Breaking Down Solana NFTs and Azuki Thoughts | Episode 181


Breaking Down Solana NFTs and Azuki Thoughts

May 11, 2022 | NFT Utility, Podcast

It’s been 11 months since I minted my first NFT on Solana and I’ve been a fan of the blockchain for much longer than that but there are some things about $SOL that have prevented me from going all-in or even 50/50 with ETH based NFTs.

Predictability of long term on Solana for me, has been a little bit harder - especially from a secondary perspective. - Brian Fanzo, Host, NFT 365 Podcast

Before I get into SOL I’ve been asked on twitter and in our discord to share my thoughts on Azuki and the drama with the founder sharing about being part of rug pull projects in the past and although I touched on it last episode I also wanted to address it here a little.

As far as SOL I go deep into the Solana depths and share some of my favorite aspects of the blockchain and some of my concerns.  I also talk SOL marketplaces:



Magic Eden:

As always: DO YOU OWN DAMN RESEARCH and we hope you enjoy coming on this Mint 365 journey as we buy an NFT every day for 365 days:

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What’s up friends? Oh, welcome back to another episode of NFT 365. And excited, you know, as far as you know, these these bear market days of NFT, and crypto, you know, I always like to look, not only do I always sort of like figure out like, the glass is half full type mentality. But I’m a big fan of kind of cutting through the noise in the sense of like, what are the things that I can learn study, embrace that maybe without this like little break, or this pause, or this massive disruption, that might afford me some opportunities. And so I’m gonna talk a little bit about that, I’m also going to tap into some of the NFT’s that we’ve bought over the last couple of weeks, because I actually think it’s, you know, makes this a very interesting conversation, because part of it is, like, what do you do in a in a down market, and really, I know, a lot of projects that have decided to pause their mint, or decided not to mint on the certain dates that they originally said they were because of the market being kind of chaotic, and, and people kind of being all up in arms. But you know, I wanted to kind of tap into a couple of things. First, you know, I’m gonna talk a little bit about Solana, I will address you know, in yesterday’s episode, I talked a little bit about the Azuki news. And what had happened was the founder of azuki, it kind of exposed in his own blog post about a couple projects that he was involved in, that ended up either being rug pools or just delayed projects where, you know, and this was the, this was a lot of the case last year where people would launch a project, have lots of hype around it, and then kind of give up on it after like a month, and take the eath and run, right. And the fact that he kind of exposed, you know, that that like to him was like a learning curve. really set a bunch of people off. And I would say rightfully so in a way, because let’s face it, that that was certainly bad for the market. But let’s face it, the the other part of this is that, you know, the person is doxxed there was a lot of drama around just those projects and people back then and, you know, there is an element of for me, like, you know, Kancil culture shouldn’t be what we look at, but we should also kind of address things from the standpoint of, you know, seeing through the noise. I remember when a ZooKeys launched. I was confused. I remember midday, and actually, I believe, if I probably go back and look at Twitter, I think I was actually I had Ethan though, and when I saw kind of the buzz around it, I was like, You know what, I might jump in on this. And then I did some my research on the project. And I was like, man, like, I know, first off, I’m not a huge anime art person to begin with. I won’t, I won’t, like I won’t, like try to lie and say like, Oh, I understand anime art. But you know, there was part of me that was like, Okay, I’m not sure where like that hype is coming from. And then I was just looking through like their community I remember even on the hashtag when it was kind of pumping out like it just seemed very hype heavy. It seems like you know, and I like one of my red flags is when it seems very good old boy club. Like and what I mean by that is when it seems like there’s like a clique of people that are just kind of pumping a project in the bag and like everything around that project that usually gets me a little bit like you know, what, what am I missing here? And you know, as the project took off, I was like damn, fans Oh, you’re just wrong you got this project wrong and I’m openly admit, I’ve got plenty of projects wrong where I thought they weren’t going to be much and they of course took off and then there’s other ones where I did think they were gonna be much and no one else mentioned it, and then it took a little while for it to take off. But, you know, as a whole, one of the things that I’ll just kind of put out there is that you know, when I Look at, you know, ZooKeys I look at, you know, some of these projects, you know, there, there does have to be some substance behind it business plan. You know, and you know, not even like, I do believe that if you have a roadmap, part of the skill set is being able to adapt that roadmap to the changing conditions of the NFT marketplace, but doing it in a way that adds value and doesn’t take it away in value. And so it’s no surprise to me that the bottom kind of fell out, you know, it was also the world’s worst day to drop that news. And there’s been some rumors around, the person either being blackmailed, or forced to put out that information, who knows what the truth is of that. But with that being said, you know, there is, you know, I’ve been doing a lot of this research on, you know, NFT’s each and every day, and I will tell you, like yesterday was one of those days that I spent a ridiculous amount of hours, not only researching an NF T that we are going to buy today, but are researching an NFT that we are planning on buying on Friday and Saturday. So I was deep into, you know, the calendars figuring out what projects were coming up. And this is something that, you know, we’re working on our in our Discord, to kind of make this a little bit more of a collaborative effort, it’s been very solo, you know, I don’t really have anyone helping me over the last, you know, it’s almost been six months, which is wild. And remember, like, for me, part of this buying and NFT every day for a year was I wanted to create like a time capsule I wanted to create, I also wanted to be able to to give people you an entry point into NFT collecting that you didn’t have to put your money up. And I also wanted people to kind of come along on the journey. And I we have some plans, the team and I met yesterday, we’ve actually been kind of working on this for a little while now, of making that a little clearer, more involved for all of you that want to play along at home. And what I mean by that is we I want you to help me source some NFT projects coming up, right I want, we’re gonna, we’re going to share a little bit more openly the data around these first six months of buying an NFT every day, you know, how many blockchains what’s the gas price? What’s the average mint price, you know, what’s the, you know, we’re going to do everything from like, PFP, to one of wands, to women led projects to minority led projects, I want to kind of share that data out there. And, you know, along with that, I also want to give you the audience, you know, opportunities to suggest projects, I would love to get you know, and this isn’t like you know, for just for remember the context here. The NFT’s have to be in the mint phase, which means they have to be still minting out, they the the idea is that I’ll buy them on secondary market if they’re pre reveal. So if the art isn’t revealed yet, and maybe it meant it out or sold out, I’m open to buying it on the secondary market, of course, that usually cost more and that goes against our overall budget of the of the project. But I will also say like, you know, part of this has been, you know, it’s been an amazing learning for me. I I will argue and I would love someone to kind of prove me wrong. I don’t think anyone else has spent more time over the last six months studying and researching NFT’s every single day and on multiple different blockchains on multiple different areas. Right and, and one of them happens to be Solana, which is what I wanted to tap into a little bit today. Because Solana, interestingly enough as Ethereum dipped in prices, I noticed Solana started to be in my feet a little bit more. And I’ll give a shout out to Brooke, Brooke J. Lacey, who was one of our guests. You know, a couple months ago, here on the podcast. She made the comment. She’s like, Well, I’ve been big into Solana before Solana was cool. And I made the comment was like who said Alana is cool, and that that wasn’t me jabbing at Solana. But I was actually kind of thinking from a funny perspective of you like, I feel like Solana has been there the whole time. It’s just been different types of projects. There’s some different things that kind of happen over there. For those that aren’t familiar as much with Solana as a marketplace.

Brian Fanzo 9:25
There’s really three marketplaces. There’s SolSea, Solana Art, and then Magic Eden. And what’s really different about Solana based NFT is for the most part, they’re not You’re not minting on a website, you are actually for the most part, minting or buying, you know, the release on the different marketplaces. So magic Eden which you know, happens to be my favorite one of their platforms. They have something called a launch pad. So like when you go to their website, you click on the launch pad The Launch Pad is actually the NFT’s that are that are currently in that mint launch phase. So you can click on the launch pad. You can see which ones that are minting like right now when I click on it, there’s a couple that are what they consider are in that launch pad phase. One of them happens be SolGalaxy, because I think it’s galaxy but Sol Sol Sol, Aleksey Metaverse and it’s pretty neat. You know, on the marketplace, it’ll tell you like okay, they are doxxed their escrow they have their funds escrowed for seven days, there’s 3000 items. The price is 1.5 Aetherium. Which if anybody’s playing at home right now, which hopefully no one’s playing at home because all of crypto just keeps going down down baby down down which is just not bad. I mean, that’s bad. I mean, me singing is bad and the marketplace is going down but Solana right now is that 50 Hold my goodness it went down 21% Oh, it’s at $56 It was at it was at $100. Man it was at $100.03 days ago. Wow. From $100 down to $56.85. But on the you know, back to the website, what I really like about magic Eden’s Launch Pad is like they actually have a countdown clock for the whitelist they tell you how many people are on the whitelist what the max purchases are for making a purchase. And then they tell you when the public sale is so when you connect your wallet which my preferred wallet is some is the Phantom wallet over there on on Solana. And you connect your wallet and then it tells you if your wallet so it’ll say your wallet can mint. And if you’re on the whitelist it’ll tell you the countdown clock to where the whitelist minting starts or like in this one, I’m not on any whitelist. So it says your wallet can mend and for hours and 21 minutes and 14 seconds. And then you can scroll down and you can actually see an overview of the project the roadmap the team, so it has the team kind of outlined and then it has links to like their white paper and I’m gonna click on these white ones just on this project just out of curiosity. This actually this website, this US SolSea Metaverse very interesting.

