, you know, 360 display, and then it does your reveal of art right compared to what we do on OpenSea, which says, you know, pound the refresh metadata button, go hit refresh, go. And so like you were I mean that again, opening of cards and like the, the blockchain heroes concept, you were really kind of looking at that, you know, differently. I’m curious, what was the total number of those that you rolled out?

Joel Comm 15:57
Well, the first edition, there was 120,000 cards and there was like 12,000 packs, they were five card packs and either 25 or 30 card packs, that we call them Hero Packs and Titan packs. Since then, we’ve done three other releases, we did blockchain heroes first strike where we introduced villains. And then we did a stunk wars mini set, featuring Elon Dusk and the Doge Burris, which was 10, heroes and villains. And then most recently, we did a 80s synth wave inspired set called retro rebellion, which I don’t know if you want to pull up on the screen and opportun kind of see the theme here at BC of the retro rebellion cards. And I can actually give you play this in the background here while we’re talking. And people kind of see the video of it. And these all came from the brain of Zack, he is a world builder, extraordinary. He came up with all of these characters in their backstories of heroes and villains that live in this, this blockchain heroes universe fighting against the villains. And each one of them has story and lore, and different variations. And we really have level is up. You know, in the beginning, there wasn’t a lot of animation, maybe some lighting effects. But now, you know, we’ve got professional, you know, Adobe designers that are doing full cinematics on many of these NFTs. And we actually, for all 40 heroes and villains on this set, we had a composer create an original soundtrack for each character. So if you got a legendary card variation of any of these characters, then you were able to listen to about a 30-second soundtrack that goes with the animated card is really its next level stuff. And we do it all on Wax, which means there’s no gas fees involved, you buy the pack, you open the pack, you get the cards, and this is why wax is really the biggest undiscovered gem for the Aetherium community, because they’re able to do things that Aetherium just is not able to do and is trying to fix with layer two solutions that may have fee you don’t have to pay ridiculous gas.

Brian Fanzo 18:10
Yeah, for those that aren’t familiar, wax is another blockchain. That, of course, has been you know, enabling as a utility and FTS as well. And, and we’ll put some links there, Joe, I think it really cool to check I mean, the collection size is is unlike your majority of collections on a theory of maybe other than the matrix drop that that happened last year. And I want to ask you like, because I think you know, and you know, the fact I love that your your son was involved on like the design, and it’s very collaborative and even, like kind of innovating. You know, one of the things that I often heard or hear is that people are like, you know, we live in this like must be nice generation or world where we’re like, oh, Joe, you got in early must be nice to be Joel must be nice. But we also like assume that you because you were early, all of these things made sense. So you probably have 50 board apes 20 V friends, couple crypto punks give people like the reality of even when you’re early, it doesn’t mean that all of the things that are happening are going to make sense for everyone involved because it drives me crazy when people like make these assumptions like if if I was in the game back then I would have bought so many board games that I I would be a trillionaire right now. Yeah. context

Joel Comm 19:27
would you have so we were you know, eyeballs deep in wax. I remember when when I saw crypto punks for you know less than an eighth I’m like, Who wants these stupid pixel heads is ridiculous. Why would I spend you know $300 At that time on one of these Bored Apes came out I missed that completely. But my Crypto Kitties I’ve got a bunch of those that are worthless. I do have a V friend gift goat which was one of my

Brian Fanzo 19:53
Say that again a little slower just because for those that don’t know like, and you mentored this right, is this correct?

Joel Comm 19:59
I minted a gift goat I meant to the gift goat both Travis and I, we bit the bullet are like alright, this is five e at the time. eath was about four grands was $20,000. It was the most expensive NFT by far, but I know Gary, I’ve known Gary since 2009. And I know Gary is single mindedly focused on going, where he’s going and owning the Jets. And I’ve saw the success he was doing like he’s serious about this. He’s going all in. He’s training people. I’m gonna join him on this. I don’t know what it looks like, I’m gonna roll the dice and take a risk. And of course, that gift code now the floor is like 50 eath. I think I’m not selling it.

Brian Fanzo 20:35
Actually, I think it’s 80 I think. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I checked it because like the floor has been dipping on V friends. But the gift goat floor when I checked, it was probably a week ago, I was like blown away to the floor had jumped up on that site. And for those that don’t know the gift code, you get 18 gifts that are sent to you that are going to personalize. And Gary like their limited edition only for those that have that NF t what were the couple of the gifts that you got?

