Getting Creative with Web 3.0 Limitations by Launching 2/2’s | Episode 350

Limitations Inspire Creativity, and funny enough in Web 3.0, most of these limitations have more to do with technology than anything else. Still, we feel limited because we aren’t willing to open our minds to what’s possible. We are also living in a time where early adoption innovation is more about copying what worked previously instead of learning from what worked and adapting it to current times, but that’s an entirely different podcast.

A couple of months back, I put out the idea of creating 2 of 2 collections for celebrity or influencer custom NFT drops to add more value to these NFTs being added to the collection and the time spent to create the art. I’ve been very blessed to receive about a dozen of these custom NFTs over the last 18 months, and I’ve felt since the start that it would be cool if there were the one I could auction off or giveaway.

In this episode, I share more of this mindset shift and where I think we can be innovative in regards to the properties and traits of NFTs and why some NFTs in my wallet I’m holding on to for the next five years based simply on the creativity of the traits that it holds.


I first wrote about “limitations inspire creativity” in 2016 in regards to snapchat, which you can read here via a Linkedin Publisher article:

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