365 Days of NFTs: The Lessons, Challenges, and Rewards of the Mint365 Collection

The idea of buying an NFT every day and recording a podcast daily may seem crazy, but that’s precisely what I decided to do on a train ride home from NFT NYC on November 4th. And one week later, this crazy idea would drastically impact every aspect of my life for the following year.

Join me on a journey into NFTs, the blockchain, and the power of consistency and learning. Through my experiences with the Mint 365 project, I learned a great deal about the NFT market, the blockchain, and myself.

Ps. I wouldn’t recommend anyone take on this challenge, but as you’ll learn at the end of this post, I’m not great at taking my advice, and we are going on another 365-day adventure starting this month.

Hosting a daily podcast and buying an NFT daily seemed like a giant lift, mainly because consistency has always been challenging, predominantly due to my battle with ADHD. It seemed like an impossible task — how could I stay accountable, would anyone want to listen to me daily, and how could I accomplish this without getting burnt out? But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this was an opportunity to challenge myself and grow. So I decided to take the plunge and see what I could do.

At first, I thought buying an NFT daily for the Mint 365 collection would be a fun and exciting challenge that would add value for the podcast listeners and create a first-of-its-kind time capsule of NFTs..

But as the days went on, I quickly realized that it was much more work than I had anticipated. Not only did I have to research and discover new and interesting NFTs to buy, but I also had to manage my budget and keep track of all of the different tokens and assets I was accumulating. It was a lot of work, but I was determined to see it through and complete the project.

Buying the NFTs daily on different blockchains was a challenging and rewarding experience. Not only did it expose me to a wide range of varying minting and marketing strategies, but it also allowed me to learn about the different use cases of NFTs and the many ways in which they are being used and adopted in the digital world.

Of course, this also exposed me to the dark side of the NFT market, including rug pulls, scammers, and influencer pumps and dumps. But overall, I found the experience incredibly enriching and educational, and I am grateful for the opportunities it provided.

This project taught me much more than just NFTs. To successfully buy an NFT every day for the Mint 365 project, I had to learn the complexities of marketing in a decentralized world and how to read the blockchain. It was a challenging and rewarding experience that required me to adapt and learn new skills constantly.

But perhaps the most important lesson I learned from this project was the power and importance of consistency. Doing the podcast daily while learning about NFTs and the blockchain tested my dedication and perseverance. And I quickly realized how hard it is to stay consistent, especially when faced with challenges and obstacles.

But despite the challenges, I was determined to see the project through to the end. And in the future, I not only learned a great deal about NFTs and the blockchain, but I also learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. It was a truly transformative experience that I will never forget.

Funny enough, most people ask me what is the most valuable NFT or the worst NFT I bought in the collection. But the questions I wished they’d ask would be around the data points, trends, and most important aspects I discovered around launching a successful NFT project.

During my year-long journey with the Mint 365 project, I learned much about the NFT market and the factors contributing to a successful NFT project. Some of the critical data points and trends I discovered include the importance of having a solid and engaged community, the need for clear and compelling use cases, and the value of building partnerships and collaborations with other creators and projects.

But perhaps the most crucial aspect of launching a successful NFT project is the need for authenticity and transparency. In a decentralized and trustless world, it is essential to be open and honest about your intentions, goals, and motivations. And by building trust and credibility with your community, you can create a strong and sustainable foundation for your NFT project to grow and thrive.