Joel Comm 21:04
It is 40. So if you want to snag one, you know, now it’s

Brian Fanzo 21:08
Only 40 ETH. grand for all those that are

Joel Comm 21:13
sitting around it is the cheapest one and there’s only you know, let’s see, there’s like maybe 16 to 20 listed and you know, there most of them are in the hundreds. So you get not you don’t get 18 gifs, you actually get 36 gifs. And what he does is I’ll show you out here on the mini drop, you get an NFT and a physical gift. So for example, the first gift we got was a partnership with the guy who did creature world. And so there’s 555 gift goats. And so there is five different colors on these goats arrival in in creature world mini drop, I got the purple one. So there’s 111 of each of the five. And then everybody got a physical poster that I’ve got back there wrapped up in the roll that signed by the creature world creator and Gary. So I’ve got a physical gift that I could sell or keep. And I’ve got this digital gift. And then he did another partnership with I can’t remember the name of the artist. But there was five different gifts within the goat. So 111 of each of these. And each one came with a jacket. That is a gift goat jacket that has VeeFriends on it, there’s only 555 of this jacket that were ever made. And most recently, he went up into the air and a helicopter with a photographer by the name of

Brian Fanzo 22:40
drift. We’ve mentored him the other day for it. We mentioned one of his photos for our collection, huge fan of his love his art

Joel Comm 22:47
37 photos taken over New York City. And so there’s like 1517 of each and you got one randomly and see they’ve got vans on here where my vans go, I hope they customize their vans, and we each get a set of vans sent to us, I’m waiting on my vans to arrive. So those who are in the US got to actually customize theirs with whatever they wanted on them from the selection, I’d get a preset one because I’m in Puerto Rico and considered International, but that’s fine. And I will never take those out of the box. I’ll look at them, but I’m not gonna wear them. Those are collectibles. Now the gift goat jacket that I got, I’m gonna take with me to Minneapolis for VeeCon. Because that’s you know, that’s a flex there at the event. Oh, that’s a gift.

Brian Fanzo 23:31
That’s like, and that’s like the event of event to flex it and, and I kind of cut in on you just because I like I mean, I will say like I remember, you know, it was about 11 days, you’ll for those that don’t remember like V friends took 13 days to sell out. It was a lot 11 days in, and I had messaged you and I originally was gonna mint, you know, a V friend on day one. I had like the eath moved into my meta mask. And then I got cold feet. And I was like, You know what, I would rather get a couple of different projects than then that one. But then I noticed like, you know, because we’ve I mean, I’ve been bullish on Gary as well. And I remember reaching out to you and I think the conversation went something like, Well, hey, if I’m gonna go in, I’m gonna go in, at like the highest level and really, you’ll commit to Gary and I will admit I probably was a little bit like must be nice to be Joel. And I’ve already been in the crypto game and he can make that leap. But you know, the context is, that was the most you had put into an NFT and it’s not like you were just like milking off of like the, you know, the real crypto punks or you know, crypto kitties weren’t making you millions of dollars. And so I really I mean, I appreciate the context I love that you got the gift goat I actually one of the people that I was at the event with in Miami, he had his jacket with him so I got to see the jacket in person and you can always I can just get you my address to send me the shoes if you want to want to get someone that will wear them you know me that that wouldn’t be that wouldn’t be outside my context at all. But, you know, I love that you brought that up and you know What do we have here we have we have you sitting with Sly Stallone is

Joel Comm 25:04
that this might be a face that people would recognize. Mr. Sylvester Stallone at his place in Miami, working with my partner, Bill Zenker, who’s the founder of the Learning Annex, they used to do these arena events all over the country with celebrities and teachers. We connected with sliding and we’re doing an NFT set with him called Planet Sly. I had to persuade him a little bit. And he finally said, Yes, you know, give him a little left jab there. And he’s alright, I’ll I’ll do NFPs with you, Joel. But we’re really excited about this we’re going to mint in, in May is going to be the day the website is at where people can go check out and basically what you’re going to be minting are what we call Sly guys. And they are 9997 characters that are wearing, I think 270 attributes that they’ve got different, you know, outfits and weapons and gear inspired by the life of Sylvester Stallone. And so the discord is popping, we’re getting close to 20,000 people in there and sly is going to do an AMA in the discord once we once we hit that number. And so encourage people to come over there, I can actually give you I’ll show you a few of the