Brian Fanzo 12:20
I like to have a little demo on their website. I can click on the contract, I can click directly to Twitter, I can click directly to discord. And I will tell you like this, like layout is better than most daps that you’re seeing on websites. And for those that aren’t familiar, like when you go to your website to buy an Ethereum NFT. Most of the time you’re minting on the website, right? And then after you mint it on the website, it’ll pop up and say, you know, congratulations, go over to your favorite marketplace to view the art or to wait for the reveal. And that’s when you usually jump over to an open sea or looks rare. Or if anyone’s using Coinbase NFT you could jump over there to Coinbase NFT. But what is neat, like what I like about this Solana marketplace launch pad and I will just say like, you know, they’re the ones that kind of launched the launchpad idea. But over the last week or two, I’ve noticed that Solana art also now has their own little Launch Pad built into their marketplace. And I also noticed’s NFT marketplace they also do a camera if it’s cold here I’m gonna pull it up live while we’re doing here. Why not? I can’t believe they remember if they called it they think they call it drops. If I remember correctly they don’t call it a launch pad yes they call it drops. But what I like about it is there’s a little bit of I’m not sure if it’s a word and I like to make up word sometimes uniform and that your uniformity uniformity une uniformity there there’s some structure and some consistency because if I go and look at Launchpad on on on Magic Eden and I’m click on let’s I’m gonna click on another one which is actually the one we mentioned yesterday, which is kind of funny, which is called Sol Phoenix and I can click on that one. And it has very much the same thing it tells me Hey, the team is privately doxxed. They are funds are held in escrow there’s 5555 of them. The price is 2 Solana which crazy enough to Solana is 100 bucks today. And you might notice just even by me explaining this Solana has, yes they have no gas prices or very little gas prices. They also for the most part, their average mint price is usually one Solana to Solana to Solana is actually I think more heavy of a mint price, which you know is kind of wild because that’s going to be in the will right now is going to be in the $100 range. But even couple weeks ago that was like in the $200 range, you know, 200 to $300 range, on our average Mint price USD, for Solana where our average mint price with Ethereum was about point one or point one, two, which we’re looking at like the $800 range. So almost, well, more than double on the mint price. Now I will say, part of the downside of that of having no transaction fees is that I almost feel like it’s, it’s easy, even easier for rug pulls to exist, it’s even easier for people to build bots on the on the platform. It’s also the the, the, the risk for a bot, like if we think about this, excuse me, um, I didn’t mean to cough into the microphone. But if we think about this from a standpoint of,

