Mint365 Collection

Podcast logo for NFT 365 Podcast hosted by Fanzo in Graffiti writing

To add to the daily value of this project overall, I decided to buy an NFT each day in parallel to releasing the daily podcast.  I felt this would lend a unique perspective to the podcast and allow me to lend credence to my work as I journey through the world of NFTs.  I decided to set parameters for these purchases.  These wouldn’t be just any NFTs from the secondary market – these would have to be in the mint phase (meaning the first time each NFT enters onto the blockchain).  The only purchases permitted on the secondary market are unrevealed generative NFTs or previously unowned 1:1 pieces.

Taking some inspiration from Beeple, we would then sell the entire collection of 365 NFTs, not only as individual NFTs, but also as one large mosaic. This will represent a time capsule of the early days of NFTs, to be sold on 11.11.22.

Cheers! And as always, WE > ME.