Brian Fanzo 26:24
Yeah, and, and for our listeners that are under the age of like 30 it’s Sly Stallone from Rocky. You can Google his name. I know we have a younger audience sometimes with better, but I mean, I think this is I mean, it’s such a cool collaboration when you first reached out to me and let me know that you are teaming up with him. I thought it you know it’s it plays into nostalgia. It also you know slice alone has his own like Look his own vibe, his own energy. So I mean, I can see this on the on the NFT’s are showing up on the screen. I mean, definitely, you know, kind of fits that that mold and me he’s got the muscles from like Rambo days because he was Rambo, for those that aren’t familiar that but that’d be such a cool collaboration. You know, you said your business partner. I was connected, he had to do some of that convincing juice. What was like the AHA, for Stallone, when you were kind of explaining it that I kind of clicked him over to kind of lean in.

Joel Comm 27:15
Well, I’m a big fan of deliverables. I you know, Sly is really into connecting with his fans. If you check out his Instagram, he shoots you know, videos from his house and inspires people. He is the most inspirational action hero, right? You know, he is Rocky, he is Rambo, The Expendables Judge Dredd, he’s just he’s legendary. And so he continues to take that inspiration to people. And when we told him that, hey, these NFT’s, they’re not just pictures, these can unlock connection be with you and your fans. So you know, Bill had a great idea, since he’s put on events, what if sly people connected three sly guys, and they got to come to a dinner a private dinner, where you would speak and inspire the audience. He’s I love it, you know, you gotta you got to do the voice a little bit. I love it, Adrian. So that’s what’s gonna happen. If you have three sly guys by the snapshot date, then you’re gonna get a ticket to this dinner in Miami, where he is going to where he’s going to speak. And if you are able to get one of the signature editions, which are going to be one of ones that OpenSea is going to have front and center on launch day, then you’re going to be able to have the VIP experience. And he he actually he signed 25 times number of each one of them you can see him with and without the signature, because you’ll be able to click on and off of it. But there are 25 Golden’s that are going to be auctioned off. And if you have one of these not only to get to go to the dinner, but you’re going to get the VIP experience where you can go meet him, shake his hand, take pictures, tell him whatever you want to tell him, maybe shoot a quick video with them, whatever, you know, they’re going to whatever hole participated in that day. And so that’s cool. And then I said, hey, what if we could do some other deliverables at 100% sold out? What if certain attributes would unlock certain physical, digital, community centered or real life experiences and we’re not telling people what they are. So you don’t know if the attribute that you got if that hat or that item in his right hand or those pants, you don’t know if those are going to unlock something or not. And so it’s gonna be really fun, because we’re going to reveal over time, and I expect that we’re gonna see speculation from the community. I’ve not seen this done before. And this is what I wanted to bring to the project that hasn’t been done. Hey, we don’t have to show them the whole roadmap. Let’s just tell them that there’s going to be surprises here that you don’t see coming and you might sell that NFT and then go oh, man, I missed out on on this. I should have held that one. I should have sold this one. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Brian Fanzo 29:56
I love it and and do we have a mint date?

Joel Comm 30:00
I do not have an exact mint. We’re looking at mid May right now. But you know, we know v con is going on that next week. So we’re thinking maybe it will happen after that. So the price and the mandate not yet set, but go to the discord forward slash planet fly, follow @PlanetSly and t’s on Twitter and he’ll get all the information there. But get in quick because he’s going to do this ama as soon as we hit 20,000. And we are currently at right now. 19,100. So it’s gonna get triggered here pretty soon.

Brian Fanzo 30:35
I love that. I love that we’ll put the link to the discord. And in the show notes. Of course, Joe will be messaging me leading up to that, and we’ll be including it in our collection as well. So we’ll keep keep you kind of abreast on that. And I love you know, like, I mean, I think that’s an advantage that you and I have, as you know, we’ve been early adopters before, and we got to see what worked for us. But really, we got to see what worked for a lot of other people that kind of like, you know, took the rocket ship to the moon as the good say, and in some cases, and we can learn from that idea, right? I pay homage to JLD a good friend of yours down there and PR as well. When he did the daily podcast and I was like, damn, like there was there was an entrepreneur podcast, but nobody that was willing to commit to a daily show. And, and when I saw that back in the day, I was like, Man, that is such a smart idea. And so for me when it was like, Hey, we’re gonna get in here is like tapping into those days of okay, what worked before that I wish it was me that did it that someone else did. And, you know, I even wanted to take a little bit further I was like, well, we’re not going to do a scripted interview and we’re going to do these things live, we’re gonna have some solo, some interviews, I love Joel, you’re kind of tapping into that as kind of like, what you can provide as an advantage as well. You know, and we’re gonna have Travis Yoko’s walk Travis on the show to talk about some of the things he has going on. But you know, I actually had a, as we kind of bring this whole thing together, actually had more of a crypto question for you. And it ties a little bit into like the wax blockchain conversation with, you know, Aetherium and the sly, NFT’s those are on ETH. Is that correct? Yes. Yep. So, so, because, like you mentioned open seas, I was like, so I’m curious, you know, like, you know, I’m a big believer that the the assigned blockchain at the moment for NFT’s has only to do with attention, not with the technology, because we we can all pretty much agree that like, if we were actually doing it on the right, Blockchain for what the utility is that we should be using. The people would not be launching game enabled NFT’s on Aetherium right, then they would not live on those blockchains. And you mentioned wax being your wax and and a lot of advantages that that really Ethereum weren’t ever built for yet. Ethereum got like that attention. And like amplification. I’m curious from like, the crypto days early. Like you were here. I mean, my dad’s in the sheep army. And he texts me things about being in the sheep army on a on a regular basis. And we we know, Doge has their following. But I’m curious, like, in the since you’ve been into crypto, how have you kind of identified in like, the loyalty to like the your favorite crypto, and you’ve seen that kind of partially what we kind of see here and, and is it gonna get to a point where, I mean, this is my own, like outside opinion. I feel like when I talk crypto with people now, it’s not they’re not like pitching me on the one that they love. They’re talking about crypto as a whole. And I think part of NFT’s is like we’re gonna have to get there, we have to be mature. And crypto is now you know, what they’ve had seven years to, to get to the maturity level that they’ve been at, and we still have, you know, four plus more years here in this space. What’s your take on like, kinda like that, you know, crypto, you know, Blockchain loyalty and and where that kind of falls?

Joel Comm 33:42
Well, you know, let me add an addendum to what you said. You said Ethereum because it has the attention. It was also the first mover and it’s where you have all these can tell you there’s right these people that got an early there’s so much money in the Etherium ecosystem, which is why people can drop, you know, $300,000 on a board aid. I mean, who does that? Who does that? That’s insane. And you compound it with the gas fees, and you get away with gas fees, because you’re spending so much on the NFTs, but you can’t sell a $1 NFT on Aetherium. You know, maybe Polygon which is you know, ready for primetime, but not yet got the steam, it needs Solana, but wax is fast, super fast, I could send you an NFT and you’d have it but you know, short rate, I click send and boom, it’s in your wallet. There’s no There’s no fee to it. So you could sell a penny NFT and that’s like the marketplaces there’s a lot of activity. As far as loyalty goes. We’re gonna see interoperability on all of these in fact, Zach’s project Draco dice which I hope you’ll you’ll speak to him about it is one of the first projects to have cross chain operability using the NFT anywhere technology you can move and NFT from Wax to Binance to Ethereum and back and so anybody who wants to use those NFT’s in any games implements his dice, they can move from across chain, eventually, we’re gonna see all of those become interoperable. So becoming loyal to a chain over the long term. If you believe in the coin in your investment that’s one thing but you know we want to be everywhere we want our brands and rip that’d be able to be usable by whoever I’m a huge fan of the internet computer, the most decentralized chain of all the most empowering to the people ICP I minting NFT’s on entrepreneur dot app, which is fantastic. I don’t know if you’ve talked to anybody from from ICP yet, but it is one hell of a powerful chain. It’s everything blockchain for the people was supposed to be. And I love it. So there’s a lot of options. I’ve minted NFT’s on Cardano and Tezos, on wax on EOS and Aetherium on polygon and binance on Solana. I don’t care, I just want to play with the pixels, you know,

Brian Fanzo 35:58
yeah. Yeah. And we’re like on that we, for our collection, we’ve done 13 of the different blockchains now and even like, you’re like, it’s fun, because you get the blockchains and the kind of the marketplaces and then you also have Actually, today’s the raw, we’re recording this, we actually did one, it was actually the very first photo ever taken in space. And it’s a really cool photo I have to pull it up for I can pull up the name of the of the actual project. But it was a really cool one that actually one of our listeners clued us in. So it’s axiom axiom underscore space on Twitter. And so they have a space patch, as well as the very first photo that is now an NFT from space. And I’ll give them credit where you could I posted it in our community and they have it for $20. And you can pay with PayPal, and it pops up and I will tell you their their their system to go from paying with PayPal getting the email and then minting the NFT on the blockchain. I believe it was Poly. That we that we end up kind of minting it with actually. Actually it wasn’t. They were using bloco as the I’m trying to think what they Yeah, so block toe.

