388. Group Chat News Dee Murthy talking Chatty Kathy Club

In this episode, Fanzo sits down with Dee Murthy to chat Group Chat Pod & Chatty Kathy Club NFT. The Group Chat “Chatty Kathy” NFT is a collection of unique, randomly auto-generated Kathys who have different traits and identities inspired by the podcast including race, hair, location and accessories. Chatty Kathy is not just another JPEG NFT project, they are creating real utility and benefits for our NFT owners. They are building a community where Chatty Kathy owners can interact IRL or in the metaverse, network, teach and help one another, get rewarded for contributing to the community and enjoy limited Only Kathy experiences. Possibilities are endless with the Chatty Kathy NFT.


Podcast link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/group-chat/id1311062310

NFT link: ​​https://www.chattykathyclub.com/

Dee Murthy: https://twitter.com/deemurthy


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