389. Master AI Artist Kin Gape on AI Art Trends in 2023

On this episode Fanzo is joined by Kin Gape the founder of Aipes NFT project and prolific Ai Artist who was a previous guest on the podcast on episode 338.


For today’s episode Fanzo and Kin breakdown some of the top questions around the current Ai tools, what trends to keep an eye on and what we are excited about as Ai artists in 2023.  This is Ai Art conversation is a critical one and one we will be having each month with Kin coming back as a cohost…

We discussed:

History of Ai Art and how far we’ve come in such a short time.

Understanding the differences between training your own Ai or using Midjourney or Stable Diffision.

Where the space is with selling prompts and prompt generator websites

What creative approaches we can have for creating our own Ai Art.


Kin also shares her origin story of discovering Ai art and gives us her unique view into not only being an Ai Artist but also a NFT founder for almost a year.


If you are thinking of selling your own Ai Art make sure to give episode 387 a listen as Fanzo breaks down the top 4 NFT Marketplaces and the pros and cons of each!


Check out Kins project and one Fanzo is very proud to hold many of: https://opensea.io/collection/aipesnft


Check out Fanzo’s AI NFT Art here: