Is Artificial Intelligence Art actually Art and What is AiArt? | Episode 306

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art can be created and rendered via technology such as an iPad or a DSLR camera…

Then who are we to say what is or isn’t art or how art should be created?

On this episode, I share my thoughts on artificial intelligence art and how its unlocked my creativity in ways I never would have imagined and the hours upon hours I’ve been spending creating and learning how to create AI Art. But I also want to make it clear I’m not an AI art expert and I don’t believe AI art is meant to compete or replace other types of art rather reimagine and create art we never thought was possible!

I’m currently using AI art tools: MidJourney, Dale-2 and StarryAI.

You can view some of my public AI creations here:


Featured NFT from the #mint365 collection:

Mint 303: Bryan Freudeman #304

Watch These Colors Dance is a collection of 10 animated cubism works created by cubism artist Bryan Freudeman. Each of the 10 works will consist of 10 editions.