Joel Comm 37:13
What am I one? How do I get one? Where’s the what’s the NFT? The public sale?

Brian Fanzo 37:18
Yep. So yeah, I’ll drop it for everybody. I’ll put it here in the notes as well. And you’re like, and I just think you like, put it the thing that I love for this like show and I love where we can play is we can splash around and try everything. And then for our listeners, like you know, I’m even seeing some of the live comments. People are like, Man, I feel so late or man, there’s no way I have enough time to do all of those things. The beauty is, will a you can’t go back in time. So you can’t fix the thing that you’re feeling right. So like, the beauty is right? Right now, if you’re listening to this, you’re earlier than the person that listens tomorrow. And then the other part of it is you can almost you know, continue the journey. And let people like us Joel and I kind of splash around in the early space because this might sound like early first mover adoption is like the advantage and everything but Joe calm and I have some similarities in like, we became famous and popular on some apps that many of you don’t even know one of them might be called blab might be called Blab. I mean, oh my gosh. And blab was I mean, for me, blab was one of the most fun community experiences that I’ve ever had. And for those that aren’t familiar with it, it was Brady Bunch live streaming, there was four squares, you could bring people in and out from the comments. Crazy enough, like the tech is probably still more innovative than most live streaming tech that is out there today. You know, Joel and I were in there growing our following building our communities then of course, Monkey Garage, the parent company and Shawn and then we’re like, Oh no, we’re using this for test. We’re gonna move that over to a you know, another space as well. So I see that you did you while we were doing this.

Joel Comm 38:54
I bought an axiom space patch. I found it it was $20 is connected to stripe and I went by boom. And now I own one of these. I just I love supporting these. And this is on polygon. So it’s much faster and they they handle the gas because it’s so low that you don’t have to worry about it. I’m polygon. But I want to speak to what you said here. If you’re in now, you’re still early. Okay, the technology adoption curve is a slow process. You know, early pioneering is usually a few years. That’s one to 2% of people, early adoption in technology can take four five years. And that’s where we are now. And that’s about seven to 8% of the people and then the mass adoption part of you know, the cycle happens where it goes way up and everybody’s in on. Everything looks like too late. That day you see it, right? You’re not here’s what I encourage people to do. Look at what you’re doing now. through the lens of the future. Everybody’s got this right now 10x microwave mentality and it’s nowhere worse than in the NFT space. You know, our our parents used to invest in a mutual fund and be happy with 8% a year. Now people are programmed like, Oh, if I can’t 10x on this project, you know, in 10 days, it’s crap. You’re not thinking like a rational human being, you’re thinking like a child, the way to look at the NFT space is through the lens of the future and look back and go, you know, 10,000 might seem like a lot of pieces for a PFP collection. But what does it look like when there’s 100 million people collecting NFT’s? How about a billion people collecting NFT’s I believe, and you can mark this down as a prediction that there are collections now that are not selling out that are baller but not selling out that in the future, some of them are going to be resurrected, a DAO is going to pick them up just like people are trying to resurrect blockbuster as a Dow right now. And the value of those is going to increase, I don’t know which ones are going to become legendary and which ones aren’t, you know, I bet on my own horses here, and I buy art that I like. So at the worst case scenario, I own NFT’s that I think are cool, but look at stuff through the lens of the future, not the present.