Brian Fanzo 15:51
you know, if I was writing a bot, right, and I worked in cybersecurity, you know, for the DOD for about a decade, when we think when you think about, you know, writing a bot or a program or if you’re a scammer. You know, not all bots are bad, there’s plenty of reasons to use bots. And in many ways, I think, you know, bots aren’t bad. It’s the people that programmed them to do bad things. It’s just like automation as a whole. I don’t think marketing automation is bad. I don’t think social media automation is bad. It’s the people that program it badly, that don’t make it feel like human or they try to replace human interactions. And remember, I like to preach that no technology, no innovation, since the beginning of time, will we place or solve people problems, we must solve people problems with people, and then use technology to scale to amplify to, you know, kind of do some of the things that we as humans, you know, don’t have the luxury of like, we must sleep, technology and computers don’t have to. So there’s a lot of things that we can do there that humans aren’t natively set out to do or set up to do. And I digress a little bit on that little sidebar. But with all that being said, if I was looking at it from a cybersecurity perspective, and I was like, man, you know, what if I wrote a bot, and I wanted to like buy 1000, I wanted to control 50% of an NFT collection so that I could manipulate the floor, would you jump in on a blockchain that had transaction fees, and the average price was at a $900? Tick? Or would you jump in with one that had no transaction fees, and the average price was about $300. And sometimes with lower entry points, people assume, because it costs less that it’s a great place for, for getting started with NFTs. And this is I mean, this is actually, this is probably should be a whole episode because I this is like a pet peeve of mine. Because for the most part, I don’t actually suggest my community, my friends, my inner circle, those that I’m onboarding into this space, I don’t actually suggest on them to go into Solana. And part of that reasoning is I will just tell you, you do have to compete with a lot of bots, you do have to also recognize because they’re, you know, it doesn’t cost anything for for the most part, it costs very little for people to mint, an NFT project because remember, if you’re doing a generative art project on Aetherium, you as a project founder are going to have to put up multiple eath to set up the DAP to mint them onto the Ethereum blockchain. So you’re, you’re talking, you know, in many cases, 10 $15,000 USD, sometimes cheaper, but let’s like, let’s just kind of put out there as a number for someone to create a project on Solana, it’s a lot less and I’m talking when I ran, you know, there is a project that I was advising and, and like, I think they were at, like, they were under $1,200 in like, the kind of the back end getting on the right you know, marketplaces. And so like the the barrier for entry is yes, lower, but the cost to entry is lower, which means it can be great because then it doesn’t cost us as much to to buy an NFT there, but it also doesn’t cost as much or risk as much for someone to put up a really crappy project and disappear. The other thing about Solana that is a little bit more concerning a little bit more confusing, is along with the different marketplaces, certain NFT’s although they’re all on Solana certain NFT’s that you buy will not show up on some of the other marketplaces. So unlike, you know, Aetherium where you know, on Aetherium The nice thing is, no matter where I’m going to a marketplace, I could go to RedBubble I could go to I could go to looks rare, I could go to open sea, I go to Coinbase NFT platform I could go to I mean there’s there’s many others I could go to xy, I could go to plenty of these marketplaces, it’s gonna pull just about 99.9% of all of my NFT’s that are on Ethereum. There’s some exceptions where a platform might block a project because of copyright violations or some of those type of things. Or, as most people know, like, crypto punks, aren’t available on open sea securities and a couple other things that kind of go involved there. But with that being said, part of the thing that is, you know, like, I just was gonna test this out for you know, for us here on, you know, the while we’re alive, and I’m recording this live course live, and so I just connected my Phantom wallets, which I will tell you, let’s see how many. Let’s see how many and I’ve been just for context as well. My actually first Solana NFT that I ever bought, was actually June almost a year ago. Actually, it’s just about a year ago. The first week is before my birthday. That’s one reason I know it. My birthday is on 6/9 June 9, and it was right before my birthday, I bought my first Solana NFT. And so if I look right now on on magic eat and where it’s showing my Phantom wallet, I was gonna say so there’s…

