Ed3 Educators: The Role that Each of us Play in Onboarding 1 million Educators into Web 3 | Episode 308

Today, Brian welcomes the team from the Ed3Educators, Michael Cohen, Vriti Saraf, and Mike Peck.  Ed3 DAO is the first DAO for educators, by educators, committed to onboarding 1 million educators into the world of web3. The team shares how they are implementing initiatives like grants and course material to empower educators around the world.  Their upcoming


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Featured NFT from the #mint365 collection:

Mint #222/365 – @ed3educators


01:00: NFT highlight, #222/365 from Ed3Educators

03:00: Known as The Tech Rabbi, Michael Cohen introduces himself

03:45: Introduction of Mike Peck, director of technology in a school district

04:25: Vriti Saraf, CEO and co-founder of Ed3Dao  introduces herself

06:15: How Web3 and DAOs can empower educators

08:10: DAOs can align incentives for engagement in Web3

10:20: Critical need for the concept of “lifelong learning” in Web3

14:00: Value of Web3 is in the principles and ethos rather than the technology

20:00: Motivation around the concept of “learn to earn”, and expanding it to include “contribute”

23:30: Focusing on base principles such as high-quality learning opportunities, aligning incentives

28:30: How to enable onboarding in this bear market

32:15: Personalized onboarding by the Ed3 DAO

36:30: Ed3 Unconference, modeling virtual unbundled personalized learning

50:00: What are micro-credentials?

53:00: Blockchain will help reimagine almost all industries

56:00: There is a place for everyone in the Web3 industry



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