The idea for NFT365 was hatched on a train heading back from NFTNYC. It was November 6, 2022. Drew Cohen and I were talking about the biggest obstacles to Web 3.0, the metaverse, the creator economy, and NFTs. It was clear to us what people need most in the Web3 space is education. The idea for the podcast was born.

With how fast the NFT space changes, it became clear that I would have to do a daily podcast. This would keep the content topical and up to date. A daily podcast would be a stretch – even for me. But we recognized that educating about this technology would empower people and help progress the NFT space. It would also help guests feel as though their voices mattered.

To add to the daily value of this project overall, I decided to also buy an NFT each day for the same 365 days. This would give a unique perspective to the podcast and allow me to lend credence to my work. This collection of 365 NFTs would be held and subsequently sold as a mosaic 365 days later.

Five days after that train ride, on 11.11.21, the first episode of NFT365 was released and the first of 365 daily NFTs was purchased.

This project is about connecting great people; it is the best thing that I have had the opportunity to create! I challenge everyone to take a step back when thinking about the NFTs that you see, and the NFTs you hear people talking about on a regular basis. Educate yourself, do your research, and find people that share your passion and common purpose. Surround yourselves with those people, and then lift each other up. I’m excited for the journey that’s ahead – not only for these 365 days, but beyond.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening. Thank you for taking this journey with me..

Cheers! And as always, WE > ME.


We’re thankful for all our sponsors who help make the NFT 365 Podcast possible. As we explore Web 3.0, the metaverse and crypto their support helps this vision of education and early adoption come to life.

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For the past decade we’ve done this with the largest social media marketing conference in the world–Social Media Marketing World–and now we’re doing the same thing with Web3.

Gain actionable insights—live and in-person—from the people immersed in Web3 strategy, NFTs, social tokens, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and the metaverse.

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At Mile62 Media we take a creative first approach to driving results for our clients. From branding to creative video solutions and activation to ad management, we leverage proven, and premium, content and activation strategies that produce results.

Mile62 Media is the leader in Digital Asset Management for Athletes, Authors, and DTC Brands. We are focused on content + activation strategies that drive results. We work exclusively with unique, passionate DTC Brands, Authors, and Athletes. We focus on showcasing the unique qualities of our roster with premium content. We generate attention and activation while nurturing influence for endorsement opportunities.

Outermost Ring


While stories have been around since the dawn of time, the ways in which we communicate and relate to each other continue to evolve. Whether on stage or in the conference room, Kevin Sturmer has been telling stories for nearly three decades. As a Creative Director, he’s told visual and data stories for Fortune 500 companies. On the theatrical stage, he’s performed for thousands on a national tour and composed the score for two produced musicals. These combined experiences inform his somewhat unique perspective.

The Outermost Ring refers to the title of a musical Kevin’s writing and he liked the philosophy so much that he made it the core of his company. It refers to the rings of a tree, and as a tree grows and expands it adds one ring for each year of its life. The Outermost Ring refers to the present, the current time. Kevin likes the idea that we are always learning, growing, and taking new shape, while never losing sight of where we’ve been and what’s at our core.