Brian Fanzo 21:24
Okay, I have 40. I have 46, Solana and FTS in this wallet. And I do have two phantom wallets, that I that I use one I have a couple of the project and empties and but you know, 47 or so NF T’s in this wallet. And if I collect connect that same wallet to Solana art, which is one of the other marketplaces, they’re only able to show me 1234 of my NF T’s. Now, this can to me like this kind of disconnect. And I don’t know, let’s let me connect my wallet to let’s see here, look, NF T’s in my wallet on the other project. So like now I’m on SolSea, so six on that platform. And this is part of like this is part of the thing that, you know, consistency of experience. It’s so interesting. I believe Solana has done a better job making a consistent minting experience, on the platforms on the marketplaces. But the lack of consistency across the blockchain makes it very frustrating, right? Because, like the fact that I’m on SolSea, which is a you know, a marketplace for Solana and I can’t look at my meta whips NFT’s yet if I go on to magic Eaton, which is a marketplace on Solana, I can look at the 20 or the 18 NFT’s that I have, that are part of the the metal whip brand, right, the the for those that remember that episode, you know, and they’ve done a really amazing music project. And they’re donating a lot of the funds to us and the Mint 365 project called the candy machine which I’m gonna do a whole episode with them on, on that we’re gonna do a little fun little piece on that. It’ll be later this week. But I’m saying all of that because these are these are disconnects within the Solana marketplace. And I know people that there’s some Solana maxis, and people that are huge. You know, Solana fans, like massive Solana fans, which is perfectly a hey, to each their own, like I know some people like are loyal to a blockchain, I am not one that becomes loyal to a blockchain. To me that’s like being loyal to a social media platform. If they’re if those blockchains or those things aren’t paying me directly, even like, Hey, I hold Solana, I hold Ethereum in my crypto wallet, like, I’m gonna, I’m gonna look at which ones are best for me as a as a collector, me as a creator, me as a, you know, as a fan of what web3 can enable. And so I know there’s gonna be people that are like, Well, Brian, that this is the reason that you know, Solana RT is looking at these type of projects and these different marketplaces. But here’s the truth. How easy is it to onboard someone into Solana and most people assume like, oh, well, it cost less to be there. So it must be easier to onboard. I don’t think that’s the case. I actually think that makes it a little bit more of a difficulty element because these different marketplaces are a little bit more disjointed. And then I will also say, because I feel like there are more bots that are in play on Solana and I will just tell you, I have a couple of friends that are huge on Solana NFT’s they have 1000s of Solana NFT’s and one of them sent me a message the other day I’m gonna have I’m gonna have one of them on the podcast, but he sent a message to our group chat I just said venzo If you’re not using a bot on the big Solana projects, you’re not playing the game correctly. And there are actually NFT’s that you can buy that are Solana bots that help you like you put in, hey, I want to buy 12 Solana worth of this NFT on well on midday, and it’ll just meant them directly to your wallet for you. And to me that okay, but not just a whole nother game that we have to play, right. And then the other piece of this is I will just say the secondary market on Solana can be a little bit volatile is not even the right word. It can be a little bit confusing. Because unlike Ethereum, I feel like there’s a lot of you’re you’re betting on like momentum and you’re betting on

