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Brian Fanzo is a Digital Futurist , Keynote Speaker and Web 3 Visionary that has worked with brands like IBM, Dell, Samsung, Twitter, SAP, Adobe, Oracle, UFC, AWS and MGM just to name a few!

In 2021, Brian dove in NFTs head on and wanted to share his experience and research with others by recording a daily podcast on NFT education and news. Brian is also publicly minting a new NFT daily to help others join the journey of minting NFTs without the financial aspect. He will be collecting 365 NFTs to auction in November 2022 as a single NFT, where all 365 minted NFTs will be auctioned as one.

About Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo is a digital futurist keynote speaker who translates the trends of tomorrow to inspire change today. His customized and personalized programs showcase real-world stories and examples of forward-thinking people and businesses. He teaches companies of all sizes how to leverage technology in real time in order to engage their customers at the right time. Brian has a gift for bringing people together online and offline. He has worked in 76 countries, highlighting his passion for change, collaboration, and technology.

Prior to speaking, he worked for nine years at the Department of Defense where he managed a global team who deployed collaboration and cybersecurity solutions across all branches of the military – which required him to maintain the highest civilian security clearance. He then pursued his dream job as a technology evangelist for a booming cloud-computing startup, helping companies embrace the rate of change and new ways to innovate. Brian is currently the Founder of iSocialFanz, which has helped launch digital and influencer strategies with the world’s most iconic brands like Dell, EMC, Adobe, IBM, UFC, Applebee’s, and SAP.


Working with Brian was such a pleasure!

I have worked with countless keynote speakers who stress how big and important they are, presenting ego first instead of showing interest in our event.

Working with Brian was such a breath of fresh air! Brian wanted to learn everything he could about our event to ensure we were a match. He then altered his content to ensure it was the right fit for our niche audience. Even if our attendees have seen Brian talk at other events, this presentation was specific to our event and therefore provided additional value to anyone repeat audience members.

Everything from before the event, to onsite, and even the followup was seamless and easy with Brian! He was always on time, brought his own equipment, and made time to chat with any attendees who wanted to meet him after his session. We can’t wait to work with Brian again!

Elissa Salk

Event Manager, G3 Communications

Hire Fanzo

Brian Fanzo is a Top 20 Digital Transformation Influencer, Top 50 Most-Mentioned User by CMOs on Twitter, and named a Top 25 Social Business Leader of the Future by the Economist.  Fanzo’s available for…

Brian’s most requested keynotes are Press the Damn Button, Shrink the Distance, Future Ready, and Think Like A Fan.

New keynotes for 2022 include topics surrounding NFTs, blockchain, web 3.0, and the metaverse.  Buying an NFT a day for 365 days has provided an unparalleled baseline of experience that Brian brings to his talks.

Need an experienced co-host or moderator for your Twitter Space? Brian is available for to help lead the discussion, provide insight and help your audience feel seen.  Topics include NFTs, crypto, mental health, social media and more.

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