How Ledger is Protecting Our Digital Assets w/ Ariel Wengroff | Episode 341

In this episode, we are doing a deep dive into how Ledger is protecting our digital assets with Ariel Wengroff, Ledger’s VP of Communications. Ariel has a very successful and diverse background in media, marketing, and communications. She shares a lot of how her previous positions at companies like Vice Media has led to help Ledger tap into the culture of web3. As most frequent listeners know, Fanzo has a great deal of cybersecurity experience which makes this episode really unique. Ariel debunks some myths and shares a ton of great insight from the Ledger team for where they have been and where they are headed. Ariel is on a mission to provide education and culture to our Web3 world to give people the world’s most secure choice to protect their digital assets and crypto.


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