11 Web 3.0 Leaders Share Their Unique Perspectives on NFTs

NFT365 Podcast - Web3 Leaders

One of the amazing things about hosting a daily podcast is speaking with so many inspirational thought leaders in Web 3.0. There is no doubt the landscape of web 3.0 changes quickly, but when you align yourself with thought leaders and creators across each discipline of Web 3.0, our ability to embrace change and continue to learn feels almost effortless.

As we have begun the final push in our 100 day countdown, I wanted to take a look back at 11 inspirational guests that I have welcomed on the podcast. I believe each of them are helping many grow and evolve in Web 3.0. I’ve included musicians, NFT artists, brand executives, NFT advisors, filmmakers, mental health leaders, social impact change makers and metaverse disrupters.  You can listen to each of their interviews below or watch the recorded broadcasts on our original or new YouTube channels.


Emm (@NFTs_girl), CEO of Crypto Chicks shares her view on inclusiveness, collaboration, and community. 

Lana Hopkins (@LanaHopkins3), CEO of Some.Place breaks down onboarding into Web 3.0 and the power of a mobile Metaverse.

Jotham Busfield (@jothamLICSW), a mental health professional discusses the state of mental health in Web 3.0, and healthy ways individual and projects can prioritize it.

Sandy Carter (@sandy_carter), CMO of Unstoppable Domains shares the power of Women of Web 3.0.

Kim Henry (@kimhenrydance) & Eric Pare (@ericpare): How 1 of 1 NFT artists can find success, and the power in being unique as they share their light-panting talents.

Sammy Arriaga (@sammyarriaga), Nashville recording artist, shares his views on the future of music NFTs and how his NFT drop changed his life!

Matt Szczur (@superSZCZ4), World Series Champion & NFT Artist shares how web 3.0 is making the world a better place.

Swan Sit (@swansit) shares how her web 2.0 experience with Nike has helped her empower brands to think differently about a digital transformation into web 3.0.

David Bianchi (@davidbianchi), Actor & Spoken Word Artist shares his approach to perserverance, and how he has created innovative and impactful NFTs.

Michael Stelzner (@mike_stelzner), Host of Crypto Business Podcast shares the lessons we can learn from early adoption of social media marketing to avoid making the same mistakes in Web 3.0.

Sahar Afrakhan (@saharfyi) of the ChoiceDAO breaks how using DAOs reimagine how we create movements and raise money for a cause.

As we embark together on this journey of a changing future powered by Web 3.0, there is no doubt it is as much a change in technology as it is a culture shift. To fully embrace this, we must look to unique and innovative leaders in this space such as the ones listed here. Their stories need to be amplified, and their experiences shared with the world. If you enjoyed these interviews, I would love it if you share them out, and subscribe to the podcast. There are many more interviews to come in the next few months as we focus on inspiring, motivating and educating the future of Web 3.0!