Brian Fanzo 41:14
I love that. I love that. And real quick, I’ll give a shout out to Matt Worst from he’s the CMO over at mint dot store. They didn’t pay for this, they didn’t promote this, but he clued me in to the the space photo and the the mint. And I believe that you can actually bid on the actual photos. So the the patch is what we meant it but the the the bid for the actual photo is available on there as well. And to your point, Joel, like I love that you kind of connected those dots like starting at the end. And coming back. A good friend who was actually got me on the podcast very soon, Jason Keith actually just launched a DAO called Remint DAO. And that’s what they’re looking at, they’re looking at projects that they believe either fell off, or maybe the project had all the right momentum, but the founders aren’t, weren’t committed, or whatever it may be. And so Jason Keith is rolling that out. So he’s gonna be on the on the podcast as well. You know, and we we were not only were we on a lot of places early, but I mean, I will also say a lot of the places we are on early taught us things that allow us to do what we’re doing now, like for those that don’t know, like, we’re recording this live on live stream using a tool called Streamyard. And it’s not a plug because they’re not paying me and I’m paying for it. So there’s no, no, no plug there. But Joe and I have done this so many times that he was popping up into the square, and then the button, the share screen, I was clicking on putting on the screen. There’s no production house, there’s no one else doing this. It was literally on the fly what Joe and I were able to do. But people will look at that and be like, oh my goodness, I don’t have that skill set. Well guess what? We didn’t have that skill set either. And we were early adoptions on some things that you might not even have heard of, but allowed us to hone these things in. And so I would even argue if you’re getting into a project and it ends up being something that maybe wasn’t as valuable that you might have thought it was one of the things you learned in that whole process, because I can guarantee they’re going to come full circle. So Joel, this has been a lot of fun. I mean, it’s about as easy as interviews go. We’ve known each other for for so long, you were the one of the favorite episodes of the podcast. And we had Michael Stelzner on who is a good friend of both of ours, we’re also kind of a little circle of people that we will kind of share some tips and things with and you were the closing keynote there of that event and I I actually talked about that event a lot on our show, just kind of talking about like the frame of reference that you put a lot of things in there. Also your amazing girlfriend who I’m a big fan of as well. Erin also has her own NFT show. So give us the name of the podcast, give us your you know, crypto, the NFT and of course plug Aaron’s in there as well and then we’ll get you out of here.

Joel Comm 43:38
So we’ve got two shows the Bad Crypto Podcast, The nifty show is all about NF t’s the nifty and Twitter accounts for both of those and found in podcast players everywhere you expect podcasts to be found. And then Erin and are hosting the CryptoChicks, And it’s by women about Women for Women Women projects and you should see how many nfts She’s already gotten her collection she is obsessed. And I think that they’re really going to kill it because it’s such a great niche and they’re both so cute and you know, full of personality that they’re going to be able to communicate to to women everywhere. How exciting NF T’s are.

Brian Fanzo 44:26
They are and we’ll have Erin on the show for sure. Erin and I go way back actually before Erin and Joel got to meet I got to know Aaron way back then. And actually when we were in San Diego Joel was on like a power walk to the airport and I met up with Erin and and her little pup and we ended up talking NFT’s for the entire time and we’re geeking out having a great time. So I love what Erin’s doing I love what you and Travis are doing. And you and for those that an audience you know, I’ll kind of like leave us with this thought like, you know, it’s easy for us to hear things about like, Hey, this is where you should do and we hear things like people are preaching like, we shouldn’t think of each other as competition, we should think about ways we can collaborate and lift up. Well, there’s people talking about it. And then there’s people that are willing to do it. I was interviewed on Joel’s podcast, Joel was interviewed on my podcast, we both that podcast, and this is not a competition game, we need more education, we need more people, bringing people into this space. And not only was it a no brainer that we both were like, Hey, when are we going to make this happen? But we’ve also both like even shared guests, like, hey, this guest was great. You should probably have him on Hey, we should connect the dots. And I just, you know, I’m thankful you know, Joel, from that for a friendship but also like we’re backing it up we’re proof here right? There are some other people in this space that are looked at as like leaders or pioneers that talk a good game. But if you look at their proof of backing up what they say they’re not willing to collaborate, they’re threatened and it’s about them not about us and I really just I love that we can approach this space on that rising tide lifts all boats we can have some fun we can try some new things and and really we can learn from each other. So Mr. Joe calm thank you so much for joining NFT 365. For all our listeners, as you know, podcast is super powered by the ADHD coin at rally and today’s pop word if you missed it, because I’ve had some people ask me to repeat it at the end because something about me talking fast that I sometimes they can’t catch the word. Today’s word is AirDrop. So you just jumped over to NFT 365 And you put in that word and those first 36 hours and you’ll be on your way we got some really cool things, some gifts, some swag, some offline and online. Things that we are going to offer to you that are POPstar. So in tomorrow my friends make it a good one. Cheers.

Kevin Sturmer 46:41
This show is not financial advice, so do your own damn research.