Brian Fanzo 25:54
you’re betting on speculation a lot comes down to things on Solana, I often feel like there there’s, there’s, there’s in many cases, like I feel like there’s like there’ll be momentum around people buying a bunch of random Solana NFT’s but not because like they have the same property trait and like and it’s kind of hard I guess this is maybe the better way to explain it. It’s actually hard for me as you know, I feel like I’m pretty damn experienced in the space I’ve been mentioning you know, I meant to do my first Solana NFT a year ago right so it’s not like I’m brand new to this game. But with that being said, like there is oftentimes I will look at a collection like I was gonna pull one up right now and I will look at the activity inside of like Magic Eden and I will look at like okay, the NFT’s that are selling and I will try to look at like trends like okay this okay bear sold for 210 Solana Okay, what about this okay bear made it more valuable than the one that sold just before it at 105 Solana now for whatever it’s worth, I feel like that information that ability for us to kind of track that are kind of see those macro trends is a little bit easier. Now I will give credit to Magic Eden the ability to look at micro data and micro trends is way better on magic eaten like Magic Eden, like the details they give you. They they’ll tell you the rank they’ll tell you you know what the if it costs anything to list or bid on it, it’ll tell you the transaction fee. It’ll tell you the artists royalty fees, all of this on the dashboard. It tells you the attributes it tells you about the project you know the activity the way that they do the activity log actually thing is really slick. They have done more for their collection it says as they normally would they also do if you look at like Magic Eden and I guess maybe this is the more takeaway that I would have for people is that you know, it’s not about putting all your eggs in one basket but like for me and this is kind of the truth. I’m going to struggle to mince a Solana NFT on any platform other than magic eaten right now at this moment and maybe you know if you’re a Solana fan and you’re listening to this like send me a tweet at @iSocialFanz if you’re not on Twitter you know you hit me up on Instagram @iSocialFanz if you’re not on Instagram and you’re not on Twitter I’m literally I social fans letter @iSocialFanz on every single platform from LinkedIn to Pinterest to discord you can just look me up I social fans hit me up and let me know your take on you know, like minting outside. And I know that you know, let’s not get into an argument about like, semantics, right? Like it’s kind of like saying, like, oh, well Brian, you didn’t bring up like, autograph or you didn’t bring up you know, super rare or you didn’t bring up some of the other rare trouble for one on one collections. There’s a lot of great marketplaces on Aetherium that have different setups, right like there’s you know, ones for certain different things. But on Solana and especially because you know the blockchain itself is kind of set up for gaming and Metaverse the way that the blockchain you know, the speed of the blockchain actually sets up very nicely for gaming type apps. For me like I this is just I’m gonna put this out there as like my own like, I love magic eat and I don’t have any ties to them. If anyone from Magic eating is listening or anyone has any friends over there magic eating. I would love to have someone from the team come on the podcast talk a little bit about their plans. And just remember this as well open see right now in beta allows you to buy and sell certain Solana based projects so I can actually connect my my Phantom wallet to open see which I’m going to do right now as we’re kind of recording here. And I can actually connect that wallet directly to here. I’m gonna pull it up right now. I’m not kidding. directly to there. And so now I’m gonna look at my Solana based NFT isn’t it which is kind of a nice little, you know, kind of perk that we get to get to have when it comes to, you know, kind of setting up some of these things. And now I will tell you like, you know, part of the narrative here is like, you know, when I, when I open, open see, it actually says across a collections will be added regularly during the beta period. But here’s the here’s like, this is like, this is part of that confusion, right? I know in my wallet, my fans on wallet that is now connected on 12345. I have it currently connected to five Solana based marketplaces, all of them are showing me a different count. So in it open, see it shows that I have 16 NFT’s in magic eat and it shows I have 46. On Solana RT, it shows that I have five on sosi, it shows that I have six. Now I understand. There can be reasons for this. But if we’re looking about it from like, mass adoption or use and not even mass adoption, like you know, I we bought, you know, just this week, we bought three NF t’s on Solana, I’m gonna get into that real quick, because that’s where I want to go this at the end of this episode. Is that, you know, like, part of this, like, narrative has to be about like, how do we simplify some of these things? How do we, how do we also kind of add a little bit like a layer to better understand some of the nuances and, you know, and we’re all still kind of working this out. So I think Solana the more attention Solana has on it, the more we’re going to see some kind of, you know, of that growth over here on the on that platform as well. Now, I will tell you, I mentioned this, like we’ve we’ve minted, you know, in the last two weeks, I think we’ve minted probably four maybe five Solana NFT’s. Now, part of that reasoning is that I’ve actually, when I’ve been looking for NF T’s to, to research a lot of the Aetherium based ones to me, feel very vanilla, very, I mean, I’ll just put it out there, very vanilla. And so I’ve been looking at some of these projects, and I’ve been kind of so we did. We did pixel Panthers. Back on May 1, we did

Brian Fanzo 32:25
a couple different ones. We did card Borg on the eighth, we did Cartoon Kids on the ninth and we did soul fittings on the 10th. So the last three days, we’ve minted you know, two out of three Solana projects. And part of it is what I’ve also been realizing is that there is also a little bit of a culture within there, how, you know, their discord and their Twitter like I originally, like, I don’t think you should compare an Ethereum community with a Solana community in as far as in the discord usage, because the use cases of a lot of these NFT’s are different as well, like I will tell you, for the most part, I haven’t seen a whole lot of NF t’s on Solana, they’re either like in this is my own personal opinion based on my own research, which is more they’re either like a one on one project, or they’re a PFP project with a gaming component or gaming component with a PFP project. And I think because of that you also often open up a different type of of community different type of user right and I I actually think that’s a great thing. But I will tell you like as I was doing research right and and I’m we’re doing research on one that we were probably gonna miss another one in the next couple days on Solana as well. Those the sole Phoenix, one that we mentioned yesterday, in the description is it’s an open world, PT II, which means play to earn game with various artistic features and utilities, which include 3d art, comics, 3d series, staking, coining, breeding and of course, the we finish the buzzwords with metaverse. Now, the other part of Solana is that I’ve also noticed that a lot of times the getting like a fully doxxed team like where everyone on the team is doxed is is a little bit more rare over here as well and I think that’s another piece of this but I will say like when I started researching this project, like I was impressed by their details and their tokenomics their details in their play to earn game now for a lot of these games. We also know a lot of them have trailers, a lot of them also have even you know, I’ve noticed this trend where because so many people are claiming to have a game but then actually don’t have the game anywhere close to being playable. A lot of them have a demo version or a very vanilla version of I have the game. And vanilla for those vanilla is more just like plain, not spicy. Not, you know over the top. But with all that being said, like when I looked at Pixel Panthers, which is one that we minted not too long ago, back on May 1, on that day, I will tell you there was there was two other projects on Aetherium that I was very interested in. But what I liked about the Pixel Panthers project was, you know, their their their description was co own a bank in the metaverse, which to me at first was like, Oh, great. This is like the CO owning a casino in the metaverse, which we’ve known we’ve minted I think for casino and FTAs in our in our project over the last six months. And that’s a whole nother regulations world, right. But this this says, Okay, we’re going to go in a bank, and it says vote on the direction at And I remember being like, okay, and he said, You can borrow against your NF T’s. And they will definitely, and by borrowing against the NFT’s it’ll actually help the growth of the platform. So I remember Jumping over to the website, and I will tell you, I was very impressed with the white paper, I was impressed with the layout like this, the you know, the, you know, anyone goes to So that’s Sierra Oscar, you can actually go and check out and says, like, how the platform works lending USDC they go through all a lot of the things, you know, they have benefits, they have an about page, and I dove into their white paper. And then I checked out little things, right, like from, you know, resources on how are people buying into this, you know, banking, borrowing against your NFT’s that the platform is kind of putting out there. And I was like, Man, this is an impressive, like, you know, and so when I went through my trust matrix, right, where I’m, I’m checking the boxes, this project checked out way more than the couple Ethereum projects that I was looking at, but I will also tell you, I was disappointed on the mentaI day, as the mint was flooded with, with bots, I mean, holy cow, and, you know, they did the whitelist on I believe the whitelist was on the 30th and

Brian Fanzo 37:26
April, and then may 1, of course was like kind of like the public meant. And, you know, and the other part of this that kind of that had me a little bit okay, names, how can I say this correctly, had me a little bit jaded, I guess is the right way to say this is like, I also felt like they their Twitter, although was engaged and had some people playing into it. The other thing that I’ve noticed with a lot of these Solana projects are they’re, there’s a lot less crossover in like the type of of collector. And I feel like with Ethereum maybe that’s maybe I’m a little bit biased here and I have to I want to own the bias that might that might exist in this episode. And I am spending a lot of time in Solana and I will also tell you like over the last three months, almost every day. And I every day, five out of seven days, I will find a Solana project that will coat will make it to my final four. Now a lot of them don’t make it to the one that we finally pick, that is the one that we will mint out. But I think that’s a good sign. Because if I had to tell you that four months ago, you know, when we are two months into this project, I would tell you, there was maybe a Solana project that made it into my Final Four, once a week, and now they’re at like five times a week. So I think the quality of projects, I think the the fact that Magic Eden, I believe is kind of leveled up the game as far as the marketplace goes. And I will also just put this out there is that I’m going to make a commitment. That Solana will be the place that I’m probably going to be spending the most time learning and playing over the next 30 days or so, to even better understand some of these nuances, so I can present that to you know, as a community as an audience. And then lastly, I’ll say like, you know, one of the things I think, when we’re looking at, like projects that we’re minting, we also have to just recognize there is also a little bit there’s always going to be some bias in even for me, right? I know that like my goal with this mint 365 project is to buy NFT’s and hold them until November 11 of this year where we can sell them and and really you know, I’m definitely coming at this from a much more diamond handing position. Now, the funny thing about that is that’ll probably change come September October because now I’ll be looking at like, what projects are going to be at the height come November 11 When we sell this entire collection as one mosaic but at the moment I’m still working on like, How can I predict that six months from now, this project is going to be worthwhile or this project is going to be, you know, one that is going to hold its value. And I that part of Solana is probably been the hardest for me. Because when I look at some of the projects that are the most successful on Solana they are when I try to like, understand, like, some of the nuances, some of them are just legacy. But then I will say like, there’s others that are, when I dive into it, I’m like, wow, from the surface, it’s really hard to figure out like, what made that NFT collection pop and like right now, okay, bears became kind of the sexy one, but you know, soulful and D gods, and a couple of the other ones that I, you know, that I think have been near the top of the of the, you know, kind of platform of guess as far as popularity? You know, I’ve been tracking them for a good while. And, you know, I think part of that struggle is like, you know, kind of predictability of long term on Solana for me, has been a little bit harder. I will say, from a secondary perspective. If I was going to flip NFT’s I feel like I could I could I could make some Solana, and make some headway because I feel like there’s a lot of things that I can see as far as quick flip trends, but that long term Solana success. I’m not sure if I’ve figured out how that kind of game all plays. And I will tell you, I believe it was our fourth NFT I was gonna pull it up right now. I think it might have been our fourth NFT that we ever bought here. Let’s see what it was. I’m gonna pull it up for us to hear live as we can wrap this episode. But this so this was

Brian Fanzo 41:51
let’s let me see the so the only only Gouri NFT, which is the NFT that we purchased for that way back in November. So this was yeah, this was actually it looks like day five, day four of So back on like November 16 of our project, you know, like, the the idea of like, okay, well, that one was we mentioned it before a lot of the marketplaces existed. So now like, what does that mean? And as we all know, kind of in Ethereum, there is something powerful about like the nostalgia play, like the original OG collections, I know. Shout out to Drew producer here on the podcast. He’s a huge crypto skulls fan, because he looks at that as like one of the projects that was around from the start, and he’s very bullish on that being, you know, a reason that that collection will continue to gain in value. And that’s actually one of the questions that I’m gonna have to put out there as I’m gonna have to figure out like, I don’t know how well the original Solana NFT is holding value at the moment. But that might be a place that you can pick up some of the original like Soul punks, and soul, you know, some of the original soul collections. And, in a way, get in there very cheap and try to hold on to them to the very end, but that’s kind of my you know, a little bit of a dive into our collection. I will tell you, for you know, I’ve been teasing out this project that we’re going to launch, I will tell you that we are minting the original the the first of the collection will be minted on Ethereum. So you’re gonna want to make sure you have Aetherium in your wallets, let’s just say towards the end of the month, beginning of June. But there will also be a Solana component NFT that is going to be a part of this bigger picture that we are creating this entire project that I’m super excited to bring to you and really excited to, hopefully it’s gonna I mean, it’s gonna be it’s gonna teach us a lot of things, everything from, from burning, to game theory to some of the mechanics to tokenomics There’s gonna be a variety of things to play along with. And if all of those things overwhelm you, it’s gonna be a great place for you to have your first experience with all of those. But I’m excited to see where this all goes. I can’t believe that I woke up this morning. Like I believe Solana was, I think 76 Last night, and I woke up this morning and it’s at $58 per soul. But, you know, all crypto is pretty much in the toilet at the moment. So I’m not going to use that as a leading factor on should I be there or shouldn’t I be there should you invest there should you not? But as always, this is not financial advice. Do your own damn research. I am not a perfectionist. I am a futurist. But there is definitely a difference between being a perfectionist and being a futurist. For me, I like to look at trends I like To translate the geekspeak I like to listen and learn from experts I am by no means by zero means a a master or expert in any of these places, but I am spending a lot of my time a lot of my resources, a lot of my money on this whole you know, project and the podcast, hopefully teaching you inspiring you, motivating you. Maybe to be a better collector, maybe be a better investor maybe to to collect that leads into you launching your own project, whatever that may be. I appreciate you for coming on the journey. For those that want to support you know, of course we will have the NFT collection that’ll be coming out very soon. But we also are super powered by the ADHD coin over on rally. The ADHD coin is something I founded over a year ago. It is a coin that is a creator coin is not just like crypto, it actually has utility, and other aspects that allow you to get weekly rewards for just holding your ADHD coin. Remember, you’re not sending me this is not a transaction. When I tell you to go over to ADHD you’re not sending me the ADHD coin. You’re simply buying it and holding it in your portfolio and by you holding it and us having more coins in circulation. The price value goes up for all of us, which expands that circle but I appreciate everybody that holds ADHD coin. We are almost at 1700 supporters, which is crazy to think that we weren’t even at 500 supporters on Halloween. I believe we gained almost 200 supporters in the last two weeks. So thank you for all those that are listening to the podcast that jump over to ADHD and get yourself some ADHD coin as well. Hey, we’re getting closer to the six month mark. We’re riding the roller coaster together remember we’re rolling with the punches you know Mama said knock you out shout out to LL Cool J as a pager wearing millennial and make it a great day my friends until tomorrow. Cheers.

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This show is not financial advice, so do your own damn research.